Warts on back: whether to treat or to ignore?

Бородавки на спине: нужно ли лечить или можно не обращать внимания?Hello, dear readers. Unfortunately, warts are not just old women, but also people at younger ages.

Although these formations are benign, many of them cause only disgust. The man, whose body are the warts, is considered unscrupulous, but actually the reasons for their appearance a lot.

Amazed can different parts of the body that come into contact with other people, as well as clothing. Sometimes can appear warts on the back.

To treat them independently is very difficult, because not everyone can get to this site and have to ask for help to other people.

How to recognize that on the back you have a wart?

Бородавки на спине: нужно ли лечить или можно не обращать внимания?These tumors have an oval or round shape. Color they are usually bodily or slightly grayish. In most cases they occur in women who have reached the milestone of 40 years.

The causes of their formation is associated with hormonal changes. They are sometimes called seborrheic.

Less likely to experience these warts children because of the child’s warts often grow on hands and feet.

Tumors grow very slowly and can grow quite large. If you begin to notice that my back itches or reddens, it’s a reason to see a specialist.

Fortunately now you can find plenty of photos of warts, but an accurate diagnosis can put only a doctor. It will determine the beginning of the development of warts in a timely manner and prescribe treatment.

What are the growths on the back?

  • Acantholycosa. Unfortunately, such tumors can cause skin cancer. They have another name – the cutaneous horn often appear in older people. It is very important to determine the stage of development of such warts to exclude malignant tumor.
  • Adenomatous. They can be one, and group.
  • Keratomycosis. These warts normally are formed after the sun, especially if you dwell long in the sun or get burned. Their appearance can affect animal fats for human consumption in large quantity. They look like they were glued to the back. In terms of size they can reach several centimeters.
  • Mixed.
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Stage of development of the disease

  • Initially, you may notice the appearance of spots on the back. They have smooth edges and smooth surface.
  • Already there is the appearance of papules or nodules that rise above the skin.
  • When ceremoniously warts appear scales that are easily removable. If the warts start, then removing the upper layer can cause bleeding, and resulting in infection.
  • Treatment of warts on the back

    Бородавки на спине: нужно ли лечить или можно не обращать внимания?Many scientists say that if the back up common warts, then it can not be treated. This is not so. Any, even the benign can develop into a tumor.

    Moreover, these «growths» look very aesthetically pleasing, and in hot weather inconvenience in the form of itching.

    Therefore, if you encounter such problem, it is best to immediately treat.

    Now in medical clinics conduct the wart in several ways:

    • With the help of laser. Professional doctors can remove warts by laser is completely painless. Also, the procedure is offered at an affordable price.
    • Using freezing (cryotherapy). In this approach to treatment, the likelihood of scars and scarring will be minimal.
    • Curettage or electrocoagulation. Now this procedure is not very popular, but still safe and is performed under local anaesthetic in nature.
    • A radio wave method. Today is the most popular method of removing skin lesions.

    Of course, some of these methods are not cheap and not everyone can afford such a procedure. Here come to the aid of folk remedies that are well proven as drugs against cancer.

    • Garlic compresses;
    • Preparations with salicylic acid;
    • Potatoes, medicated oil and others.
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    Бородавки на спине: нужно ли лечить или можно не обращать внимания?The problem is that it is not always convenient to apply these methods for getting rid of warts. You have to ask loved ones for help.

    It is worth noting that large warts are difficult to cure, and acantholycosa and keratomycosis warts must be treated only under the supervision of a specialist, because any wrong action can lead to serious consequences.

    A wart is a viral skin disease and it occurs on the background of a weakened immune system. That is why in combination with other methods need to support your body tonic means.

    When it is necessary to consult a specialist

  • If the appearance of the skin has changed;
  • If spots on the back looks similar to the seborrheic warts, but have poor color, with indistinct borders. In this case, the doctor will check the growth of the malignancy.
  • If tumors grow too fast.
  • Prevention of the disease

    Бородавки на спине: нужно ли лечить или можно не обращать внимания?Forecasts «growths» quite optimistic. Only 5% of all cases, pass into a malignant form.

    To regular warts did not turn into cancer, is to avoid injury and sunburn. It is also proven that you need adequate amounts of vitamin C.

    So, what are warts, you understand. The method of treatment will depend on the type and stage of the disease. Tell us about how you got rid of the growths on the back and whether the recurrence.

    I hope that article has helped you to understand this very unpleasant issue, and you will never encounter it in life.

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)