Warts in the vagina: modern methods of treatment

Glad again to welcome you to our website! The subject of this publication will be the intimate health of women.

I want to dedicate this article to the methods of diagnosis and treatment of vaginal warts, faced every day by millions of women.

From which there are nodular growths in the vagina?

Бородавки во влагалище: современные методы леченияAccording to statistics, every third woman is familiar with papillomatous warts, localized in the mucosa of the vagina or vulva.

The reason for this type of dermatological pathology is all the same human papillomavirus (HPV), which says the whole world.

The secret danger that he has in himself, is the transformation of benign tumors into malignant.

Just want to note that you should not panic when you see the detection of small nodules in the intimate area, causing cancer can only some strains of the virus that occur not so often. But to ignore the disease and not worth it. In any case, consultation of the attending physician is required.

The main cause of the disease is a virus, but not every woman that is a carrier of HPV, develop clinical symptoms of the disease.

It’s all in the immune system of the patient, as well as the state of her hormones. Also contribute to the progression of the disease the following factors:

  • the lack of a regular sexual partner;
  • unprotected intercourse with an unfamiliar partner;
  • the abuse of alcohol and nicotine;
  • overweight;
  • frequent infectious disease;
  • chronic stress;
  • a weakened immune system.

How to recognize HPV infection?

Бородавки во влагалище: современные методы леченияPronounced clinical symptoms of the disease is difficult, because in the early stages of the disease patients are not even aware of their infection.

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Only one third of all patients notice some discomfort, which occurs during sexual intercourse or after the introduction of the tampon into the vagina.

This is due to the fact that during the mechanical impact on genital warts of micro-cracks occur, which also cause pain, and in some cases minor bleeding.

Genital warts, which are the most common form of vaginal warts, localized in the vulva, near the vagina and inside the vagina, around the anus, in the groin creases, around the urethra.

External tumors women find in daily hygienic procedures, whereas the internal can only detect a doctor.

The appearance of tumors resembles small florets of cauliflower, which can be grouped and can be individually.

In some clinical cases, warts in the vagina have a flat round in shape, small in diameter and did not differ in pigmentation from the healthy plots.

The photo below shows genital warts.

How to properly and accurately diagnose the disease?

Бородавки во влагалище: современные методы леченияBefore proceeding to treat these genital warts, you need to pass a comprehensive examination by a highly qualified specialist. The standard scheme of examination is:

  • visual inspection by a physician and medical history;
  • a gynecological examination with the mandatory smear for Cytology;
  • colposcopy;
  • immunogram;
  • a blood test for hormones.

Modern medicine is constantly working on the invention of new technologies for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

All over the world now practice the HPV vaccine, which eliminates the development of cervical cancer. In our country this kind of specific prevention is not yet very common.

To detect HPV inside the vagina that are not visible during the examination, women are advised to take the annual PAP smear tests (PAP test).

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After receiving the test results, and identifying the strain of the virus, the doctor will prescribe the most effective and safe treatment.

Also, I attach for your attention an interesting video about the warts:

Methods for the effective treatment of genital warts

Бородавки во влагалище: современные методы леченияGiven the localization of warts, the question of their removal is not relevant. Removing vaginal warts — the competence of a physician who knows how to remove the tumors once and for all.

The method of treatment is chosen individually for each patient, but mandatory components must be:

  • surgical or destructive removal;
  • medication systemic treatment aimed at activation of protective forces of an organism and antiviral effects.

Vnutrivlagalischnye remove warts in several ways:

  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser removal;
  • criodestruction;
  • surgical excision.

Бородавки во влагалище: современные методы леченияAccording to reviews of doctors and patients takes place most effectively removal using laser beams. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in a hospital. For complete removal of the growth, only a single procedure.

Many patients ask the question about the national treatment of this type of warts. As the doctor says that the removal of genital warts is a serious and important process that should be carried out under close supervision of a physician.

As for traditional medicine, it is best to use infusions, teas and decoctions, activating the protective forces of the body of the patient.

Also after removal of the growths will be useful to carry out a light douching and baths made of the decoction of antiseptic herbs.

Hopefully, these tips will help to gain health and longevity. If you have experience in the treatment of this disease, please share them with us in the comments.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)