Warts on the belly: what method of treatment is resorted to?

Бородавки на животе: к какому методу лечения стоит прибегнуть?Hello, our dear readers. I would like to raise a very unpleasant, but relevant to many problem — warts.

In fact, with these tumors face more than half the world’s population. Warts is a skin disease caused by HPV.

It’s unpleasant not only for its external manifestation. Some refuse to communicate with their carriers. Unfortunately, warts can be any age throughout the body, including the face, back and stomach.

The causes of growths:

  • Because of impropriety. Any infection develops in wet and warm environment. If you sweat constantly and rarely take a shower, more likely you have a wart on my stomach, and maybe not even one.
  • The dirty linen. The development of neoplasms exposed to people with professions that constantly have to go in working clothes. Moreover, the robe is sewn from synthetic materials that do not allow the skin to breathe.
  • Due to the constant stress and nervousness. It is proven that those who are constantly nervous or worried, more likely to suffer from HPV, of which there are warts.
  • A weak immune system. The appearance of warts may contribute to the lack of vitamins and minerals, contributing to normal functioning of the body.
  • Types of warts on stomach

    Бородавки на животе: к какому методу лечения стоит прибегнуть?As a rule, on a stomach the ordinary warts. Their size can be different, as well as their type. They often have a rounded shape, flesh color, as well as sufficient elasticity.

    In addition to ordinary «growths» on the belly can appear smooth warts. They less protrude above the skin, but larger in diameter.

    Symptoms that accompany the onset of the disease

    Many people among the daily hustle and bustle do not notice symptoms, which can speak about the formation on their body warts. These include:

    • Itching at the site of localization of education;
    • Redness of the skin;
    • Burning or discomfort.
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    Бородавки на животе: к какому методу лечения стоит прибегнуть?All this is the first stage of the emergence of tumors. Further, there is a small lump and then it starts to increase.

    As a rule, warts are formed on the abdomen, are benign growths, but they can be damaged.

    This can lead to infection, the more abundant their development and even to cancer (in advanced cases). To avoid this, it is necessary to constantly monitor the development of warts.

    If it began to change color, size, shape is an urgent reason to see a specialist. Only an experienced doctor will be able to recognize common view of the wart is a dangerous disease in time and prescribe treatment.

    The accompanying video, which tells about the first signs of the disease and modern methods of treatment:

    The treatment of the disease

    Now, almost every medical clinic offers patients a painless and quite effective methods of wart removal:

  • Laser removal. This is one of the most popular and affordable ways.
  • Surgical impact or scraping. This is the cheapest method, but is irrelevant with the development of innovative devices and medical equipment. Besides, the scraping you need to do local anesthesia because it can cause unpleasant, painful.
  • Cryotherapy or cauterization by liquid nitrogen. After this procedure is rarely scarring. Therefore, this method selects more than half of the beautiful half of humanity, which loves to show his beautiful tummy.
  • Destruction of condyloma current or electrocoagulation. It is similar to a laser, only more expensive.
  • Of course, not everyone can afford a visit to a health clinic. As a result, many are trying to bring warts at home. This is possible only if you do it right.

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    If you can help folk remedies to eliminate disease?

    Бородавки на животе: к какому методу лечения стоит прибегнуть?The most efficient and effective methods of treatment are:

    • Garlic, and various tinctures based on it;
    • Essential oil;
    • Vinegar;
    • The celandine;
    • Onions;
    • Potatoes.

    All these components can simply be applied on the affected area as a compress or simply they rubbed the wart.

    Even in ancient times, skin lesions were treated with silk thread. Remember, it is impossible to perform such a treatment in large and the damaged warts, but only for small long warts.

    You need to slightly delay growth, and then tie it with thread. As a result of this manipulation disrupted the food, and the wart will just dry up and disappear.

    However, the skin can remain its root so that a skin formation may reappear at the same place.

    What should be preventive measures against warts on the stomach?

    Бородавки на животе: к какому методу лечения стоит прибегнуть?For each disease there is the prevention. Warts are no exception:

    • Need to strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene. Times a day to take a shower, especially after a working day, frequently wash work clothes.
    • With the appearance of cuts or wounds on the abdomen, use the green paint.
    • Properly balanced diet.
    • Try to buy clothes only made from natural breathable materials, especially underwear.
    • To avoid stress and anxiety.

    So, I hope you understand that warts on the belly is not as dangerous as generally supposed. Of course, if you throw a treatment or do not follow certain rules, you can earn serious problems.

    However, among the abundance of methods of treatment everyone can find the perfect option of getting rid of warts in the clinic and at home.

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    We will be happy to hear feedback from you, dear readers, how was your treatment from unpleasant formations on the abdomen and also see the before and after photos warts. I wish you all good health!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)