What if the wart is bleeding?

Welcome all the guests of our site! Communicating with my patients, I found that most of them have no idea what to do if the wart starts bleeding.

But this complication happens pretty often, therefore, the rules of first aid everyone should know.

What warts appear on the body and what is their danger?

Что делать, если бородавка кровоточит?Warts are benign growths on the skin that can affect all parts of the body. Most often warty growths appear on the hand, the foot, the neck. In these places the skin is most susceptible to external factors, causing the growth and complications of warts.

The main cause of this dermatological disease is papillomatous virus (HPV). Scientists microbiologists allocate about 80 strains of this microorganism, among which are oncogenic types.

Papilloma, condylomas, flat and common warts – these growths are the result of the impact of HPV on the human body.

After penetration of the virus into the patient, the disease for a long time can occur without clinically significant symptoms.

But this does not mean that the virus has no effect on the patient’s body, it multiplies inside and waits for favorable conditions. Such conditions can be:

  • frequent colds;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • hormonal imbalance.

In most clinical cases, warts are benign tumors, which does not affect the quality and length of life of the patient.

But improper care of damaged skin and frequent injury, growths can increase in size to degenerate into malignant lesions and to break the life and activity of the patient. In such cases it may bleed a wart.

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What to do if the wart starts bleeding?

Что делать, если бородавка кровоточит?Every patient, who personally experienced the warts on the body, it wants to know what to do and how to remove these tumors.

In addition to the cosmetic defect, a wart that bleeds, is the cause of the panic and fear of the patient. Just want to say that it is not necessary to believe people’s «horror stories» that will drain blood and die, but the basics of first aid everyone should know.

After the removal of the warty growth at home by yourself or by mechanical action on the body of the tumor, on its surface may appear a drop of blood. The first thing to do is to calm down, then remember where the house has antiseptic preparations and carry out the treatment of the wound.

Is it possible to burn warts with iodine you ask, Yes you can, but it is best to treat the wound with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide which is an antiseptic and hemostatic drug.

Что делать, если бородавка кровоточит?You can then cauterize a solution of brilliant green or iodine and to stick with bactericidal plaster. If you stop the bleeding yourself at home does not work, you need to seek help at the hospital.

With constant rubbing against clothing warts themselves can come off. In this case, open wound, bleeding long.

To avoid complications, it is necessary to wash the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and apply aseptic bandage.

A visit to the doctor in this situation should not be delayed for a long time for treatment of fresh wounds of a qualified physician is the key to a quick recovery. In case of accidental separation of the warts in the wound can remain necrotic tissue that must be removed.

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In the absence of timely medical aid, the affected wart can be complicated, evidenced by:

  • unpleasant smell from the wound;
  • darkening of the skin;
  • burning and soreness;
  • allocation of droplets of blood or pus.

These changes should alert the patient. The increase in size and darkening of tissue growth are the first symptoms of degeneration of the benign tumor into a malignant (see photo).

Prevention warty growths

Что делать, если бородавка кровоточит?After healing of the tissues at the site of injury, most patients are faced with the re-emergence of new elements.

Why is there a relapse? First, because the skin remained the roots of warts, which are the foci of recurrence of the growths.

That is why, warts, localized on finger or toe forehead or on the nose, on the neck and in the groin, it is necessary at an early stage to remove in a medical hospital.

Secondly, after removal of the growth, the disease does not disappear, because, as we know, the cause of the disease – the virus that still remain in the body of the patient.

Without effective antiviral and immunomodulatory treatment, can not do. Third, the way of life of the patient and his personal hygiene are of great importance.

The human papilloma virus in most clinical cases, enters the body of the patient by contact-household, so personal hygiene is the key to a healthy and clean skin.

To maintain immunity, you need to eat right, eat as many seasonal vegetables and fruits, to do as much sports and to harden. All these procedures are conducted in complex, produced a pronounced therapeutic effect.

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We hope that our tips will help you maintain your health and cleanliness of the skin.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)