Warts on the genitals: why appear and how to treat?

Good day my dear readers. Today I want to talk to you about the genital warts. This disease is sexually transmitted and widespread among young and middle age.

On this type of illness is not discussed openly, and patients rarely seek medical help from a dermatologist.

What kind of disease?

Бородавки на половых органах: почему появляются и как лечить?After getting the virus on the mucous membrane of the genital organs in man begins to form a small outgrowth of whitish or flesh-colored, and in medicine it is called genital warts.

Warts on the cervix can be detected during the medical examination (at the gynecologist).

Causes of

There are two ways of infection:

  • Sexual;
  • Contact-household.

Risk groups:

  • People with lowered immune system;
  • Those who have chronic disease;
  • People leading promiscuous.

Бородавки на половых органах: почему появляются и как лечить?Diagnosis of this disease is complicated by the fact that the virus in the human body, as a rule, is in an inactive state and it is very difficult to detect using laboratory diagnostics.

Scientists have identified a large number of strains of human papillomavirus. Some women HPV causes dysplasia of the mucous membrane of the cervix and provoke the emergence of cervical cancer. But not all types of warts on the genitals is dangerous and can escalate over time into cancer.


The appearance of warts on the genitals is directly related to the weakening of the immune system.

Education protrude slightly above the skin surface and are pink or flesh color. Sizes of genital warts can vary from very small and almost invisible (a few millimeters) or be quite large (several centimeter).

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Over time the growths can change the shape and color, grow, merge with each other.

How dangerous condylomatous?

  • When injury warts may develop bleeding;
  • Growths can interfere with sexual life;
  • Cosmetic defect;
  • Cause a person psychological discomfort and reduced libido;
  • Some types of warts can develop into cancer;
  • Some women are the obstacle to delivery vaginally;
  • In some cases, warts are one of the markers of HIV infection.
  • Diagnosis

    Бородавки на половых органах: почему появляются и как лечить?The diagnosis is based on examination of the patient. Modern laboratories are equipped with equipment that allows to detect a strain of the human papilloma virus.

    In this case, you take the scrapings from the warts and sent to the Virology laboratory.

    This is especially important to detect oncogenic types of the papilloma on the cervix.

    The examination of the patient with condylomatosis need to give blood for syphilis and HIV.

    Differential diagnosis:

  • Men should be between condylomatosis and papular necklace penis;
  • In women warts on labia can be mistaken for micropapillae
  • Molluscum contagiosum;
  • Syphilis;
  • AIDS.
  • Treatments

    Бородавки на половых органах: почему появляются и как лечить?Currently there is no effective method of treatment of warts on the genitals. Modern medicine has not yet invented drugs that can kill the virus inside the body and therefore the whole therapy reduced local impact on the papilloma.

    However, this method only helps a person to cope with a cosmetic defect, but in the case of relapse there is a risk of transmitting the virus to a sex partner. Local treatment of this disease can be very lengthy.

    Local treatment is of two types:

  • Physical effects;
  • Chemical influence (drugs).
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    Surgical removal

    Бородавки на половых органах: почему появляются и как лечить?Warts cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen. This treatment is widely used in cosmetic clinics and STI clinics.

    It is based on physical impact on warts low temperatures and does not require anaesthesia and is well tolerated by patients;

    The laser removal. This treatment is widely used in medical institutions and requires a local anesthesia. In laser coagulation on the site of the wart forms a small wound surface, which delayed a few days and form a small hem;

    Electrocoagulation. Removal of warts on the skin by using high temperatures. This technique is painful and therefore requires local anesthesia.


  • Podofillotoksin. It can be applied on the affected area gently two times a day (3 days) with a break of 1 week. Substance after some time, causes a necrosis of the wart. The course of treatment continues until, until the warts disappear, but not more than 5 weeks;
  • Interferon. This method of treatment is effective, but often cause side treatment. Interferon cut away the area of genital warts;
  • Imiquimod. This drug is available as a cream and applied on the warts 3 times a week before bed (morning need medicine rinse with water). The course of treatment should not exceed 16 weeks;
  • The extract or oil of celandine. Careful applicator liquid applied to the warts.
  • Drugs must be prescribed by a doctor after examining the patient and virological examination.

    Some patients with a weak immune system and warts on the genitals can be treated with immunomodulators and immunostimulators (e.g., intravenous «Cycloferon»).

    Prevention of disease

    • Бородавки на половых органах: почему появляются и как лечить?Personal hygiene;
    • Addressing the factors that reduce immunity (alcohol, Smoking, drugs, stress);
    • Healthy lifestyle;
    • Regular medical check-UPS.
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    Upon detection of warts on the genitals should immediately go to the doctors for help and not to self-medicate.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)