Warts on face: how to get rid of them?

Pleased to welcome all the visitors of our website! Many women, and men too, worry about appearing on the face warts, which are not only unpleasant cosmetic defect, but a symptom of dangerous viral diseases.

In today’s post I want to describe the methods for effective and safe removal of growths on the skin.

The etiology and pathogenesis of the disease

Бородавки на лице: как от них избавиться?Most people live with the warts all over the body, even unaware of their viral etiology. Warts on face – it is also a result of the human papilloma virus.

Infection occurs through contact-household way, and also during unprotected sexual intercourse. Speaking of contact infection, do not think that you can become infected just by rubbing the wart itself.

No, even if you use the same towels or clothes it’s easy to pick up HPV. Especially often young girls do each other’s makeup, using powder puffs and sponges belonging to friends.

If during this on the face also have revealed acne, papilloma virus easily penetrate in the body.

Before the onset of clinical symptoms, that is, education themselves growths on the face may take a lot of time, sometimes 4 or even 6 months.

All this time the patient is the source of the infection, without even knowing it. Very often diagnose warts on the body of a child whose parents are carriers of HPV.

Бородавки на лице: как от них избавиться?Contribute to the activation of the virus in the body the following factors:

  • reduced immune defense;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • not enough careful observance of rules of personal hygiene;
  • frequent stress.

Before starting treatment, it is mandatory to consult with the dermatologist and additional laboratory methods to accurately establish the cause and type of disease.

Today there are about 80 strains of HPV, each causing a certain type of wart.

The danger of the virus with that of all his strains are those that cause cancer and they are called oncogenic.

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An experienced doctor will never go in and remove the growth, not after ascertaining that the tumor is benign in nature.

The types of warts that affect the skin

Бородавки на лице: как от них избавиться?As already stated above, HPV can be different strains and, respectively, warts on the face can be of various types. The following is a description of the clinical manifestations of facial warts different types:

  • true warts, according to the extras, are the most frequent pathology (70%), protrude above the surface of the skin, usacapoten have a dense structure and pigmentation of different types (from Nude to dark beige), often localized in the region of nasolabial triangle;
  • flat (youthful) warts – most often localized on the cheeks, slightly protrude above the level of the skin and may merge among themselves, forming a whole conglomerates resembling chicken scallop;
  • acrochordon, or as it is called, filiform wart, affects the epidermis of the eyelids, neck and lips, a feature of this type of growths is that they can often undermined, but soon in their place there are new elements;
  • age that appear of older persons and are characterized by pronounced hyperpigmentation.

In the photo you can see how to look different types of warts on the face.

How to withdraw warts on the face?

Given that facial skin is particularly delicate and vulnerable to effectively and safely remove warts on the face can only highly skilled.

Today the procedure of wart removal available as never before because almost every beauty salon offer several ways to eliminate such skin problems.

Бородавки на лице: как от них избавиться?As a physician, I want to warn you from the negative consequences of such removal, so it is best to trust your health and beauty in hands of an experienced specialist.

How to get rid of warts, wants to know every patient, faced with this problem. There are several methods of removal, which will be discussed further.

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Traditional medicine offers:

  • radical removal of the growth;
  • conservative therapy;
  • local treatment.

While in the Arsenal of non-traditional folk medicine against warts, there are also a lot of ways:

  • herbs for internal use;
  • folk remedy for topical use;
  • charms and prayers.

Conventional treatment methods

Бородавки на лице: как от них избавиться?To effectively remove tumors on the skin of the face need a comprehensive approach to solution of this problem.

An integrated approach involves the removal of external tumors, treatment with antiviral drugs for systemic effects, as well as a number of preventive measures.

Remove outer body warts in several ways:

  • destruction using chemicals;
  • freezing with liquid nitrogen;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • surgical excision;
  • laser removal.

The most effective modern method of removal is laser therapy, which has a whole article on our website.

Once eliminated the main symptom of the disease of concern to the patient, it is necessary to take care of systemic antiviral treatment, which acts directly on the virus itself.

It is also advisable to strengthen the immune defenses of the body to have the strength to resist HPV. It is necessary to regularly take anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin-mineral complexes and vitamin-enriched teas and infusions.

Well-established antiviral ointment which should be rubbed into the removal site and the surrounding tissue, thus stimulating local cellular immunity.

Folk remedies

Бородавки на лице: как от них избавиться?Most readers interested in the question of how to withdraw warts at home with the help of a conspiracy or herbal.

It may not have sounded from lips of the doctor, but centuries-old experience of our ancestors in many cases is very effective.

So, children can be easily remove warts on the face through this ceremony. Mom picks up the baby and three times the wart licks and spits over his left shoulder, saying «As I do not know where it came from, so don’t know what happened». You can laugh and not believe it, but this method works 100% inspected.

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Also effectively helps in controlling growths on the skin, the juice of the fresh stems of celandine. Yellowish droplets that are released when the cleavage of the stem of plants, it is necessary to lubricate the growths on the skin 3-4 times a day.

When removal of tumors on the face must be very carefully apply the product exactly on the body the warts, avoiding the surrounding tissue, which may appear burned.

The juice of fresh apples sour varieties also effectively helps to eliminate growths on the body, and this method is absolutely safe for health.

Garlic clove, cut in half is an effective tool not only from cold but also from viral warts. You can lubricate the pure juice of garlic, or you can make a medicinal tincture.

To do this, simply grind up 2-3 cloves of garlic and pour it with 2 spoons of chilled perekipjachennoj water, to insist night, and then lubricate the affected area 2-3 times daily with cotton swab.

We hope that our recommendations will be not only interesting but also useful. I wish you all good health!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)