What is acrodermatitis and how to treat it?

Что такое акродерматит и как его лечить?Hello! Dear readers, today we will talk on the topic acrodermatitis. This is one of those diseases about which little is known, and therapy with reliable efficiency not yet matched. However, the problem is found and leaves for patients, and for doctors a lot of questions.

About the disease and its origins

Acrodermatitis — inflammation of the skin of the extremities, usually the fingers and toes. It occurs both in men and women.

Experts attribute the disease to infectious disease, other systemic connective tissue diseases.

The exact cause remains unknown. Due to ignorance of the etiology of the accuracy and efficiency of treatment is low.

Possible trigger factors:

  • The defeat of the spinal cord and brain;
  • Chronic infectious processes;
  • For a long time they had cooling;
  • Endocrinopathy.
  • Clinical manifestations

    As the name suggests, the lesions often occur on the hands and feet (distal parts), rarely moving to other areas of the body. Doctors in the course of the disease distinguish three stages:

  • Что такое акродерматит и как его лечить?The first stage is characterized by bright red spots, in addition, there may be pockets of brick, purple and lilac colors. Next, the spots disappear, leaving the seal and swelling. These areas of the skin increase in size, gaining a ribbon-like shape. The skin at this time on the pockets is also changing: a tight, tense, swollen, and covered with shiny scales. So the patient can walk quite long time without any progress and regress. This completes the initial stage of atrophic chronic dermatitis;
  • Что такое акродерматит и как его лечить?In the second stage, visible actually the process of atrophy. It develops on the sites of former redness. This happens over a long period of time, the skin loses its elasticity, grabnet, thinner, visible to multiple vessels. If you gather up a fold of skin to test the elasticity, it very slowly extends, moreover, pigment spots appear. The appearance of the skin at sites of inflammation is very reminiscent of crumpled papyrus paper (photo);
  • Что такое акродерматит и как его лечить?The third stage of the disease — healing lesions. The hair in these places to fall, there are pockets with high or low deposition of the pigment melanin. Sometimes you see abnormal thickening of the skin type of scleroderma, but the centers for dermatitis always have signs of inflammation and bleeding in the touch. The danger lies in the formation of hard-to-heal ulcers. At this stage, some patients it is possible to notice the formation of subcutaneous nodes near the joints, consisting of connective tissue agroforests.
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    Forms of the disease

  • Dermatitis pustular, Gallopo. Inflammation begins on the skin around the nails, spreading to the hand and forearm. On the background of erythema visible pustules of the nail plate becomes dull and thick;
  • Chronic atrophic dermatitis is more common in adults. Changed the skin back of the hands and feet, as well as possible inflammation of the skin of the elbow and ankle joints. Symmetry is rare. The outward signs described above;
  • Enteropeptidase acrodermatitis. Occurs in children at an early age. Around the mouth, anus, limbs arise vesicles and bullous elements. The disease is accompanied by blepharitis, hair loss, diarrhea, exhaustion and growth retardation;
  • The children found another form of inflammation of the skin. Papular dermatitis syndrome author Jonathan-Crosti. On the body appears monomorphic rash, it may be papular or papules, vesicular. Localization: the face, the limbs and the skin of the buttocks. The dimensions of the elements from 1 to 5mm., some of them dense, shaped like a dome. For the period of seven days the rash may spread over large areas of the body, forming plaques of red, pink, Nude, or purple. The rash resolved within 2 to 8 weeks. The doctor may notice signs of infection: enlarged liver and spleen, pharyngitis, ulcers of the mouth.
  • Treatments

    Что такое акродерматит и как его лечить?Treatment remains difficult, since not identified the main cause of the disease.

    General principles:

  • Antibacterials broad spectrum. For example, penicillin in a dose of from 10 to 15 million Units.;
  • Vitamin E. the dose of half a teaspoon three times a day. Welcome multivitamins;
  • The physician can be prescribed corticosteroids;
  • Baths radon and hydrogen sulfide;
  • Local treatment: the pustules open and lubricate any aniline dye (methylene blue and brilliant green). To prevent secondary infection can be divided trays with potassium permanganate;
  • When peeling prescribed emollient ointment and cream based on corticosteroids. Often apply ointment on the basis of naphthalene and the product that remains after refining.
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    Prognosis in most cases favorable, in addition to forms of child enteropathica dermatitis when can even be fatal.

    The patients themselves have to carefully monitor the condition of the skin, to avoid hypothermia, infections and injuries.

    All such patients are on the account at the dermatologist’s place of residence. Up to new meetings!