Warts on feet why appear and how to treat?

Happy new meeting with our readers. The topic of today’s publication will be one of the most urgent problems, familiar to many of my patients, these are the rules effective treatment of warts on the skin of the feet.

Just want to note that the seemingly quite harmless growths on the skin of the feet, can cause big health problems. From timely diagnosis and treatment depends on the patient’s quality of life.

What warts appear on the body?

Бородавки на ногах: почему появляются и как лечить?Many people can live with the warts and never to contact about this to the doctor. This attitude towards their health can be fraught with negative consequences.

The fact that the warts themselves do not have a strong threat to the health and life of the patient, whereas in the presence of negative factors, just little wart could become a focus of cancer.

To avoid such complications, you should promptly contact a doctor to receive skilled advice.

Why there these hateful warts on your body, you ask. Almost all warty growths on the human body are the result of infection papillomatous virus, which can penetrate the body contact and sexually.

Promote rapid infection of minor abrasions and cracks in the skin. Oddly enough, from the moment of penetration of the virus into the body before the manifestation of clinical symptoms may take from several weeks to 6 months, the patient will be neither infected with HIV nor sick.

When the body appear the favorable conditions in the form of hormonal or immune failure, the virus immediately begins to proliferate actively, hitting the skin of the patient.

Suffer from the disease, according to the representatives of all age groups and genders. In children, warts can spontaneously appear by themselves, just as spontaneously disappear, it all depends on the durability of immunity and the balance of hormones inside.

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Most commonly affected are the hands, feet, neck, face, i.e., the exposed areas of the body. Today I want to talk about how we need to act if you have discovered warts on his feet.


Бородавки на ногах: почему появляются и как лечить?The first clinical symptoms may not cause the patient any concern, because sometimes the warts are small in size and localized in those areas where they are difficult to spot.

On feet the growths may be localized anywhere, but most often it is the heel, foot, toes and between them.

Initially the skin at the site of future warts acquires a slight luster and tension that testifies to the growth of tumors inside.

When the wart is fully formed, it may resemble the florets of cauliflower or single growths.

In people, this type of warts is called «chicken butt». In the photo you can see the different types of warts localized in feet.

Given the fact that the foot skin often exposed to external factors, the treatment of growths should be done only after examination by a doctor, because in many cases, permanent mechanical effect on the tumor, which by its nature is benign, possible degeneration of warts to malignant tumor.

If previously stable mole suddenly starts to hurt, bleed, or blacken, you need to urgently visit a dermatologist to conduct a thorough laboratory study. Treatment and preventive measures should be administered only after consulting a doctor.

In any case, do not take advice like «cut it with a blade» or «douse acid», such advice can only be given by those people who do not have basic medical education and do not know that such actions can permanently change the patient’s life for the worse.

It is possible to remove warts at home with pharmaceuticals or traditional drugs, but use them only after you get 100% confidence in the purity of the pathological process.

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Бородавки на ногах: почему появляются и как лечить?To remove warts on the feet, however, and throughout the body in two ways:

  • traditional;
  • folk.

Traditional medicine recommends a comprehensive approach to the treatment of such dermatological problems like warts.

As is known, the cause of the growths in the skin is a malicious virus the human papilloma virus (HPV). To defeat him you need to spend a long, and sometimes repeated, the rate immunomodulatory and antiviral treatment.

With this purpose prescribed drugs such as Amiksin, Lavomax, Noirin, Immunal, Echinacea Tincture, a Painkiller.

In parallel, it is necessary to address the build-up. To remove plantar warts in several ways:

  • liquid nitrogen;
  • laser;
  • electrocoagulator;
  • the surgical excision.

The most effective and safe method of radical elimination today is laser. With the help of laser beams affect not only the body of the tumor, but at its root, eliminating the re-formation of build-up.

Бородавки на ногах: почему появляются и как лечить?In place removal of formed a small scab which dries up and falls away, revealing the plot of the young and healthy skin. How to withdraw and prevent re-appearance of warts, interested in each patient.

After removal it is necessary to consolidate the effect with a course of conservative treatment. Sometimes, dermatologists advise to RUB into the skin antiviral liniments, thereby activating local cellular immunity. Well proven, all known antiviral Oxolinic ointment.

When parents are concerned about how to get rid of warts in a child, almost all dermatologists unanimously say that it is necessary to strengthen the immune system, then tumors disappear on their own, spontaneously as it appeared.

Folk medicine against warts

Бородавки на ногах: почему появляются и как лечить?Our grandmothers knew a few ways you can effectively get rid of warts on foot at home using folk remedies.

To argue with centuries-old experience of their ancestors, I will not only once again remind you that you need to consult with your doctor before you use healing potions.

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I can definitely say that the juice of celandine really cleans the skin from all sorts of growths and inflammations. But it must be applied strictly to the wart so as not to cause burns and allergic reactions on healthy area of the body.

Given that warts have a viral etiology, it is helpful in removing the garlic juice. For processing, it is necessary to take zubchik peeled garlic, cut it in half and the separated juice to RUB the wart itself.

After a 5-7 regular treatments, you will notice that the body of the wart has shrivelled and reduced in size. Repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of the growth.

You also need to take care of strong immunity from the inside, saturating the body with herbal immunomodulators and vitamins.

In season prepare berries rose hips, viburnum, raspberry, grass, and flowers of Echinacea, chamomile, mint. During the cold weather, when the immune system faces numerous virus attacks, support it with a healthy and natural beverages.

We hope that our tips will help you to gain clean and healthy skin to all our readers. Until we meet again in the vastness of our site.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)