What happens if you rip a wart on the skin?

Что будет, если оторвать бородавку на коже?Hello, dear guests of our website. They say that the warts appear when you hold a toad. We doubt that those people who are faced with this disease, actually touched this creature.

In today’s article we want to talk about the reasons for the appearance of these unpleasant skin formations, and about whether it is possible to tear the wart and what are the consequences of such actions. You think it’s impossible? Unfortunately, such cases the masses and not everyone knows what to do in such a situation.

In fact, the wart can be easily hurt. That your skin growth something happened, say a drop of blood at the place of its localization.

Most often a nuisance injury condyloma occurs on those areas of the body that are exposed to mechanical stress, namely the feet, hands, perineal area and inner thighs. Rip off the wart you can accidentally or in the process of shaving.

What can happen in the case of the Stripping of build-up?

Что будет, если оторвать бородавку на коже?So, if you injured a wart or tried to get rid of it by peeling or cutting, be prepared that she will recover and will increase a lot in size.

What will happen if you tear off a wart? Well, first of all- it hurts. If an adult something can fail, then when such a problem, the child can happen hysteria, not only the baby but also the parents.

At the site of damage often develops inflammation. To recognize this pathology you can, as this wart or former place of its localization is black and scratched.

When contacting the clinic with this diagnosis many patients complain:

  • pus;
  • bleeding;
  • burning;
  • the unpleasant smell.
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If you notice that the warts turn black initially, and then began to thicken and expand run to the doctor!

It can speak about its degeneration into malignancy. Also this is evidenced by the appearance on its surface of different inclusions.

How to give the man first aid?

Что будет, если оторвать бородавку на коже?First: don’t panic. While nothing terrible happened. If you follow the recommendations, then all will end happily for the victim.

So, as a place of anguish bleeds, first, you need to stop the bleeding. This will require cotton or normal wool.

Then the wound should be treated with hydrogen peroxide to avoid contact with germs, and then apply a sterile dressing.

While the wound is fresh, try to take her to the doctor. It will examine the damaged area of the body and, if necessary, and remove necrotic tissue.

Important! If you can’t stop the bleeding, then you need to consult a dermatologist. In the clinical setting, it will completely remove the wart and prevent the infection of healthy skin.

What to do if you relapse?

Came off a wart…what will happen then? Often localization ripoffs warts grows a new one.

This is due to the fact that the site had left the roots from the previous education. To completely get rid of the problem, wait until the wound is completely healed, as all the medication is very caustic and not recommended to apply them on the wound surface.

So, the wound healed. Now you can go to the pharmacy for the following medications:

  • Kolomak;
  • Superchatel;
  • Cheap.
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Что будет, если оторвать бородавку на коже?Apply these funds to the affected area. Remember, these medications should not touch the healthy skin as it may burn or allergic reactions.

It would be ideal if everything else you will find Kalanchoe. This miracle plant that helps, in the words of our grandmothers, from all diseases.

So, apply to the former wart cut sheet of Kalanchoe, or garlic cloves. Do not forget to fix all bandage or band-aid.

A few weeks later the roots of the warts should disappear. Again, if this did not happen the way you one in the hospital.

Is it possible to remove the wart yourself?

Что будет, если оторвать бородавку на коже?You can delete, but not by the method of Stripping. For this, most people are turning to medical institutions, where to get rid of skin formations will help experienced doctors with liquid nitrogen, laser, radio waves, or surgical excision.

So in fact there is a method as excision, you ask? Yes, there is, but to carry out this procedure should only specialist.

At home it is strictly forbidden to tear the wart. Well, unless you want to earn a cancer.

By the way, after clinical manipulation you will not have a scar or cicatrix, but only a clean and smooth skin.

If you are afraid to go to the clinic, the pharmacy has special tools that allow you to quickly and effectively get rid of the growths.

But you still no one will give a 100 percent guarantee that you will avoid re-emergence of condylomas, as its roots is quite difficult to remove.

What are the possible consequences of the Stripping warts?

Что будет, если оторвать бородавку на коже?Self-removal of the build-up damages the skin. As mentioned above, this process is accompanied by profuse bleeding.

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Unexpectedly for you, the wound may be too large, so that it will be a long time to heal. Later, you will have a great big ugly scar, which will get quite difficult.

Due to the ingress of blood to the healthy tissue may be new growths, as the blood spread the virus.

An open bleeding wound, which appeared on the former site of the warts already, will attract disease organisms.

It is often associated with lowered immunity, which became the cause of growth. As a result, may develop an inflammatory process.

Moreover, there may be purulent discharge, which will greatly slow down the healing process. Also, all these problems can contribute to the penetration into the body more serious infection, causing the will marvel at the internal organs.

Thus, if you, God forbid, tore off a wart, follow all of the advice and then the above problems will pass you. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)