Warts on hands from a baby: how to safely cure the disease?

Бородавки на руках у ребенка: как безопасно вылечить заболевание?Hello, dear readers. Many in the childhood grandmother said that if you touch a toad or frog, the hands will be covered with ugly warts.

Fortunately now most children know that it is only a myth. However, from the appearance of the skin formations of the young generation is not insured.

Others child people such growths cause a feeling of dislike. School peers laugh at him and hurt because they believe that their owner is filthy.

So what are the causes of warts on children’s hands and how to treat them at such a young age? The answers to these questions you will get in this article.

Why there are children’s warts?

Unfortunately, warts on hands of child the phenomenon is very frequent, because children most often exposed to different viral diseases, because of not yet formed immunity.

Education of this kind just treat viral skin diseases, causing their appearance papillomavirus. Occur nodules on the skin of the child in 2 years and in older age.

Where your child can wait for the virus?

Бородавки на руках у ребенка: как безопасно вылечить заболевание?When playing with toys. Often, the infection occurs in kindergartens, where the transfer of the disease to other children or staff.

In public pools. Of course, now very high requirements to care for these facilities. This is despite the moist environment is the perfect place to spread viruses and germs.

Upon contact with an infected person. Adults do not realize that they have in the body of the offending virus. If they have the disease can not manifest itself, the child with reduced immunity it can manifest itself in the appearance of skin growths.

The virus enters the body through small cuts, scratches on the body. Parents should pay attention to the fact that if a child is prone to biting your nails, then this factor also affects the appearance of the skin of microcracks.

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The symptoms of the disease

Бородавки на руках у ребенка: как безопасно вылечить заболевание?Before the formation of warts on hands in children on the site of its emergence disappears skin pattern. In this case the skin becomes too dark or too bright. In themselves the papules are white, pinkish, healthy color of the skin, red (with splashes of blood in the injury).

In form, the tumors can be round or oval, with a rough surface, protruding over the skin.

Most often, warts appear on the fingers in a single instance, but there are cases of the rapid spread of growths across the surface of the brush.

Often the patients report that before the appearance of tumors they felt itching and burning in this area. If your child is constantly scratching his hands, then the parents must be alert and to take timely action.

In the photo, which is located above, you can see how to look like baby warts on the hands.

Diagnosis of warts

Бородавки на руках у ребенка: как безопасно вылечить заболевание?Once your child gets a wart, do not try to remove it. The first thing you need to see a doctor.

He will conduct a visual inspection, put an accurate diagnosis, because not all education in the hands are warts. If necessary, the doctor will conduct a histological examination of tissue outgrowth. After all these manipulations, he will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

You need to run to a dermatologist in the following situations:

  • If nodules on the skin are many and they are rapidly increasing in size;
  • With their active dissemination;
  • If the child is constantly scratching, leading to inflammation of papules;
  • With the General discomfort.
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Methods of treatment

Бородавки на руках у ребенка: как безопасно вылечить заболевание?Kids are very sensitive to pain. Because of this, they are not available on all treatments. How get rid of a wart in a child on the hand with conservative treatment? Therapy usually includes a range of activities.

Definitely in the process of treatment to strengthen the immunity of the child. This is done using a special diet, taking vitamins, hardening.

To quickly get rid of growths appointed special ointment or cream. Now the pharmacy of a large number of them. The doctor will familiarize you with the contraindications, precautions to exclude adverse reactions.

In addition to ointments, the child will be prescribed antivirals to reduce symptoms of the symptoms of the virus.

If education at the hands of a minor, it is possible to use the plaster with salicylic acid.

Plus all these medical procedures that they carried out at home, that is, in familiar surroundings, which positively affects the healing process of the baby.

If all these measures do not help, you should perform a radical treatment of neoplasms. Removal of nodules on the hands of a child usually used method of electrocoagulation, cryotherapy or laser treatment.

Rid of with the help of folk remedies

Бородавки на руках у ребенка: как безопасно вылечить заболевание?Doctors recognize that sometimes it is better to try for the treatment of warts folk remedies that do not cause burns, allergic reactions and side effects, unlike some pharmaceutical drugs.

High efficiency in the suppression of the nodules possess such means as: a decoction of wormwood, juice of calendula or celandine, a mixture of vinegar, flour and garlic, raw potatoes, aloe juice.

Note that the use of the juice of celandine requires special care, as it contains a poison, causing burns. To avoid this, healthy tissue around the lump smear with a fat cream or vaseline.

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Preventive measures

To prevent a baby warts is possible, but only by following preventive measures.

  • From an early age to accustom the child to personal hygiene. Daily careful toilet is to protect you from multiple diseases.
  • Strengthen your immune system with the crumbs of birth: temper, add to the diet of fruits and vegetables, partake of the sport.
  • If someone from your environment has on the body are warts, then limit his contact with the child.
  • Timely cure all diseases and identify their causes.
  • Any injury of the skin, treat the affected area with a solution of brilliant green or iodine to not get infected.

If you will carefully monitor the body condition of your child and to teach him to comply with the above measures, it will allow you to avoid the unpleasant skin growths. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)