Watery body acne: the main causes and treatment methods

Any rashes on the body upset people, among them are watery pimples on the body, which can suddenly appear and disappear. This problem gives not only unpleasant and painful, but also prevents a person to lead a normal way of life, especially if the pimples appeared on the face or hands. Body with watery lesions indicates various disorders, therefore you should definitely seek medical help.

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  • Causes of watery pimples
  • How to recognize the rash
  • Internal causes
  • External causes
  • Localization of watery pimples
  • Treatment of rashes
  • What to do when they occur
  • The importance of seeking medical attention
  • How to cure well-known diseases home?
  • Recommendations doctors
  • Causes of watery pimples

    It is often very difficult to explain why there were bumps with liquid inside the body. The exact diagnosis is established only after thorough examination of patient and taking the required tests. Among the main reasons for watery lesions isolated:

  • allergies;
  • dishidros;
  • irritation of the skin;
  • the sweating sickness;
  • fungal infection;
  • infectious diseases.
  • Disgidros as chickenpox is considered a childhood disease but in adults it is much harder. A fungus infected by walking barefoot on infected surfaces. Each person has watery eruptions appear for different reasons and need individual approach to the problem. Especially need to be careful when you bubble in a child’s skin, after all, happen even fatal without timely treatment.

    How to recognize the rash

    Bumps on the skin, inside which is placed the aqueous liquid, come in different sizes. On the top of the formation there is a small head.

    The rash may be accompanied by itching depending on the cause of the disease. Inside of a dark liquid is not necessarily transparent, but it is easy to distinguish from purulent contents.

    Водянистые прыщи на теле: основные причины и методы лечения

    Sometimes in the center of the tubercle there is a black dot, for example, with the defeat of the contagious molluscum. It is forbidden to comb watery pimples.

    Internal causes

    Violation of hormone levels and malfunction of internal organs lead to skin diseases. Problems with the nervous system, stress and depression can trigger eruptions. Very dangerous in such cases, self-treatment, because acne is only a symptom of a more serious disease. Fungal infections affect first the upper part of the foot or hand, and then in the absence of treatment penetrate deep inside. The bubbles on the hands often indicate disorders of the endocrine glands in children and adults.

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    If the pimples with watery fluid are localized in the corners of the lips, nasolabial tab, the patient most likely has herpes. Although this virus is most people in the body, it makes itself felt only in cases of reduced immunity. Such pimples appear even after an ordinary cold.

    Other type of herpes is much more complicated, it relates to shingles. Rashes are accompanied by severe pain and discomfort, localization occurs in the back. Small pimples turn into papules. The disease causes damage to the nervous system.

    The penetration of infection in the body also causes bubbles on the body. The most common cause of rash is chickenpox, which begins with fever, most common in childhood. Watery formation in this disease cover almost the whole body.

    Водянистые прыщи на теле: основные причины и методы лечения

    External causes

    Severe sweating, hypothermia can cause irritation and pimples on the skin. Body acne can be due to contact with an allergen, eating certain foods, insect bites. Then the Allergy can go into disgidros as education with the liquid inside do not burst and are very itchy. Skin disease is dangerous to the development of eczema, which is very heavily treated. Another cause of rashes is the itch mite. Getting on the skin from the external environment, it causes severe itching and small pimples that sit on the hands and feet.

    Localization of watery pimples

    Most often small bumps located on the back, hands and feet, the fingers, in the face. Membranes pimples appear in the case of pemphigus. This is a complex disease difficult to be treated and at the site of lesions remain ulcers. Varicella is lumps on the whole body, including the scalp. For herpes zoster typical pimples on the back. Localization of lesions depends on the stage of the disease and factors of its development.

    Treatment of rashes

    To get rid of watery lesions will help the dermatologist, but only after you have established the cause of skin diseases. Pimples without significant itching and in small numbers do not pose a danger as those that do not cease to itch and are accompanied by a burning sensation. Without the help of the doctor can remove only the external symptoms of rash, but not the cause of the disease.

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    Treatment of rashes depends entirely on the factors that influenced the disease. In case of allergic reactions should take suprastin, diazolin or tavegil. Antihistamines will help to relieve the itching, but the first step is to eliminate the allergen. Proper nutrition at the same time with medication will help to quickly get rid of the watery bumps.

    Drugs against allergies also helps with scabies. The pimples in this case, lubricate effective sulfuric ointment. Fungus on the skin in the form of watery lesions treated only with antifungal drugs and ointments under strict medical supervision.

    In disorders of the nervous system are taking sedatives, antidepressants. It is important to exclude the influence of external stimuli, normalize your daily routine, go to bed on time.

    What to do when they occur

    It is important to immediately contact the doctor if you have watery rashes. In the initial stages of the disease in humans, the skin has a small amount of pimples, but after one day they are all over the body and harder to treat. In any case, you can’t touch education, to pierce or scratch. Even severe itching it is better to endure, because by scratching can get infected and become pimples even more.

    The importance of seeking medical attention

    A dermatologist will help you to choose the course of treatment, and most importantly, it will determine why there are spots. Many people due to lack of time, do not go to the doctor and attempt to remove skin rashes with a solution of potassium permanganate and other means which will not address the root cause of the disease. Even if the pimples will, over time, they will emerge with even greater force. A dermatologist not only to properly determine the diagnosis and prescribe receive the necessary vitamin complexes in addition to medicines and different ointments.

    Водянистые прыщи на теле: основные причины и методы лечения

    How to cure well-known diseases home?

    Treatment in the home lend themselves to certain types of watery formations, but only after specialist advice. Bumps chickenpox has long smeared with green paint, and with increasing temperature, take antipyretics. Special ointment against scabies and herpes can also be used independently, but if rash appeared for internal reasons, without the help of doctors can not do.

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    Recommendations doctors

    In the treatment of watery lesions for an integrated approach to the problem. A change of diet, way of life, observance of rules of personal hygiene have an impact on skin diseases. The diet must include vitamins and minerals. Food need healthy and diverse.

    Will help to get rid of the rash in the sun. In the summer you often sunbathe in the sun to prevent skin diseases. Useful there are special scrubs for purification of the body, but you should only use them on clean skin to prevent diseases. Of natural ingredients you can take ground coffee, fatty sour cream with sea salt. Gently massage the cleansing is carried out during shower.

    Pimples often occur due to poor quality of clothes, because you need to choose natural, not synthetic fabric. People who are prone to allergies, it is necessary not only to adhere to proper nutrition, but to avoid contact with household chemicals or reduce them to a minimum.

    There are so many ways to remove watery pimples, but do not forget that preferably before beginning any treatment consult with your doctor. Such eruptions quite quickly spread throughout the body and are dangerous to human health, therefore they should not be ignored. Competent treatment, change of diet and lifestyle will lead to sustainable results in the form of beautiful and healthy skin.