Warts on the intimate places: from what appear and how to treat?

Hello, dear readers. Unfortunately, many people face such problem as intimate warts.

What appear these formations, whether they are dangerous and how to treat them? The answers to these questions you will get in today’s article.

What are warts in the intimate area?

Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?Intimate or anogenital warts differ from the usual growths. They have very different symptoms and manifestations.

It is pointed nodules protruding above the surface of the genitals. Such formations are also referred to as warts.

This kind of formulations occurs due to the ingestion of human papillomavirus.

Causes of genital warts in women

Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?If there are warts on the intimate places in women, it is most often associated with promiscuity and also disregard for contraception.

Sometimes women may notice the formation of nodules in violation of the microflora of the vagina or on the background of pregnancy.

The body can get disease-causing germs, and during pregnancy often there is a hormonal imbalance that triggers HPV.

Women such education is often striking:

  • Urethra;
  • The eve of the vagina;
  • The anus;
  • Small and large labia;
  • The walls of the vagina and cervix.

In the crotch area may appear pink, red, dark, and white warts.

If warts are located on the outside, you can notice yourself, as opposed to internal warts, that can be detected only during gynecological examination.

Warts in men

Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?Education of this kind, men often appear due to promiscuity, neglect of fuses and some diseases.

The strong half of humanity, genital warts are located in the following locations:

  • At the head of the penis;
  • Near the anus;
  • On the inner surface or around the urethra.
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Look at the photo below, which shows the intimate warts in men.

Symptom of warts may be pain during intercourse. In addition, such entities may be covered by crust. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Diagnosis of the disease

Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?Most often, the growths in the crotch area identified during the inspection the doctor. There are several varieties of warts: genital, papules, spots, warts Buske-Levenshtein and intraepithelial neoplasia.

For a long time, tumors may have the appearance of the stain will gradually grow.

The clinical symptoms of the disease include:

  • Hyperemia in the site of the lesion;
  • The appearance of single or multiple finger-shaped nodules in size reaching not more than 1 cm.
  • Grayish-white, rose-red, red-brown spots, both single and growths;
  • Papules and spots, which affects almost the entire mucosa (sometimes in the presence of oncogenic HPV);
  • Cracks and bleeding.

If you have these symptoms, the doctor will first examine the affected area and, if necessary, appoint additional examination and testing.

And to what doctor to address with this problem? Men should visit the urologist or the venereologist and women the gynecologist.

The danger of such growths

Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?Note that tumors in the genital area are different, because are very delicate and sensitive skin.

Because of the high risk of injury (clothing, during intercourse), they can degenerate into malignant tumors.

If genital warts are striking the female genital organs during pregnancy, there is a risk of infecting the baby during childbirth. Viral warts can have a bad effect on the pregnancy and during labor.

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The treatment of the disease

After the doctor will examine the affected area, the patient will be assigned the appropriate treatment, or remove growths. All depends on the degree of development of the disease, location of lesions and multiplicity of nodules.

At the moment there are several types of treatment.


Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?To see the warts in the intimate region often prescribed drugs containing trichloroacetic acid (solution 80-90 %) and ointment Solkoderm.

The chemical composition of trichloroacetic acid has a necrotic effect, so you can quickly get rid of the unpleasant papules.

The drug used point-and only at small isolated manifestations of the disease, as there is a risk of scarring.

Necrotic effects of Solcoderm provided by acetic, nitric, Saulieu and lactic acids, and nitrate of copper. This tool is applied to the tumor by using a glass spatula. If necessary, repeat procedure several times.

In order to eliminate the virus can be prescribed creams with antiviral effect, for example with interferon, oxolinic ointment, etc.

All of the above therapeutic manipulation can be carried out at home after consulting a specialist.

Destructive therapy

Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?Remove the unpleasant growths in the intimate area in several ways:

  • By means of a laser;
  • By freezing (cryotherapy);
  • Radiosurgical way.

These methods should be combined with immune-stimulating and antiviral therapy. After surgical exposure may remain keloid scars.

Traditional methods

Бородавки на интимных местах: от чего появляются и как лечить?I want to note that due to its location on the delicate skin many folk remedies are contraindicated for use in the intimate area.

For example, should not be applied to the genitals of the juice of Celandine, acetic acid, salicylic ointment and other aggressive agents.

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Any internal education can only be treated under medical supervision. External warts it is better to remove after the consultation.

We advise you not to self-medicate, to continue to avoid unpleasant consequences. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)