Warts on the cervix: diagnosis and treatment

Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеGreetings to all readers!

In this publication, I want to draw the attention of visitors to our website on issues such as MCV lesions on the cervix.

This question is relevant to many women who suffer from this disease and know firsthand so unpleasant may be the manifestation of the disease.

Also, analyze in detail how to properly and safely it is necessary to treat genital warts.

The causes and types of warts on the cervix

Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеClaim data for statistical studies, about 30% of all women on the planet, are predisposed to the appearance of benign neoplasms in the cervix and vagina.

The reason for this is the prevalence of the disease is infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Medical studies have proven that there are very many types of HPV, including strains that trigger malignant neoplasms of genital organs.

Warts on the cervix suggests that the virus is in the body of the patient has been present for quite a long time and has managed to change the mucous membranes of the internal genital organs.

The virus can get into a woman’s body in several ways, but most often it is:

  • contact-household;
  • sex.

Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеAfter the first penetration of the virus into the human body for some period of time it is to be in a latent period.

The duration of this period depends on the immune status of the patient. Contributing factors can be:

  • a decrease in immune defenses;
  • beriberi;
  • frequent stressful situations and chronic fatigue;
  • the lack of a regular sexual partner;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • not careful observance of rules of personal hygiene.
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Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеDespite the fact that the cause of warts is HPV, the appearance of tumors can vary significantly. Benign tumors on the genitals can be in the form:

  • genital warts;
  • papules;
  • spotted warts;
  • intraepithelial neoplasia.

The photo shows the manifestation of warts on the genital organs.

The clinical symptoms of the disease

Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеIn the early stage of the disease, clinical symptoms are virtually absent, only occasionally women may notice mild discomfort during intercourse.

Some women may suspect the presence of genital warts during insertion of the tampon into the vagina. During gynecological examination, the doctor notes these symptoms:

  • hyperemia in the field of genital tumors;
  • skin pigmentation in areas of localization of warts;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • the formation of cracks in the vagina;
  • spotting in the injury warts.

At the first symptoms, indicating the presence of warts on the cervix or in the vagina, urgency to go to the gynecologist for an objective examination and laboratory examination.

The risk of genital growths is that they can degenerate into malignant tumors and cause cancer.

Methods of treatment and diagnosis genital warts

Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеAfter an objective examination and medical history of the disease, the doctor will prescribe you a set of additional laboratory studies:

  • PAP smear;
  • biopsy of the affected mucous membranes;
  • histological examination;
  • colposcopy.

Only by receiving accurate research results, and setting the histological nature of tumors, it is possible to start treatment of the disease. Therapy genital warts be done in several ways:

  • conservative (use of drugs);
  • rapid and destructive;
  • folk remedies.

Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеBelow, a detailed look at every type of therapy warty tumors.

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Treatment with pharmaceutical drugs can have some directions. In the first place is the drugs, which are aimed at strengthening and enhancing the immune forces of an organism of the patient.

For topical treatment is frequently used synthetic tools that produce necrotizing effect on the cells of the tumor.

For the removal of warts on the cervix and the genitals used two types of drugs:

  • solkoderm;
  • trichloroacetic acid 80-90%.

These drugs are applied with a spatula or applicator, carefully avoiding healthy portions of the dermis. After contact of the drug on healthy skin or mucous membranes, the skin may appearance of pain and itching in these areas.

To remove warts that cause discomfort and pain, sometimes used surgical removal or destructive methods.

Бородавки на шейке матки: правильная диагностика и лечениеThe latter include liquid nitrogen freezing, laser and radio wave removal. It should be noted that these manipulations should be carried out in a medical facility under the supervision of a physician.

The most effective and secure method of destruction – laser resurfacing. In most cases, enough to perform one procedure that not only removes the outer part of the tumor, but also the internal framework.

Recipes of traditional medicine is also well established, especially that the ingredients are in the house every housewife.

Among the advice of herbalists and healers, there are many ways self-removal of growths, but resorting to them is not recommended, given the complexity of the application process and the tragic consequences.

Best of traditional medicine to apply all sorts of recipes to enhance the immune system of the patient. With this, you can apply a tea from BlackBerry, raspberry, viburnum.

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Well increase the immunity of the herbal infusions that you can prepare even at home.

If you have experience in the treatment of such dermatological diseases, write to us about his method of fighting in the comments. Be you all healthy and happy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)