What are the cures for warts are safe and effective?

Какие лекарства от кондилом являются эффективными и безопасными?Welcome dear readers to our information resources. We will consider what to do in cases of human papillomavirus.

But in the beginning of this article I want to recommend you a book which outlines the full course of treatment growths. By following them you can get rid of the disease for 2-3 months method of cleaning the body, improve the immune system and using traditional methods of treatment. Details here.

The disease manifests itself in the form of growths in intimate areas, and other areas of the body. Genital warts are flesh-colored, they can join together, resembling in appearance the surface of a cauliflower.

Infection may long remain on the surface, which can lead to the spread of the disease on the body or infect others.

Usually know the time and place of infection is not possible, since the disease is viral type has a very long incubation period.

First, it takes approximately 3 or 5 months before you discover education. Respectively, to know what was its cause is very difficult.

The virus can be healing medicine for warts, but it is impossible to get rid of it completely. With the help of various drugs can remove the growths and reduce the area affected by the disease.

However, getting rid of visible tumors may leave a scar on the skin upon exposure to different agents.

In this connection it is necessary to consult a doctor for effective and safe treatment.

Какие лекарства от кондилом являются эффективными и безопасными?Proper diagnosis by the specialist, will help you choose appropriate medicine against cancer and disease inside the body.

Because genital warts are a result of infection by different types of virus, the exposure they need to make relevant preparations that will help you find a specialist after the diagnosis.

Subsequent elimination of tumors also requires accuracy and the proper use of drugs.

In the application of means to remove growths, it is important not to damage either the papilloma or the surface of the skin around.

Remote education after a certain period of time may occur again, leading to permanent disease control and observance of simple rules to strengthen the immune system and personal hygiene.

The treatment of the disease

Какие лекарства от кондилом являются эффективными и безопасными?There are a number of solutions and medical effects of the disease. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Even with timely treatment of the virus infection remains inside while continuing to provide the risk of further transmission of the virus. Thus, remaining in the body of the particles can be a cause of relapse by 30%.

Methods of destruction used by specialists, include surgical excision, cryotherapy using freezing, laser treatment, electrocoagulation, and radiosurgical removal.

At home is the treatment of the following medications: Imiquimod, the gel or lotion Podofilox, Condylox, Sinecatechin.

Also used trichloroacetic acid in cases of wet sites.

When you use the tools, read the instructions carefully for application. Funds Imiquimod and Podofilox are considered to be highly effective, but they can’t be used during pregnancy.

Какие лекарства от кондилом являются эффективными и безопасными?When referring to the professionals remember that you can treat those areas to which you have access, as well as to remove the growths.

Physicians often use trichloroacetic acid or belorusskoy acid, podophyllin resin, interferon, fluorouracil.

The use of trichloroacetic acid or Belorusskoi acid is considered safe and is used during pregnancy.

Other treatment drugs include: Podophyllotoxin, Imiquimod, Solkoderm – a mixture of acids.

For the treatment of immune system patients are offered also Interferon-2α, which is quite painful. Other immune drugs: Poludan, Immunal, Amiksin, Immunomax, Tsikloferon, Polioksidony.

What to do during therapy?

Какие лекарства от кондилом являются эффективными и безопасными?In the treatment of formations should avoid sexual contact involving the patient area.

Tumors undergo biopsy in order to obtain information about a precancerous or cancerous condition.

Cases of re-emergence of formations is very possible and 30 per cent. The HPV virus remains in body cells may be damaged in cases of sexual relations.

To have control over the disease it is necessary to apply measures against it, namely to prevent the decline of the immune system through healthy lifestyle and nutrition. In addition there is a separate course of treatment.

The long established people’s experience not only offers a variety of medicinal herbs, but also oils, lotions, and more. We also recommend you to read about them in this article.

However, be careful in the choice of means and procedures for their use, not to make the results worse.

Wish you happiness and health!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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