Warts on the eyelids of the eye: how to get rid of them?

Hello, dear readers. Today we will touch on a topic such as warts located on the eyelids of the eye. For many, it is a very unpleasant cosmetic defect, which decided to fight.

Where do we see these growths and how to treat them? The answers to these questions you will get from the following article.

Why on eyelids appear growths?

Бородавки на веках глаз: как от них избавиться?Almost all types of warts caused by the human papillomavirus and education for centuries – are no exception.

Warts on the eyelids of the eyes are formed due to pathologically changed tissues of the eyelids, which increased in size.

Again, this is associated with activation in the body of HPV, which can be transmitted by household or through direct contact with a sick person.

The infection occurs through small cracks and sores that are on the skin.

As the disease manifests itself?

Most of the tumors appear on the lower or on the upper eyelid, more precisely on the edge of the eyelid, bordering the edge of the eyelashes.

There are cases of occurrence of knots in the corners of the eyes. Typically, these growths are round or oval.

The wart on the eyelid of the eye may be:

  • Threadlike;
  • Flat;
  • Ordinary;
  • Fingerlike.

Бородавки на веках глаз: как от них избавиться?Ordinary education have an uneven surface and similar to a dome-shaped papules. Color they are usually bodily or brownish.

In the flat build-up surface is smooth and only slightly raised above the skin of the eyelids. Such education can greatly grow and merge.

Fingerlike warts represent a thick elongated nodules, wherein a rough surface.

Whisker formation is a soft, elongated growths are flesh-colored. They can heal each other, and then resemble a cock’s comb.

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This type of wart is most common on the eyelids of the eye. Because of its structure, thready nodules can be easily hurt or rip off.

In the below photo you can see what it looks like a wart on the eyelid.

The symptoms of the formation of tumors

Usually, the appearance of warts starts with a small nodule, which gradually increases in size.

Their favorite place – crease, since this zone is the most exposed to high humidity, that just favors the activation of viral infection.

How to remove such growths?

Бородавки на веках глаз: как от них избавиться?On century there was a growth, and you don’t know how to get rid of it? Do not worry. Warts are localized in this region, in most cases, resolve spontaneously and do not require special treatment. If they cause you discomfort, then it is possible to remove the growths.

This is best done in medical clinics or in the home after consulting a doctor.

And to what doctor to address? Diagnosis conducted by a doctor-dermatologist. You may also want to consult a oncologist, who will examine the tumor malignancy.

In addition, when conducting operations in a health center, you will receive advice of the surgeon who, most likely, will carry out the removal of warts.

Removal of tumors in the clinical setting is done by:

  • Cryotherapy;
  • Laser;
  • Radiowave surgery.

To get rid of nodule on the face, you can use the method of electrocoagulation, but after exposure there is a risk of scar, and for many people, especially for women, this is an unacceptable factor.

In spite of this, this procedure is most popular as it is very fast and virtually painless.

Also, to remove growths on the face, liquid nitrogen is used. This is quite an effective method that seldom leaves after effects of scars.

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Rarely used laser removal of neoplasms on the eyelids. This is explained by the close proximity to the eyes.

Conservative methods of treatment

Бородавки на веках глаз: как от них избавиться?If you do not wish to remove the growths surgically, the doctor may prescribe various ointments or solutions which are able in a short time bring an unpleasant education.

This therapy is based on the use of medicines that contain different acids, which leads to gradual exfoliation of the cells and to the falling away of the warts.

Do not self-medicate with pharmaceutical drugs. Only a doctor can prescribe the safe drug, since many drugs are very aggressive and are not allowed for use on the face, especially on the delicate skin of the eyelids.

All treatment should only be done after consulting a specialist.

Therapy of folk remedies

Бородавки на веках глаз: как от них избавиться?Before treating any skin lesions only folk remedies. Until now, many of them are very effective against warts on the eyelids.

If you have a wart, RUB it with a piece of raw potato. You can use the old method, which was used by ancient healers.

Does one potato, cut in half and both parts rubbed of the wart. Then the left and right part of the connection between the silk thread and buried in the ground. As soon as the tuber begins to rot, and dries up the wart.

You can also put on the knot a drop of Aloe oil, vitamin E or oil of cloves. Avoid contact with these substances in the eye.

Very unusual, but still effective method is the treatment with banana peel (the inside part).

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After any medical procedures not forget to rinse the eye to remove the dead cells do not fall in the healthy skin and cause re-infection.

Prevention of the disease

To have never appeared on eyelids warts, you should follow simple rules and preventative measures.

  • Never use other people’s towels and other personal hygiene items.
  • Enough sleep and rest.
  • Try as little as possible to touch your eyes with your hands.
  • Do not allow overcooling of the face.
  • Prevent any eye injury.
  • Eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Remember, HPV rarely seen immediately after infection. He will NAP in your body up to a certain point, for example, to reduce your immunity or exacerbation of the disease. It is always better to prevent disease than to treat it. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)