Warts in the mouth: how to define and treat the disease?

Welcome you, dear guests of our portal. Surely everyone knows what a wart is a skin disease, however, these growths can jump not only on the body.

There are cases when the tumor arises in the mouth of a person. What to do in such a case, and how to treat? We’ll cover that in this article.

Causes of disease

Бородавки во рту: как определить и лечить болезнь?Warts are formed in the mouth due to the ingestion of human papillomavirus. It is not a dangerous disease, but very unpleasant.

Infection occurs through very close contact, kissing, etc. is Also possible to transmit the virus to child from mother during childbirth.

There are cases of samsarajade.

This occurs when the patient has, for example, periungual warts, and it has a habit of biting your nails. In this case, the disease will pass to the mucous membranes of the mouth.

How are these warts?

Бородавки во рту: как определить и лечить болезнь?Wart this kind of looks like a growth in my mouth on my cheek and other areas of the mucosa. In the oral cavity can be formed by several types of warts: flat and pointed.

Flat warts have the appearance of papules flattened shape. Such education is only slightly protrudes above the skin. The outlines of the nodule is clearly expressed, the form rounded, and the color is more vivid compared to healthy mucosa. That is why warts in the mouth is very well marked.

Spiky growths on their appearance, resemble the inflorescence of cauliflower. You can often see the occurrence of single pointed nodules.

Many patients warts in the mouth are localized on the tongue, the mucosa of the lips. Much less you can see tumors on the gums. On the submitted photos you see looks like a wart, which are located in the oral cavity.

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Often such formations combined with the emergence of similar growths on the skin of the fingers, the mucous membranes of the genitals, etc.

Typically, growths in your mouth do not deliver much discomfort, but when speaking and eating you may experience discomfort.

Diagnosis of the disease

Бородавки во рту: как определить и лечить болезнь?The basis of any diagnosis acts as an external examination by a specialist. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

If there is doubt of the correctness of the diagnosis or ongoing therapy does not give proper result, it can be assigned a biopsy.

The wart tissue will undergo histological examination, through which you can identify other unpleasant disease (papillomatosis, hyperkeratosis, acanthosis, etc.).

Treatment of warts in the mouth conservative

Nowadays there is no specific treatment that can completely save people from HPV. Consequently, the main goal of treatment is to identify the causes of disease and resolving clinical symptoms.

Usually for getting rid of warts the doctor may prescribe a range of measures. You will have to pass:

  • Antivirus therapy. Because of this suppressed activity of the virus.
  • Immunotropic treatment. The doctor may prescribe a introduction to the localization of the outgrowth of interferon, application of – fluorouracil, intake of zinc sulfate. Possible applications of the cream with medicinal ingredients.
  • Therapy that aims to slow the growth of formations. As a rule, it is based on retinoids.

Бородавки во рту: как определить и лечить болезнь?Due to the specific location of pimples patients are recommended to conduct a complete oral cavity sanation. To cure all diseases of the gums and teeth, remove Tartar and plaque. These manipulations are aimed at reducing the number of bacteria and increase immunity.

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Be sure to observe a thorough oral hygiene. You need to not only brush your teeth every day, but also the language and use after meals, floss and mouthwash.

If conservative methods have no effect, or on mucous formed large nodules that can be assigned to surgical removal of the formations.

Clinical methods

Бородавки во рту: как определить и лечить болезнь?1) Cauterization by liquid nitrogen. This method can be used to eliminate growths in the mouth. However, with this method, the appearance of relapses, because the warts are removed completely.

2) Chemical coagulation. This procedure involves coating the formation of cantharidin, silver nitrate and other drugs. This method is rarely used because of possible ingestion of caustic substances.

3) Surgical removal. After this procedure, the mucosa may remain scars.

4) Burning the growths with a laser. Today it is the most safe and effective method of treatment. Thanks to laser tissue heal quickly, and the risk of scarring is minimal.

Traditional methods of treatment

Бородавки во рту: как определить и лечить болезнь?How to withdraw warts in your mouth folk remedies? It is very important to carefully select medicines, as there is a risk of burns to the mucosa.

Excellent antiviral effect has garlic. For the treatment of nodules on the surface of the papules you can apply garlic oil on 5-6 times a day.

Also suitable for the treatment of propolis oil. Remember, alcohol tinctures are not suitable for removal of growths in the oral cavity.

Prevention of disease

Бородавки во рту: как определить и лечить болезнь?To prevent the appearance of papules in the mouth it is necessary to reduce the risk of infection with HPV. To do this, avoid casual sex.

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In fact, it is very difficult to predict the warts in the oral cavity. There are cases of self-healing, but also there is a risk of recurrence even with effective treatment.

Note that HPV infection increases the risk of development of malignant tumors, particularly of the lips and tongue.

And of course, to avoid contamination and activation of the virus, strengthen the immune system, keep proper and healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget at least once every six months to visit the dentist, even if you don’t have any complaints. Only then will you be able to avoid unpleasant formations in the oral cavity, and also to exclude other possible manifestations. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)