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Каковы симптомы ветрянки у грудничков и как правильно лечить болезнь у малышей? - КожаТела.РУ - здоровая кожа!Hello regular readers and visitors who have come to us for the first time! Parents of infants often worry that their child will catch chickenpox. And rightly so, since chicken pox in infants can be very dangerous and fraught with various complications.

Want to learn how to protect your baby from the complications of chickenpox, and how to alleviate his condition during the period of illness? The answers to these questions, you will learn after reading the article. Happy reading!

What is chicken pox and why it is better to recover at an early age?

Chicken pox — an infectious viral disease, which is accompanied by itchy watery rash. To answer the question: why this disease is consider to be child, need to know how to tolerate her child’s body.

Каковы симптомы ветрянки у грудничков и как правильно лечить болезнь у малышей? - КожаТела.РУ - здоровая кожа!In children the viral disease is faster and easier than adults. However, if the child has a weakened immune system or he is fed artificial mixtures, the chicken pox it can be dangerous as it can develop into a severe form.

Chickenpox is contagious a couple of days before and 5 days after the rash appears. Watery pimples much itch quickly spread throughout the body, cause discomfort. For the baby to endure such difficult, so the period of the disease, it needs care and attention.

The pimples within a couple days to ripen and covered with crusts, which are then disappear without a trace. It is important not to peel them!

The symptoms of viral disease in infants

How to understand what your baby is sick? The first symptom of smallpox is a reddening of the skin and the formation of a nodule to 1 cm in diameter In the place of these swellings later produce watery Valderice. Chickenpox in infants has a sharp and pronounced symptoms are:

  • the increase in body temperature up to 38 and sometimes 40 degrees;
  • weakness, lethargy, restlessness;
  • refusal of food, gastric upset (diarrhea);
  • the appearance on the skin characteristic rash — small blisters with clear fluid inside.
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Каковы симптомы ветрянки у грудничков и как правильно лечить болезнь у малышей? - КожаТела.РУ - здоровая кожа!Now you know how to manifest a viral disease in infants. But this is not enough. The sooner you begin to treat watery rash, the faster you will pass the disease and the easier it will take the kid.

But where do we find this rash? Valderice at the windmill in breastfed babies need to look first on the following body areas:

  • fleecy part of the head (in mild pimples can appear only here);
  • the oral cavity (the disease spreads not only on the skin, but on mucous membranes);
  • the person (here the most tender and sensitive skin);
  • genitals.

The rash will appear in waves — 2-3 times. These «waves» are accompanied by fever and other symptoms listed earlier. Here is the answer to the question: how does chicken pox in breastfed babies. It always happens quickly and dramatically.

Mild form of treatment, especially symptoms

In children aged three to six months there is often a mild viral illness. While the rash may appear only once and in small quantities. In this case, temperature will not. Threat of such a windmill for baby?

Каковы симптомы ветрянки у грудничков и как правильно лечить болезнь у малышей? - КожаТела.РУ - здоровая кожа!Rather unpleasant than dangerous, as severe itching irritating because of what the baby is constantly fussy. Unnecessary easy to be afraid of smallpox, because after recovery, the baby will form a resistant life protection — immune to the virus.

The treatment of the disease in this case can only be symptomatic. Pimples smeared with antiseptic, for example, green paint. While carefully monitoring the appearance of new lesions.

Sooner or later, the pimples will cease to appear. From that moment begins a rapid recovery.

To reduce itching pimples can be lubricated with Fenistilom. This gel can obscure the entire surface of the sensitive skin of babies. Processing is spot using cotton buds.

In the period of the appearance of the rash on the baby is better to wear clothes with sleeves-socks, not allowing it to itch.

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Severe form — can it be in infants and why?

Каковы симптомы ветрянки у грудничков и как правильно лечить болезнь у малышей? - КожаТела.РУ - здоровая кожа!In this disease the rash appears more aggressive and in greater numbers. The temperature rises sharply to 40 degrees. The baby began to strongly show this: crying, refuses to eat, becomes restless and irritable.

If the babies suffer severe chicken pox? Unfortunately, babies can get sick if there is immunity that is passed from mother’s milk.

Therefore, if the mother had chicken pox at the time, and it has the ability to breastfeed, it is better to do it.

How to treat this chicken pox? If the condition of the baby becomes critical, the doctor will strongly recommend hospitalization. To refuse in this case, it is not worth it. Treatment is symptomatic, however, complex and specific. It should be under strict medical supervision.

What about chickenpox in infants says Komarovsky, a well — known pediatrician?

Каковы симптомы ветрянки у грудничков и как правильно лечить болезнь у малышей? - КожаТела.РУ - здоровая кожа!This famous Ukrainian pediatrician popular. Transmission Komorowski love watching new parents. His advice is frequently discussed on medical forums and websites for young mothers.

Komorowski believes that watery pimples in babies shown in the photo, process the green paint is not worth it. According to him, such «art» is superfluous. The crust on the blisters are formed.

The doctor says that parents have a responsibility to try in every way to alleviate the condition of the baby caused by the discomfort and itching. This must be done not with medication, but with care and attention. Distract the baby with toys and entertainment.

That’s advice regarding the treatment of varicella in children-infants. Remember that the disease have had a better childhood, so don’t be afraid of it and does not protect their child from the outside world. Strong immunity to the virus produced in the course of the disease, is thought to protect from recurrence of life.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)