Warts on the toes: treatment and prevention

Бородавки на пальцах ног: методы лечения и профилактикиHello, dear readers. With modern lifestyle it is difficult to protect our skin from various rashes and entities, in particular from the appearance of warts.

This is a very unpleasant disease that causes in others a feeling of disgust and revulsion. As even said by our grandmothers, warts is a symbol of untidiness and carelessness, but it is not so.

Let’s see why there are such growths and why often they are localized on the toes.

The manifestation of the disease

Бородавки на пальцах ног: методы лечения и профилактикиWarts on the toes look like small tumors on the skin. There are three types of such formations:

  • Plantar, which in appearance is similar to corns. They are located not only on feet but also on the pads of the feet, often causing pain at pressure.
  • Common, reaching up to 10 mm. They usually have usual skin tone and are not felt when walking.
  • Flat papules, which is a little noticeable skin protrusions.
  • Subcutaneous growths that arise from the deformation of the nail plate or the friction of the other fingers. They occur near the nail or under it. To remove such formations very difficult.

Not particularly pleasing appearance of the growth on the big toe. If other entities are less visible on the skin, this stands out because of its large size.

Warts can change the color and size. Healthy tissue around the growths remain the natural color. If you notice any change in the warts (blurry, darkening, inflammation), you should seek help from a doctor.

If you look at the photo below, you’ll see how to look different kinds of formations on the fingers.

The causes of such growths

Бородавки на пальцах ног: методы лечения и профилактикиWarts on the toe are formed due to the activation of human papillomavirus. The infection enters the body through small injuries or scratches on the legs, in contact with the object or the skin of an infected person.

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In addition, the reason for the formation of these growths becomes wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes, as well as strong perspiration of the feet.

Viral wart may be a long time to appear on the skin. This is due to the fact that HPV is often simply «dormant» in the body, waiting for some jolt.

This activator is reduced immunity, severe stress, or aggravation of any chronic diseases. It will take some time to body it began to form a wart.

To get HPV in public areas where there is high humidity (swimming pools, saunas, baths). Especially high risk of infection when wearing someone else’s shoes in these places.

There are cases of occurrence of papules in a child. Their appearance is also associated with the use of someone else’s shoes (in sports clubs, school, etc.).

Treatment of skin lesions on the toes

Typically, these growths do not cause much discomfort in addition to psychological. However, there are times when a wart on foot hurts, especially if it is between the toes or on the balls. Then they need to bring.

How to get rid of entities of this type? We recommend you to seek help of a specialist who prediagnostic disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. It can be in the use of medicines, and folk methods, as well as operating impact.

Medical removal

Бородавки на пальцах ног: методы лечения и профилактикиIt is based on the use of specific antiviral ointments (carbopenems, interferon, salicylic, oxolinic, and other).

You can also make patches with salicylic acid (Sliped). To the removal occurred as soon as possible, these products can be used interchangeably.

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Has proven itself this drug as Superchatel. It should be used with caution, as with moving healthy tissue, it can leave a burn. It cannot be used to treat formations in children, pregnant and lactating women.

Plus these methods that carry out the treatment at home. However, we recommend that before beginning your treatment, seek medical advice.

Surgical methods

Бородавки на пальцах ног: методы лечения и профилактикиElectrocoagulation of tumors. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible for one session to remove unpleasant warts on the foot.

Cryotherapy, or freezing with liquid nitrogen. When exposed to cold the wart cells die, preventing the spread of the virus, resulting in a knot just disappears.

In the formation of large growths, for example, on the big toe of the feet can be assigned to laser removal, which layers will burn a papule.

The downside is that after this exposure may remain a scar, but still, it’s better than an ugly wart.

Traditional treatments

Бородавки на пальцах ног: методы лечения и профилактикиIn past centuries, people were taken out solely warts folk remedies. Note that often such treatment was effective.

The downside is that it requires patience because the healing process lasts long enough (sometimes up to 3 months).

You can lubricate the knots in vinegar, garlic, aloe Vera juice or celandine. Some helped a raw potato, onion and even normal chalk.

Of course, now with the availability of modern technologies and effective pharmaceutical drugs it is better not to engage in such treatment. Although there are still many older people don’t trust medicine, preferring to use only traditional methods.

In fact, everyone decides for himself how to remove warts from feet. Treatment will depend on the size of education and the extent of its development.

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Prevention of the disease

Of course, it is easier to prevent build-up than to remove already appeared.

  • Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene. In any public places always go out of the Shoe, and only in your either disposable.
  • If you suffer from excessive sweating, then only buy shoes made of natural materials.
  • Without having contact with items used by the sick person. If this has occurred, treat the skin with antiseptic.
  • Pay attention to your immune system. If you notice weakness, General deterioration, and other ailments, you should immediately start treatment.
  • If you often use the service of pedicure, ask if you can disinfect all tools. Perfect if the salon uses individual pedicure utensils.
  • If you stick to these simple rules, the problem of warts on feet will pass you. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)