Warts in the throat: symptoms and treatment

Кондиломы в горле: симптомы заболевания и лечениеGood day, dear readers! Today we will talk about the warts in my throat, but before that I would like to advise you to read the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», where fully documented, effective treatment of warts through which you can get rid of them in just a few months.

Despite the fact that warts in the throat are rather rare disease, its treatment you should know if you experience clinical symptoms timely access to specialists.

To destroy the human papillomavirus, unfortunately, modern medicine still can not. The detection of HPV, it is saved in the patient’s body until the end of days.

But not so sad as it seems at first glance. Today, medicine is known for certain products that partially derive this virus from the body.

During therapy should take into account two important points is to remove the actual entities and a decrease in the content of the virus. Let’s discuss each of them separately.

  • Local treatment. All events local action, focused on the elimination of growths and altered epithelium. They include such methods as cryotherapy, thermocoagulation, laser removal, etc. Each of them is characterized by many advantages and disadvantages. Therapy includes local impact on the available internal expansion or the introduction of funds with antiviral effect. There are quite effective means of local use, boosting the immune system and reduce the concentration of the virus. They must be used to prevent entities after their excision in all areas where they were previously located.
  • General treatment. This technique of therapy of genital formations involves the reduction of the concentration of the virus. As mentioned above, the virus depends on the condition of the body. The most positive method of reducing the concentration strengthen the immune system. All of these activities, in General, prevent the emergence of new warts.

Genital warts in the mouth, such as you see in the photo, sometimes you can pass by themselves after the treatment.

Thus it is necessary to refuse from Smoking, alcohol, strong tea, coffee. If there is a multiplication of entities, and then surgically excised. Similarly, to deal with entities in the area of the pharynx and larynx.

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Clinical manifestations

Кондиломы в горле: симптомы заболевания и лечениеHPV is in the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals. Part of it has a clear link with the immune system, as the lower the activity, the lower the amount of virus.

Symptoms arise from the accumulation of it in certain concentration. This is really only if the decrease in local immune system.

This changes the job of the epithelial cells, resulting in their continuous division, which contributes to the reproduction of the skin.

Frequently multiple tumors, sometimes a lot of them. At least there are situations in which the growths are formed slowly.

Cases where they appear regularly, occur very rarely. Warts in the mouth and throat infrequent. Clinic pathology depends on the type of the virus and its prevalence.


Кондиломы в горле: симптомы заболевания и лечениеIf localization has occurred in the mouth, then their diagnosis will not be any problems. To define education in the pharynx and larynx will help only doctor otolaringolog by means of special tools, after which the patient will be examined by a gynecologist or urologist for the diagnosis of masses in the genitals.

To establish the diagnosis must be laboratory tests. Thus, it is possible to identify concomitant infections.

With the mucous membranes of the mouth scrapings are taken to identify the causative agent. Is the biopsy tissue with the purpose of histological examination.


Кондиломы в горле: симптомы заболевания и лечениеInfection often realized by genital-oral contact. In the course of which the virus gets in the mouth. HPV enters cells of the deep layers of the mucous membranes and to a certain point does not give itself felt.

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In some cases, the process of pregnancy and childbirth is infection from mother to child. During gestation the infection is usually not observed, since it is protected.

There is a real danger in the process of birth itself, so if the mother has education, childbirth should be carried out by the method of caesarean section.

Prolonged lack of treatment of a disease fraught with such complications as:

  • Sepsis;
  • By regular contact with clothing, there is the drops and the warts, in the process leaving behind a bleeding ulcer;
  • There is a formation of new warts. In running situations, can get to the fact that in the area of the genital organs, the patient will not be seen in healthy skin, the surface of which is completely covered with tumors, similar to a cauliflower;
  • There is a sharp decrease in the body’s immune system, eventually the person becomes vulnerable to any disease of an infectious nature. If the man had any pathology of an inflammatory nature, then the situation escalates and the treatment is difficult;
  • Perhaps rebirth of the formations in the malignant form.

Кондиломы в горле: симптомы заболевания и лечениеIn order to avoid infection by HPV, should adhere to basic recommendations for personal hygiene.

However, not all possess information that condoms can’t protect from infection. These products cannot give an absolute guarantee of protection.

Therefore, it is safer to have one sexual partner that you fully trust and to avoid casual sex.

At a minimum suspected occurrence of warts, you need to promptly contact the venereal diseases, urologist or gynecologist.

No need to resort to self-diagnosis and treatment. First of all, the incorrect use of medication in the treatment process threatens their defective or excessive dosage levels of the drug, which can harm healthy tissue.

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There is always a risk to confuse the warts with some other pathology, such as malignant education. All the best, dear readers!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)