Warts on the neck: causes and treatment

Бородавки на шее: причины появления и лечениеHello, visitors of our portal. For many people warts is something unpleasant and disgust. The majority believes that they are due to non-observance of rules of personal hygiene, dirt and untidiness.

It’s actually not. Often, these skin lesions are caused by activation in the body papillomavirus. To growths can occur throughout the body.

The biggest problem takes the warts on the neck as they are visible to others and constantly cling to clothing and jewelry.

How are these warts?

Бородавки на шее: причины появления и лечениеSome on the neck, you notice a single small growths, similar to the papillae. Others suffer from multiple growths which resemble the shape of the inflorescence of cauliflower.

If the warts young, the color identical with the color of the skin, and over time the color changed to dark brown. The size of the formations in the neck can also vary from 1-2 mm to a couple of centimeters.

Cervical warts are often hanging, as they would attach to the skin with thin legs.

The length of such legs can reach half an inch (especially in the elderly). The submitted photo shows you the appearance of hanging growths on the neck.

Also in this region may be flat warts. It’s smooth growths, which are represented by a small tubercle oval or round shape. As a rule, they are small, not exceeding 5 mm in diameter.

There are in the neck and senile education, often reaching 6 cm Color can vary from its natural color to black.

Why warts appear on the neck?

Бородавки на шее: причины появления и лечениеIt is believed that the growths on the neck, often caused by the human papilloma virus, not dirt. To penetrate this virus in the body in many ways: at birth, when direct or sexual intercourse, when using the personal items of the sick person, etc.

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Often the human papilloma virus «sleeps». Activate it can a variety of factors:

  • Stress, nervous and physical exhaustion;
  • Complications of colds;
  • Hormonal contraception;
  • Bad habits;
  • Frequent visits to tanning and prolonged sun exposure;
  • Chronic diseases of stomach, intestines;
  • Disorders in the liver and kidneys;
  • Antibiotics that inhibit protective functions of the human body;
  • Poor hygiene
  • Damage to the skin while wearing tight scarves and collars.
  • Frequent change of sexual partners.

Unfortunately, these growths can develop into cancer, to help with the transition to subcutaneous cervical tissue, bleeding in case of damage.

Those who suffer from warts in the area you need to remember not to hurt them. Eliminate the wearing of chains, and clothing of coarse cloth. When using a washcloth, do not RUB the affected area too carefully, so as not to tear the knot.

The treatment of growths

Skin formations of any localization, including those located in the neck, the main thing is to take action on the causes of the disease.

Almost every second in the blood has HPV, but not all of the tumors. It is therefore necessary to strengthen your immune system.

Бородавки на шее: причины появления и лечениеWe do not recommend self-treatment, cutting, pulling and cauterization of the warts, as this may only aggravate the situation.

It is better to go on reception to the dermatologist, who will set an accurate diagnosis, and prescribe appropriate treatment.

It is especially important to see a doctor if the warts on neck ache, itch, multiply, change their appearance.

How to remove cervical warts? To completely get rid of warts, you have several options: cryosurgery, laser and electrocautery.

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Mostly warts in this area are removed with liquid nitrogen. The procedure does not take much of your time. In one session you can get rid of nasty build-up without a trace.

Only a doctor will be able to find a suitable method of eliminating warts. This choice depends on the degree of development of the disease and the condition of your skin.

If you have a lot of warts, it is often sufficient to remove one parent wart, and then disappear and others.

Traditional methods of treatment

Бородавки на шее: причины появления и лечениеRepeat, we do not advise you to self-medicate. Before starting treatment at home, consult a specialist.

How to remove warts neck? So, if you have no signs of inflammation or infection, to remove warts on the neck you can use: the juice of celandine, vinegar, garlic, and potatoes. Instead of juice of celandine, you can buy in a drugstore remedy Superchatel.

It is inexpensive and very effectively fights skin formations. Only use it very carefully otherwise you may get burned.

Note that this drug should not be used during pregnancy because it consists of chemical substances that can damage the expectant mother and baby.

If you want to try to remove wart by garlic and vinegar, it is possible to make these ingredients a paste and apply few weeks on the affected area. As a result, your wart should fall off.

The prevention of tumors

Бородавки на шее: причины появления и лечениеTo unpleasant cervical growths not spoil your life, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • Strengthen your immune system;
  • Avoid damage or injuries in the cervical area. If this happens, the place of injury needs to be processed and sanitized,
  • Perform daily hygienic procedures.
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To summarize the above. Don’t think warts can appear only from dirt. Yes, immorality can cause the activation of the HPV, leading subsequently to the formation of warts, including on the neck.

This is a prominent place and it is unlikely you would like to flaunt an unpleasant education. Therefore it is necessary to be attentive to their health and lead a proper lifestyle.

If you have growths, it is best to consult a doctor and do not self-medicate. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)