What happens if you brush the spots from the chicken pox?

Dear readers, welcome to the site of the skin. We all know that vetryanye pimples combing is impossible. But stuff happens, especially in children, which is very difficult to explain it. What to do if the child is still their travmirovat? And is it really that serious.

What can cause the injury of pimples?

Что будет, если расчесать прыщики от ветрянки?To realize the seriousness of the situation, I want to tell you about what happens if you injure walderich. First, it won’t be pleasant, but rather painful. The skin on the place Valderice is inflamed.

Sometimes it hurts even to touch. But why so itchy? Itching is a mandatory symptom of chickenpox that appears due to the fact that there is an inflammation of the skin.

Itching enhanced if an additional joins the infection is bacterial in nature.

Secondly, if you comb the zit with dirty hands, then it will surely get harmful germs and bacteria. Therefore, after this happens, as mentioned above.

Thirdly, the injured, the defect will not be able to develop normally. When the pimple Matures, it bursts, and then in its place formed a dense crust. It protects the wound from infections. Under it appears and grows younger epidermis.

Что будет, если расчесать прыщики от ветрянки?Having olderic prematurely, we don’t give him the right to develop, causing the healing process becomes longer. The location of the defect, the crust will be a long time to appear or not appear.

In this case, instead of the normal tissue will increase the scar. Therefore, you may receive a scar.

Fourth, in the course of combing is released and spread in the skin, the contents of the blisters. It is also contagious, so after this post infections can happen a new wave of rash. Simply put, injuring one pimple, you can get ten.

It is especially dangerous to tear the blisters on the face. The skin of the face is restored long enough. That is why on the face often appear the scars from even the most banal incorrectly squeezed pimples. If you want the child’s face was left clean, don’t let him touch or squeeze pimples.

What to do if everything has already happened and a pimple hurt?

The main thing in this situation is not to panic and not to abuse the child. Just need to explain to him that you can’t do that. If you punish him, you can provoke a nervous breakdown that will negatively affect his condition.

Combed chickenpox with proper care will be consequences and will not create problems. Want to learn how to properly care for traumatized Valderice? Then read the manual:

  • First need to treat the «wound» with green paint. This antiseptic disinfect (kill bacteria) and dried. Dried the wound will heal faster and heal.
  • Then you need to anoint the wound healing ointment or cream. Perfect Agent, which is written in detail in one of the articles on this site. To treat injured olderic need regularly several times a day until complete healing. This treatment will help to speed up the healing process and prevent the appearance of the scar.
  • That problem didn’t bother, better to tie it on time with bandage. Under the bandage can be applied a wound-healing and disinfecting product. Such compression is to work longer if between a bandage and a drug to put plastic wrap.
  • In the future, need to carefully monitor the child and prevent his attempts to comb vetryanye Valderice.
  • Can I swim if the pimples hurt?

    Что будет, если расчесать прыщики от ветрянки?If the rash is badly damaged, taking water therapy to her healing is not recommended. When it starts to drag, it is possible to bathe the child, but at the bathing water it is necessary to add potassium permanganate.

    It will decontaminate the water and disinfects the wound. For a full bath, it takes 5-7 small crystals. Use shampoo, soap or shower gel while bathing the patient impossible.

    What if combed the place swollen?

    If you see a tumor, as in the photo, then you need to consult a doctor. Perhaps in the wound, this place has crept the infection. If so, then soon it will begin to accumulate pus. Importantly, in this situation, the smallpox did not develop in bullous (purulent) form. To prevent such complications you need to:

    • regularly to treat pimples with green paint;
    • further treated with antibacterial drugs;
    • to observe hygiene, wash your hands often;
    • to prevent new injuries.

    To relieve swelling in the home will help these funds:

  • Baking soda (teaspoon in a glass of water). The resulting solution can be simply wiped with a swollen place or make compress. The solution will reduce inflammation, swelling and disinfect and accelerate the healing of wounds.
  • It combed the place you can attach a piece of ice. Keep it should not be long, as inflamed skin will be supercooled. Ice is a short term treatment that only temporarily remove the symptoms of inflammation.
  • Injured and opahle rash can be cleaned with a tincture of calendula. This drug is sold in pharmacies and has a wide range of indications for use. Tincture may be a little pinch when applied.
  • To raised, tender place should make the cut aloe leaf. This plant will quickly reduce the swelling and relieve itching.
  • Due to the inflammation provoked by injury to pimple, the rest of the rash will start to itch stronger. What to do in this situation? To eliminate itching will help such drugs as Suprastin or Fenistil (gel).

    With proper care of damaged olderic will be consequences and relatively quickly. So do not neglect the advice from this article. By the way, read you can share with your friends. Subscribing to updates, you will receive notifications about new articles on the website. All the best to you!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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