Warts in the rectum: symptoms, treatment

Кондиломы в прямой кишке: симптомы, лечениеHello, having visited our site.

In this article we will try to tell you what is warts and how it poses a risk for emergence in the rectum.

But for a start we recommend to read the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.» The author who wrote the manual, he long suffered from growths, tried all possible methods of removing warts, drugs, drugs, but it did not help.

And as you know, to eliminate the human papilloma virus is foremost you have to improve your immune protection to purify your body of toxins.

Papillomas located in the perianal region are called genital warts.

In addition, warts can be present on the rectal mucosa, causing a lot of inconvenience, problems patient.

Warts in the rectum can be three options:

  • A single, small that are barely noticeable;
  • Multiple «scattered» over a considerable area of the mucous body;
  • Multiple that have the propensity to merge, forming large type of education in the form of cauliflower.
  • Disease begins always with a small elements that can directly affect the lining of the gut or to be on the skin of the perineum.

    According to the study, in a large percentage of patients with perianal warts detected and internal intestinal education, so the standards of diagnosis should be made sigmoidoscopy.

    Cause is the human papillomavirus, which is too widely spread because of its features for a long time to persist in healthy tissues, a sexually transmitted disease.

    How to show growths?

    When warts in the rectum are small, no symptoms are observed. Just as the growth of the first signs: discomfort, itching, at first slight, and then substantial bleeding.

    Lumps located in the anal hole can cause abnormal discharge of blood, mucus, and when festering green-yellow mass. The patient constantly complains about the humidity in the anus, itching, pain when urinating.

    The greatest discomfort, both physical and psychological, delivered foul-smelling discharge that occur with suppuration, formation of sinus tracts. Gradually condylomas cause the formation of a local inflammatory process, suppuration, during may form fistulous passages.

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    Кондиломы в прямой кишке: симптомы, лечениеIn this case, it drastically changed the condition of the patient: he becomes weak, increases toxicity, significantly deteriorating health. The body temperature rises to subfebrile digits, sometimes above.

    Growth anal warts treatment depends on the condition of the macroorganism. It is noticed that the frequency of relapse, the incubation period and the prevalence of condylomata depends on the condition of the immune system.

    Therefore, along with methods to remove the growths doctors prescribe immune therapy, normalization of lifestyle, and of course, food.

    Complications of the disease

    Complications of genital warts are typical of papillomatosis. When spread on the mucosa of the anal canal, even after removal, genital warts can lead to the development of squamous cell carcinoma (warts Buske-Levenshtein).

    It is important at inspection of the patient to pay attention to the smallest details. For example, if a patient came with complaints of warts located on the skin around the anus, you need to conduct a survey of the rectum, in women inspection of mirrors for exclusion or confirmation of condylomata of the cervix.

    After removal of the growths necessarily take the material for histological examination as warts need to be differentiated from other pathology: squamous cell carcinoma, wide warts in secondary syphilis.

    What is the diagnosis?

    The appearance of warts is almost never doubt. That is, the diagnosis in most cases only for the inspection result. The doctor pays attention to local pockets located on the external genitals, the skin of the perineum, in women of the vaginal mucosa and cervix.

    Digital rectal examination provides information about tumors located in the course of the intestine, they can be in the form of separate elements, in the form of a merged numerous formations, dense consistency.

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    In these cases, sigmoidoscopy is required. This has revealed the graininess of the mucous membrane, its redness, sometimes the presence of hemorrhages on the surface of the warts, as they are often injured.

    It is usually possible to detect anal papillomas to the level of the anorectal line, the higher they are rare.

    In the list of compulsory studies is the analysis for HIV and syphilis. In this a doctor can make a differential diagnosis between condyloma of secondary syphilis.

    As condylomata is one of the causes of cancer, after the removal of the material is sent for morphological diagnosis.

    How is the treatment?

    For the treatment of warts on the rectal mucosa is used as a conservative and operational methods. Conservative treatment necessary in the case of small tumors that have not spread to a large area. An important factor is the presence of portions of healthy skin between the elements.

    Кондиломы в прямой кишке: симптомы, лечениеTo remove warts ( see photo) used the agent based on podophyllotoxin — Kondilin. He gently applied with a special applicator on the affected skin. Have a cytotoxic effect causes severe irritation and formation of ulcers.

    So you need to be careful to avoid the surrounding healthy tissues so as not to result in complications. The medication is used twice a day, only 3 days. Then you need to take a break for 4 days and repeat the course therapy.

    In addition to this conservative treatment can be applied the ointment: Bonafton and Podophyllum.

    Unfortunately, a large percentage of patients turned for help when the tumors reach large size and begin to cause inconvenience. Therefore, professionals have to remove them surgically.

    Surgical methods include: removing warts with a laser, electrocoagulation, radio-wave exposure (Surgitron machine), excision of the classical method (scalpel), cryosurgery.

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    The indication for surgical treatment is a common process, the transfer of condylomatosis on the mucosa of the anal canal. Sometimes, when severely neglect the option treatment takes place in several stages, including surgical.

    The removal of a large volume of tissue leads to scarring and deformation of the lumen of the intestine.

    Surgical treatment is carried out under anesthesia. Removal using electrocoagulation is cutting off warts with electric loop, the doctor «doodles» loop on the knot, burning at the base.

    The positive side is simultaneous coagulation of blood vessels, preventing bleeding, as well as spreading the virus further. The same principle has laser photocoagulation and the treatment apparatus Surgitron.


    Any method of treatment does not completely get rid of the virus. Therefore, there is always a risk of recurrence, but its frequency depends on the method of removal from further compliance with the rules of prevention, which you should definitely tell the doctor.

    For the reasons described above, therapy condylomatosis needs to be integrated, the only way to reduce the risk of recurrence to a minimum. After removal of growths commonly prescribed immune drugs are mainly applied topically.

    All patients who have undergone treatment, should regularly visit a coloproctologist, in order to identify the fact of recurrence.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)