Warts on the foot: cure

Hello dear readers of our site! Today’s post I want to dedicate the topic of the wart on the feet.

This pathology significantly disrupts the patient’s quality of life, so it is necessary to get rid of it. Modern medicine offers a wide range of efficient methods for elimination of warty growths on the skin of the feet.

Causes of warts on feet

Бородавки на стопе: способы лечения болезниWarts on the foot, more popularly known as the plantar, are the result of infection with human papilloma virus on the background of reduced immunity or hormonal imbalance.

Another name of this disease, which can be heard among the elderly, is «chicken butt».

Most often, the elements of warty lesions on the foot are localized in fingertips and heel, than causing severe pain and discomfort that intensify with walking.

To penetrate into the patient virus HPV contact-household and sexually. When tumors on the foot dominates contact transmission.

Catching the virus in public areas (baths, saunas, pools, fitness centres), as well as when wearing someone else’s shoes, lack of personal hygiene.

Facilitates the process of penetration of HPV into the body, the presence of microcracks and wounds on the surface of the feet. Most often, this viral pathology affects the skin of adults, but does not exclude the appearance of growths in children.

Moreover, the child has such trouble can go by itself, whereas in adult self-recovery is practically impossible.

To learn how to get rid of this problem forever, you need:

  • to make a differential diagnosis;
  • to obtain the recommendation of a physician;
  • fix the result with conservative treatment.

What are the peculiarities of clinical manifestations has a plantar wart?

Бородавки на стопе: способы лечения болезниAs mentioned above, causes warty outgrowths on the foot has a viral etiology. There are many types of HPV virus that can cause warts.

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To properly treat the illness, it is necessary to diagnose growth and to determine the type of pathogen. Naturally, these manipulations are skills of an experienced dermatologist.

The first point in diagnosis is physical examination and medical history of the disease. That is, the doctor examines the affected area as it looks very the tumor and the skin around it.

Also physician interested in how he started the disease, because the pathogenesis of the disease has its characteristic signs:

  • the emergence of small pockets of skin in which a little bit tight and gives Shine;
  • subcutaneous «bump» that increases in size and sore when walking;
  • the appearance of pronounced warts, which is of concern when driving.

Quite often warts on the feet confused with dry corn. Externally, these tumors are very similar, but there is one effective diagnostic method that allows to determine the true origin of the disease.

Remove the upper Horny layer of education, under which there is an inner part of the nodule. If true plantar wart the whole slice is covered with small black dots, which are formed in the result of thrombosis of small capillaries. When dry corn will not be seen any points.

When with the clinic and diagnostics of all clear, supplied the question about how to withdraw warts effectively and without harm to health. This will be discussed further.

Effective treatments

Бородавки на стопе: способы лечения болезниMost of the patients are concerned about themselves outgrowths, which become a barrier to conducting a full active life.

To get rid of them once and for all need to approach treatment holistically, because removal of the warts will not cure the root cause of the disease. To forget about this trouble forever, you need:

  • remove the outer part of the tumors;
  • take a course of antiviral therapy;
  • to strengthen the immune system.
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To delete the wart you must apply one of the following methods:

  • cryodestruction – removal of liquid nitrogen;
  • chemical destruction is cauterization of the warts aggressive chemicals;
  • electrocoagulation – removal using electric current;
  • laser removal by means of laser beams;
  • surgical excision.

The most efficient and safe method is carried out by the attending physician, taking into account the characteristics of each patient.

Most often, the choice was made in favor of laser removal, because with the help of this method, you can remove all the growth in just one procedure, which is painless thanks to local anesthesia.

After removing the outer built-up laser forms a small scab, which after falling off opens up a healthy area of the skin.

Бородавки на стопе: способы лечения болезниJust want to say that the removal of growth – it is only addressing the symptom of the disease, but not full recovery.

As we remember, the virus be in the body, and is just waiting for favorable conditions to attack the skin of the patient. Therefore, the next important step is conservative treatment.

In order to defeat the human papilloma virus in hospitals around the world are developing a range of activities.

One of the most effective methods is vaccination. In our country this method has not received wide application, so the treatment is conducted with the help of pharmaceuticals.

Antiviral drugs affect the virus itself, whereas immunomodulatory spurring the immune system and activate the body’s defenses.

It is advisable to RUB in the place where was the wart an antiviral ointment to prevent recurrence.

Not less effective to strengthen the immune system by:

  • healthy fortified food;
  • physical activity;
  • tempering procedures.

Popular recipes

Бородавки на стопе: способы лечения болезниAt home you can try to get rid of warts on feet with the help of folk remedies. One of the most effective is considered to be the celandine, the juice of which perfectly eliminates most skin problems, including warts.

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Well established and chalk, which is necessary to RUB the body of the wart 4-5 times a day. Many healers recommend the use of juice of leaves of potted plants of Kalanchoe, which also has healing properties.

To lift immunity it is recommended to drink herbal teas on the basis of Rhodiola rosea, Echinacea, chamomile, viburnum, and other useful plants.

You can buy in a drugstore special herbal blend, which aims at the activation of protective forces of an organism.

To prevent re-formation of growths on the skin, you need to:

  • carefully monitor the condition of their feet;
  • if you encounter wounds and cracks apply a moisturizing and regenerating liniments;
  • to observe the rules of hygiene;
  • never to wear someone else’s shoes;
  • be sure to wear socks for trying on shoes in the store;
  • when visiting public places (showers, saunas, pools) have to take a change of clean shoes.

Hopefully, these tips will help many readers to avoid infection with HPV or successfully overcome it.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)