Warts on the penis: solving the delicate problem quickly and efficiently

Hello, dear readers. Today warts are very common skin disease which affects both women and men.

Unfortunately, they may appear not only on the body, but in the genital area, particularly on the penis. Where did they take it and how to bring them? To these questions we are ready to give you a clear answer in this article.

Causes of genital growths

Бородавки на члене: решаем деликатную проблему быстро и эффективноWhy are these tumors? Warts on the penis are formed due to the progression of human papillomavirus.

Nowadays there are more than 100 types of this virus and each of them is responsible for the emergence of certain tumors. Warts on male genitals or the other way genital warts caused by HPV 6 and 11.

It can be transmitted through contact with infected skin or mucous membranes. The main cause of infection is unprotected sex.

In addition, infection can occur after shaving other people’s razors.

I want to note that you can not know exactly where and when infected, because HPV may be a long time is «in hibernation». He just lives in your body until a certain time does not manifest itself.

Aktiviziruyutsya virus due to a General decline of immunity and not the fact that it will manifest itself as genital lesions.

In fact, warts on the penis are the most common sexually transmitted infections. Moreover, there is no limitation on age, sex, the people leading an asocial life. All the people, living a sexual life can be attributed to the risk group of this disease.

How these warts appear?

Бородавки на члене: решаем деликатную проблему быстро и эффективноThere are often growths in those places are through sexual contact and are exposed to microtraumas. They look like little balls of pink, white or flesh-colored.

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The size of genital warts in men range from a couple mm to several centimeters. Also rashes can grow and multiply.

If not treated, over time they will resemble the inflorescence of cauliflower and give you discomfort.

Most of these warts occur on the penis, inner surface of the foreskin, the frenulum and the rim of the head of the penis.

Also papules may appear around the anus. Moreover, the disease can spread to other parts of the body.

The presence of formations in the intimate area may be accompanied by redness, burning and itching. In the photo below, you see how to look like male genital warts.

Your actions upon detection of these growths

Бородавки на члене: решаем деликатную проблему быстро и эффективноWhat to do if your penis were such education? Stop panicking, because, in fact, this disease is not so dangerous as you think.

Warts on the skin in this area it is best to cure or delete. Fortunately now, almost every clinic successfully conducts the removal of genital warts.

If you got warts, you should consult a specialist, namely a doctor – urologist or a dermatologist. Only a doctor can accurately to 100% supply you the correct diagnosis because such education can be an expression of any other sexually transmitted infection.

Do not worry if your doctor will prescribe screening for HIV and syphilis. It is also possible you will have to pass tests to exclude other diseases of the reproductive system.

Treatment of formations in the penis

After the examination the doctor will offer you conservative or surgical removal of the papules. The second option is used rarely, because usually recovery occurs after the use of specialized creams and ointments. Remember to keep the wart – it does not mean to completely get rid of HPV.

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He will still remain in the body, and if you do not comply with preventive measures, the virus can cause re-infection.


Бородавки на члене: решаем деликатную проблему быстро и эффективноThan to treat such growths? Treatment of warts is the application of podophyllotoxin or interferon. The second tool is used several times a day.

This is done with a special applicator to avoid contact with healthy tissue. This ointment smeared for 3 days then take a break for a couple of days and repeat.

It is not recommended to use this medication for more than 5 months. During this period of time the warts should be solved forever. If not, then the doctor will prescribe you surgical removal of genital warts.

There is also the cream is imiquimod, which is also applied to the affected areas of the penis.

Surgical removal

Бородавки на члене: решаем деликатную проблему быстро и эффективноHow to get rid of these entities? Proven cryotherapy growths. Is the use of liquid nitrogen, which freezes the tissues of the warts, causing it to disappears.

Note that the procedure for removal in the intimate area can be very painful, so sometimes a local anesthetic is used.

Also remove growths through electrocoagulation. This exposure of the wart excised under the influence of electric current.

Laser therapy. In this case, the skin can be scarring. Often this method remains finally, if other exposure has not helped. At this distance the viruses enter the air, so the place of manipulation must be equipped with powerful extract, doctors to be.

Folk remedies

Бородавки на члене: решаем деликатную проблему быстро и эффективноHow to withdraw warts on the genitals folk remedies? Some patients helped oxolinic ointment.

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Oksolina – it’s a synthetic chemical, which aims to fight against viruses, and as you already know, warts is a viral education.

Moreover, this tool has virtually no contraindications, and smear their genitals safely. Still, we do not recommend you to self-medicate and in case of any detection of the disease to see a doctor.

Preventive measures

Бородавки на члене: решаем деликатную проблему быстро и эффективноThe main advice is to avoid casual sex and use condoms. Of course, this kind of contraceptives reduces the risk of infection, but not 100%.

Genital warts can appear in the oral sex, and just in contact with the skin of the partner.

Also note that you should only use your razors and other items and hygiene products.


We hope our article helped you to understand the problem of the formation of genital warts. To papillomavirus does not occur – strengthen your immune system, exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle.

These measures will help you avoid unpleasant formations on your sexual organs. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)