What is condylomata: symptoms, how transmitted?

Что такое кондиломатоз: симптомы, как передается?Welcome to our website. In this article, we will discuss with you what is condylomata, and, most importantly, how is this insidious and serious disease.

Beyond the usual venereal diseases venereology science considers other nosological units.

These are the diseases that are transmitted sexually, their role in the pathology of the reproductive and urinary system remains one of the most significant.

Condylomatous’s ICD refers to the section of diseases that are caused by chlamydia and other pathogens (viruses).

The increased incidence peaked condylomatosis in recent years has become more progressive, so it is important not only for a differentiated approach to diagnosis and treatment but also compliance with prevention measures.

And while we have not yet begun to consider the topic in more depth, I first recommend reading the wonderful book «the Treatment of warts folk methods» that describes effective methods of getting rid of growths.

Epidemiological characteristics

Condylomatous what it is, and how dangerous the disease is? Is a viral disease that occurrence occurs more frequently than gonorrhea in both sexes 9 times.

Mainly affects the organs of the female reproductive system. Unfortunately, statistics on the prevalence of condylomata not conducted, so it’s hard to judge its true prevalence.

The highest frequency of viral condylomatosis is found in patients aged 20 to 25 who are promiscuous.


The causative agent is a virus from the group of papillomaviruses, but it’s different antigenic composition. Condylomatous, which is sexually transmitted, is a contagious disease, however, the onset of symptoms contribute to some factors:

  • Local irritants;
  • Sweating;
  • Heat;
  • Maceration of the skin;
  • Reduction in immunity factors.

Often co-morbidity, for example, the onset of symptoms in an existing gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. In this patient, there is a pronounced abnormal discharge from the urethra, rectum, vagina, cervix.

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It is believed that the disease mainly affects women during pregnancy, and those who ignore the rules of personal hygiene (when the male accumulates smegma, falls allocated on the skin around the female sex organs).

Features of the clinic

Condylomatous characterized localization in certain areas of the body:

  • Males: coronal sulcus of the penis, around the external opening of the urethra, in the anus, in the reward bag (inner side);
  • In women: on the skin and mucous membranes of small and large labia, vagina and clitoris, the skin of the perineum around the anus.
  • Anogenital form of condylomata is the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It relates to the defeat of the penis in males and the vestibular form of condylomata (growths of the vulva).

    Что такое кондиломатоз: симптомы, как передается?Papillomatosis of the vagina may resemble flat warts. This is one of the most dangerous forms, since the growths are located on the mucosa of the cervix and can cause the development of cancer.

    In addition, condylomatous find in obese individuals in the inguinal folds, in the armpits, under the Breasts, the navel.

    What is the incubation period for condylomatosis: this is the time from infection to the first signs. The average duration of the incubation period of 2 to 3 months.

    First on limited body areas appear bright pink isolated nodular growths. The shape is neither resemble the villi. With the proliferation of the outgrowths are grouped more by shape resembling petosi scallop, cauliflower.

    As a result, when delayed treatment of education can reach gigantic proportions, which bring a lot of inconvenience to the patient. This clinical picture occurs in pregnant women and patients with severe subcutaneous fat.

    Elements of condylomatosis eventually become bright red, cyanotic, appear on their surface erosion and maceration. Palpation occurs pain bleeding.

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    Between slices of papillomas accumulates serous or purulent exudate, it gets infected, together with the sweat produces an unpleasant smell.

    The most serious complication of condylomatosis is degeneration of the tumors into malignant. Known cases of transformation of warts warty cancer, especially in older people.

    Diagnostic criteria

    Condylomatous what is it? The diagnosis is normally straightforward if there is no secondary pathology.

    Что такое кондиломатоз: симптомы, как передается?

    But the doctor should qualitatively carry out differential diagnostics with diseases such as broad warts (vegetative syphilitic papules), vegetating pemphigus, spinocellular epithelioma.

    Syphilitic papules are broad based, their consistency is dense, elastic, and no structure of lobules. Basis for exclusion of the diagnosis of syphilitic papules is a lack of allocated in the secret of treponemes.

    Clinical management of the patients

    The goal of therapy is destruction of the formations. For this purpose both physical and chemical methods.

    The most effective is curettage of foci of viral forms of condylomatosis spoon Volkmann. After removal of the wound surface is treated with a 10% solution of silver nitrate. The solution can be replaced tincture of iodine or polutorapolnymi iron.

    There are sparing methods the excision of the growths under their base injections of adrenaline, and then with a scalpel or surgical scissors excised warts. If this is not observed bleeding. Such methods are used only in the case of a single small growths.

    Chemical methods

    Chemical removal is used in extensive lesions, the presence of conglomerates warts. The main preparation for this is podophyllin (10 or 20 % solution). It with a pipette applied to the surface of papillomas.

    To protect from burns to surrounding healthy tissue, they smeared a paste of lassara.

    Podophyllin is applied times in two days. A course of 3-4 treatments. If applying the medication is accompanied by severe irritation, wash it immediately. If the reaction is weak, then leave for the effectiveness of 1-6 hours.

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    What happens to the growths

    Under the influence of drugs warts become dense the next day. They gradually nekrotizirutee, and a day later they fall off.

    Not recommended the use of this drug in pregnant women because it is absorbed through the skin and harm the fetus. If the foci were eroded plots, their surface is smeared with a 0.5% ointment applied topically, solkoserilom.

    Other drugs

    Successfully used tebrofenovuyu ointment 5%. It is applied twice a day for 2 weeks. Then make a break for 5 days and repeat the course. For the full effect need 2 to 4 courses.

    Cheap applied continuously for 10 to 60 minutes on education. Time depends on the size of the warts. Repeat the procedure a week later when the scab disappears. The scab you can’t remove yourself, it can lead to exposure of the wound surface, infection and scarring.

    The lesions of genital form of condylomata removed by diathermocoagulation, electrocautery, cryotherapy, excision using surgical methods. Described cases of successful use of ultrasound.

    Most doctors believe that the most successful results are achieved with combined therapy for both physical and chemical methods.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)