Weeping versicolor: a new and effective means to treat disease

Мокнущий лишай: новые и эффективные средства для лечения болезниWelcome, readers of our portal about skin. Ending your posts about the pathologies of the skin, we are unable to get around and chronic.

Today, we will be described weeping shingles also called eczema. Eczema is dermatosis in chronic form, characterized by periods of acute state and remission.

Currently, this disease is very common in our country and around the world.

Мокнущий лишай: новые и эффективные средства для лечения болезниWhat is the disease?

The signs are slightly different and depend on the form of pathology and the stage at which the patient is turned. Here are the main symptoms of weeping depriving:

  • thickening of the skin, inflamed red areas with jagged edges;
  • rashes are located symmetrically;
  • severe itching which can disrupt sleep;
  • after opening the bubbles form painful sores and wounds;
  • fever and feeling unwell in the period of exacerbation;
  • the dry skin formed on her cracked during healing.

What types of eczema are there?

  • true or idiopathic;
  • microbial – it is divided into mycotic, paratravmaticheskuyu, varicose, numulyarnaya and disgidroticescoy;
  • seborrheic;
  • professional;
  • relationsa and other species.

Photos contain different parts of the body affected by ringworm weeping for a visual understanding of how looks this pathology.

The reasons may be a disease

Мокнущий лишай: новые и эффективные средства для лечения болезниFactors influencing the appearance of weeping depriving a lot. They can be both external and internal.

To include external contact with substances that have allergic components, such as dyes, components, clothing, household chemicals and others.

Food products also have a place for the appearance of eczema. It may be a reaction to citrus, chocolate, poor quality and frankly prohibited components of food.

Long-term use of medicines, in the end, it may also cause a severe skin reaction in humans.

The internal factors, capable to provoke weeping shingles include genetic predisposition, disruption of the immune system, reducing the activity of T-lymphocytes and a simultaneous increase In lymphocytes.

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Against the background of serious chronic infectious diseases can also develop eczema.

In addition, aggravating factors can be a strong stress, nervous exhaustion, long non-healing wounds and burns, atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, allergic processes, which have long taught that it could end up weeping sores on the body.

How to treat this disease

Мокнущий лишай: новые и эффективные средства для лечения болезниTherapy involves a set of measures aimed at disinfecting wounds, healing them, removing the irritant factor and normalization of all the major body systems.

So, for external use use antimicrobial or antifungal ointments, depending on the form of the disease.

Inside in the form of tablets, are appointed by antihistamines, they relieve itching and reduce allergic reactions.

To normalize immune function the doctor prescribes vitamin complex.

Recommendations for people who are undergoing treatment for this pathology:

  • completely avoid contact with substances that contain allergic components, or can exacerbate the process;
  • compliance with hypoallergenic principles of nutrition;
  • daily skin care, nutrition and hydration, especially after a stable remission;
  • avoiding stressful situations and nervous tension;
  • walks in the fresh air;
  • the drinking regime, which consists of clean water in small portions throughout the day.

External treatment

Мокнущий лишай: новые и эффективные средства для лечения болезниWith weeping areas to prevent infection, definitely need the special treatment of wounds.

For this purpose, special solutions: potassium permanganate, boric acid, or at least soda. After the wound a little longer, apply hormonal ointments based on corticosteroids.

They well reduce inflammation and promote rapid healing. But when using them be aware of the side effects, so these drugs should be administered only by a dermatologist.

More recently, new tools referred to as topical calcineurin inhibitors.

They were developed for the treatment of weeping dermatitis and it has already proven its effectiveness. The medication there are so many «side effects» and is worse cope with hormonal creams itching, a lot speeding up the process of renewal of the skin.

For moist lichen, caused by the fungal micro-flora, respectively, are used antifungal external means and tablets for oral administration.

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Мокнущий лишай: новые и эффективные средства для лечения болезниDespite the seemingly simple treatment, this disease is dangerous complications. The latter can be characterized by repeated infection of the cracks and open wounds by Staphylococcus, forming purulent areas.

These lesions are common in the folds of the joints and the groin. You may also experience viral warts and molluscs.

In children, eczema patients, may slow down growth. This is due to the lack of steroids.

In case of advanced disease the patient may experience weakness in the body and deterioration of health, and the skin gets bad.

Erythroderma is the most dangerous complication when the crusts and sores covered the whole body. In this situation, you need treatment in hospital under the supervision of physicians.


Мокнущий лишай: новые и эффективные средства для лечения болезниOverall health is extremely important when weeping shingles. We all know the role of the protective functions of the body and the epidermis in General.

When there is a serious skin lesions for the maintenance and restoration of the immune system need to take immediately:

  • healthy good nutrition – to adjust the menu so that the combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates was close to perfect;
  • bad habits – to give up Smoking and alcohol;
  • sleep at least eight hours per night;
  • walk at least one hour a day;
  • the sun – within reasonable limits, morning and evening;
  • hygiene to only use natural cleaners and avoid excessive sweating;
  • water – as we have already mentioned, the treatment of drinking clean water is very important for the condition of skin;
  • stress – to prevent the effects of stress and depression.
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Offer to your attention an interesting video where the immunologist-the allergist gives tips to strengthen the immune system:

Still in therapy from weeping depriving notice your clothes: it should be always clean, while washing it is desirable to use natural powders, marked «for kids».

Same goes for bed linen. As clothing and bed have to be sewn from natural fabrics, washed and ironed iron.

So you will be able to maximally protect open wounds and moist areas of infection with bacteria and will reduce the risk of complications to a minimum.

As a conclusion, we once again focus our attention on the difficulties and dangers of this disease which must be treated only under the supervision of the attending physician, following all of the recommendations described above. Take care of yourself!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)