Warts on the heel: our recommendations for treatment and prevention of disease

Hello, dear readers! Today’s post I want to dedicate the topic of the treatment of warts on the heel, and also tells what appear these tumors and how to prevent this disease.

Causes of warty growths on the feet

Бородавки на пятке: наши рекомендации по лечению и профилактике болезниEveryone wants to go through life boldly and confidently, but when on the heel appear tumors called warts, to carry out the process of walking quite difficult.

And be this dermatologic pathology can and the child and adult. The causes of this disease are viral in nature.

Dense benign growths in the heel area occurs when infection papillomatous virus (HPV), a variety of strains is approaching 80.

Infection by this pathogen can occur by contact-household and unprotected intercourse.

If we talk about the heel to the wart, infection can occur when visiting public places: saunas, baths, showers, fitness centers.

Facilitates the infection of HPV, the presence of microcracks on the surface of the feet. After penetration into the patient’s body, the virus replicates in the upper layers of the dermis and stops, waiting for favorable conditions.

When the body fails, the immune system, the patient is taking long-term medication, suffer from viral or endocrinological diseases, HPV aktiviziruyutsya and manifested clinical symptoms.

The main symptoms of the disease is pain in the heel area, a small swelling with a hard center, which precede the appearance of pronounced warts.

The patient complains of the presence of foci with constant pain that is worse when walking. Wart can grow to a decent size, thus it compresses the nearby tissues, which is accompanied by painful sensations.

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The clinical manifestations of the disease

Бородавки на пятке: наши рекомендации по лечению и профилактике болезниPlantar wart on the heel is characterized by the gradual development of a pathological process. Initially on the skin of the foot, you notice a small spot, the skin in this place is tight and gives a little Shine.

This place is formed of the inner subcutaneous tumor covered with whitish plaque, which gradually rises above the skin surface and become coarse.

It is worth noting that all of the time warts are increasing in size and continuously grow in and down, reaching a diameter of 1 cm.

Throughout the pathogenetic process heel really hurts, take away the pain of not using painkillers. Acute pain is characterized by warts, localized behind the heel and in the reference part.

Differential diagnosis of plantar warts should be carried out with dry corn. Objectively, the signs of both diseases are similar, but when removing the keratinized plaques, with the wart you can see the small black dots, trombirovania capillarity (see photo above). When dry corn this sign will not.

Plantar growths significantly impair the patient’s quality of life because they interfere with normal walking, wearing beautiful shoes, lead an active lifestyle.

It is therefore necessary to treat these tumors at an early stage, while the number of elements is not increased. In addition, for loved ones there is a constant risk of Contracting human papillomavirus.

Features of treatment of plantar warts

Бородавки на пятке: наши рекомендации по лечению и профилактике болезниTreatment of plantar warts can be treated at home, but it is best to entrust your health in the hands of experienced professionals.

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In the primary treatment doctor, he will conduct a thorough investigation and, if necessary, appoint additional methods of research, and will prescribe a course of appropriate treatment.

The popular treatment, using herbs and conspiracy, can produce certain therapeutic effect, but keep in mind that the virus is inside the body and remove the outer growth is not a complete recovery, but only a temporary improvement.

Modern cosmetology salons and clinics offer a wide range of methods to derive growths on the skin of the feet is:

  • cryosurgery – treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen which freezes the wart tissue, after which they dried up, covered with scab and fall off;
  • electrocoagulation – tissue destruction of warts using an electric current;
  • laser removal is the most effective method of removing by using laser beams;
  • operative excision is rarely used, be surgical removal under local anesthesia.

Бородавки на пятке: наши рекомендации по лечению и профилактике болезниAs stated above, remove the outer build-up is half the battle, it is necessary to treat the ailment from within.

The attending physician will prescribe an effective conservative treatment, which is aimed at the virus itself:

  • antiviral drugs (neverin, Amiksin, doctor);
  • immunomodulatory agent (immunal, Echinacea tincture, ascosen);
  • vitamin preparations (in winter and spring, I think, Revit, supradin);
  • trace elements (zinc, selenium, iodine active).

The duration of treatment and the exact dosage of the drug will determine the attending physician, he will also give recommendations on how to get rid of existing and prevent the emergence of new elements.

A patient taken out of the warts using folk recipes. It is primarily celandine, or rather the juice of the stems, cut the garlic cloves, the berries of viburnum. Very well help strengthen the immune system herbal teas, which include viburnum, licorice root, Echinacea, Rhodiola rosea, ginseng.

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Prevention of warts

Бородавки на пятке: наши рекомендации по лечению и профилактике болезниTo protect yourself from infection papillomatous virus, you need to strengthen your immune system and practice good personal hygiene:

  • never wear someone else’s clothes and shoes;
  • when visiting such public places like a sauna or bath, be sure to take extra rubber boots or washable shale;
  • baths and showers should be regularly treated with disinfectants;
  • balanced diet;
  • to play sports and lead an active lifestyle;
  • to avoid stress, and chronic fatigue.

I hope that these tips will help to be healed from this disease and prevent the emergence of new elements. If you have experience getting rid of warts on your heels, share them with us in the comments.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)