What do I do about herpes on your forehead?

Dear friends, Hello! Jumped a herpes in an unusual place? What does it mean? How could this happen and what to do now?

Read carefully because in this article you’ll find the answers to all the questions about the causes and treatment of such infections.

My personal experience

Что мне делать с герпесом на лбу?The rash on my forehead came to me one day, when I was in school. The symptoms were standard, I will talk about them later, but only with a strange complication, on the face appeared swollen.

My mom went to the hospital and passed all the necessary tests. It turned out that I have type 1 herpes viruses, but the doctor said to provoke a rash on the face may other types of illness, so I’m still relatively lucky.

We were treated approximately 2 weeks, used various medications prescribed by a physician. The dermatologist in our clinic is not there, so I had to go to the therapist, and what you can do, if necessary.

Since then, the infection never came back, thankfully! Nor will, I think, because now I know everything about her and can control her.

At the present time I often see people with similar symptoms at work. Want to know what treatment I administered to them, and why do I get herpes in such a strange place? Let’s see.

Reasons: why and what triggers the infection?

The reasons can be several, on the face of the settle various types of herpes viruses, for example:

  • The first type, it causes a sore on the lips.

On the forehead, you can move it yourself if careless to contact with the rash on lips. The contents of the pimples are very contagious and wherever it falls, there will definitely be a new rash, should the virus penetrate the skin.

Что мне делать с герпесом на лбу?To penetrate him with the necessary pass – any rank, including stripped teenage pimple or a trivial scratch.

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And to deliver viruses to your forehead can around with obvious signs of disease that will follow you kissing or hugging.

The infection is transmitted through all bodily fluids-even through saliva. Most likely, in my case it happened that way – my mother accidentally infected when he measured the temperature of people’s way (lips).

Such cases are not uncommon, very often herpes in a child due to the parents and relatives. Of course, they have nothing bad to do not want to infect not on purpose, it just happens.

  • The second type is genital infection.

May occur on the forehead of the newborn, if he be infected from the mother during passage through the birth canal. And it is transmitted during sexual contact, it is therefore considered an STD.

  • The third type, he’s a pox.

Looks like chickenpox, we all know from childhood, but that she can give relapses, they do not know everything. Relapse is called shingles and resembles the usual form of the disease, however, more extensive and problematic.

Usually, a relapse occurs in the elderly or in adults after a sharp weakening of immunity. It is accompanied by neuralgia – severe pain nerve located in the facial area (trigeminal often).

To determine what disease you have, may be an ELISA, which detects antibodies to the virus in the blood. To turn it in, go to the physician or to the dermatologist with the symptoms and ask for a referral.

With causes understood, and now let’s move on to symptoms. Herpes rashes may be confused with some other, for example, of allergic, if you don’t know what she looks like. Why do you need to worry once again in vain? So be sure to examine the symptoms.

The main signs of infection

If herpes is a standard, pirotipii, then the signs will be – first, the affected area itches, bothering discomfort, blushing. After a couple of days there are small blisters, arranged in a pile.

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You may receive a complication, as I have, namely edema. Mainly swollen eyes and frontal region. This increases the temperature, there is weakness and fever.

If the infection is genital, especially in the newborn, there may be more serious complications.

Что мне делать с герпесом на лбу?Its basic symptoms are the same as the previous one, but the complications without treatment can even lead to loss of vision! Therefore, treatment must!

At relapse of chicken pox the rash is a band, often on the cheeks, so that there is the trigeminal nerve, which prefers to settle the virus.

The rash may capture a portion of the forehead, but only one side and temple. Additional symptoms are frequent headaches, fatigue and fever, intoxication.

Itself rash is treated quickly enough, but the neuralgia remains for a long time. Some of my patients have it even a year after treatment, and it’s hard to do something.

Look closely at photos of different types of herpes. Remember, how they look, and if you have something like that, then immediately go to the doctor! The doctor will prescribe you the treatment and what it will be, read below.

How is the treatment of symptoms and complications

I have to say, this infection is not cured completely. It forever remains in the body and can give the recurrence on which you want the weakening of the immune system.

If you follow their immune system, then re sore will not appear.

How to treat the first outbreak? This requires antiviral drugs. Adults are appointed often pills:

  • Acyclovir – one five times a day. Treatment is 5-7 days.
  • Famciclovir is 500 mg twice a day. The duration of treatment is the same.
  • Valacyclovir 1 g orally twice a day for seven days.
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    Children under 12 years and pregnant women these drugs can not be taken because of high toxicity and high probability of side effects.

    If shingles are additionally appointed corticosteroids short courses, as well as painkillers and anti-inflammatory for the treatment of neuralgia, for example, Ibuprofen.

    Common symptoms, namely high fever, you can take Paracetamol.

    Treatment of children and pregnant women, as a rule, carried out by the local drugs, ointments and creams. They help to stop the propagation of viruses as well as relieve swelling of eyes, itching, burning and other symptoms sores.

    What outer medicines can cause a rash? Often used these:

    • all forms antiviral for external use – Zovirax, Panavir, etc.;
    • ointment based on zinc, hydroxytoluene or l-lysine for healing of the wound;
    • alcoholic solutions of antiseptics to disinfect the wound.

    All local preparations are applied only with a cotton stick or disc. Touching the rash with your hands in any case can not be! The crust, which appears in the healing process, is also impossible to rip off!

    It will disappear independently, but if you do it will be removed, at the site of wounds will form scars, and scars.

    Now you know what kind of disease is that herpes on his forehead! I hope I answered all your questions.

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    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)