Warty epidermodysplasia: proper treatment of complex diseases

Hello, dear readers. Today we want to talk about this disease as warty epidermodysplasia. What is this disease? How it manifests itself and how to treat it? This you will learn from this article.

What is the disease?

Бородавчатая эпидермодисплазия: правильное лечение сложного заболеванияWarty epidermodysplasia or another, epidermodysplasia verruciformis Lewandowski-Lucca (hereinafter MLL) is a clinical disorder that is manifested in the form of large clusters of warts.

Development MLL starts young and occurs the disease throughout life. This is found rarely. According to statistics exposed by both women and men.

MLL is a unique predisposition of the skin to infection by the human papillomavirus.

Those who are sick warty epidermodysplasia, there are several types of HPV, which are divided into groups:

  • Viruses that have a low malignant potential. Virus 3, 14, 25, 20, and 21 types. They usually have a benign nature.
  • Viruses that have a very high risk of developing cancer is 5.8 and 47. In the centers AVLL they have a higher probability of degeneration into a malignant form, namely squamous cell carcinoma.

Predisposition to MLL

This disease belongs to the category of hereditary autosomal recessive. It develops under the following conditions:

  • If both parents suffer from EVLL. The probability of development of disease in a child is 100 %;
  • If one of the parents is sick, and the second is healthy, the children will be carriers MLL, but actually be healthy;
  • When illness of a parent, while the second is just a carrier, the child will get the pathology with the probability of 50%. The next generation will actually be good, but will be a carrier of the disease.
  • If both parents are carriers, there may be as sick and healthy children in fact, with a probability of 25 %. The other 50 % of the offspring will be carriers AVLL.
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    The clinical picture of the disease

    Бородавчатая эпидермодисплазия: правильное лечение сложного заболеванияMost often the disease manifests itself in the form of flat warts. Initially, the growths are small (to 5 mm), but over time they begin to grow and merge, taking up the entire surface of the hands, forearms, lower legs. Rarely these tumors are localized on the face, back, buttocks, the lateral parts of the neck and abdomen.

    The color of the wart varies from pink to brown. Education is much denser than surrounding skin.

    If you accidentally damage the skin, the formed linear verrucous elements (may be isomorphic response).

    On the limbs and body warts disease is more dense and larger than those located on the face and neck.

    Any discomfort education not cause. As a rule, AVL begins to manifest in childhood or in youth. Less often the first symptoms are observed after 25 years.

    Especially often malignant tumors localized on those parts of the body that are most exposed to UV radiation.

    If you look at the photo above you see how the leather looks, diseased AVLL.

    Бородавчатая эпидермодисплазия: правильное лечение сложного заболеванияWhat are the consequences of the disease:

    • Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin;
    • Bowen’s Disease;
    • Sometimes bowenoid papules.

    About 25% of all patients suffering from MLL prone to degeneration of the tumors into squamous cell carcinoma. In this case you experience the following symptoms:

    • Merge single entities in large verrucous plaques, sometimes with ulcers;
    • The increase in the number of growths.

    The first signs of malignancy appear around the age of 27 years. This type of cancer often leads to metastases in the lymph nodes. Less often observed metastasis in the internal organs and the skin.

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    There are cases of conversion of multiple growths in the basal cell carcinoma, but this happens very rarely.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    Бородавчатая эпидермодисплазия: правильное лечение сложного заболеванияIn order to make a diagnosis, an evaluation of the clinical picture, medical history, and conducting virological and histological examinations.

    You need to diagnose if you experience the following symptoms:

    • When in the family there were cases of the disease.
    • If you encounter AVLL young or children.
    • When the histological picture is identical to the histology of flat warts;
    • When a large number of growths, especially on the extremities;
    • When I was identified with HPV of different types.

    Patients become registered to the oncologist, who will conduct regular examination for early detection of transformation to cancer growths.

    Wart treatment

    If there are no signs of malignancy, the patients assigned to retinol, which is used for 3 months and vitamin.

    Бородавчатая эпидермодисплазия: правильное лечение сложного заболеванияQuite a promising treatment is the use of aromatic retinoids. Note that they cannot be applied to children.

    Also effective treatment is the use of immune modulating agents – interferons, adaptogens.

    If necessary, the warts can be removed. For these purposes, used methods such as electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, laser cauterization, drug treatment ftorurazilom prosperities or ointments.

    In addition, for the treatment of disease use x-rays or so-called Bukki rays. Actively dividing cells are very sensitive to such effects, and this method reduced the growth of warts.

    If were detected the first signs of malignancy, then the patient is prescribed chemotherapy, or surgical removal of tumors. As a rule, operations are carried out according to the method of Mohs, which allows to save people from the affected tissues and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

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    Warty epidermodysplasia is a serious disease that must be treated. If you have noticed yourself or loved ones at the first symptoms of this disease, you should immediately consult a doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)