What is the danger of cold sores: on lips, genital, herpes

Hello, my dear readers! Today I will talk about how dangerous cold sores on different parts of the body. Many of my friends have classic erisipela on the lips and some of it is not treated completely.

More to say, they believe that this disease is absolutely safe for humans. What do you think, dangerous? And I tell you, as a doctor, I would say that threat, and in some cases even deadly. How dangerous is herpes and what can you expect? After reading the article know.

The most common complications of the infection

If you have this problem, then you probably know that sometimes it escalates and gives relapses. It is not considered a complication, but not all relapses occur easily.

If the infection becomes severe, because it appears the different types of pathology, such as:

  • The weighting of symptoms, the disease is accompanied by a strong fever, intoxication, etc. the Rash covers a large area of the body and slower to heal. Patients with these symptoms often require hospitalization.
  • Neuroinfections – CNS. Such diseases progress faster in people with strong immune systems is not enough, infected with herpes virus. Without treatment, they are often the cause of death.
  • Generalized form – the spread sores all over the body. Let’s say you initially had pimples only on my lips, and after such complications they will spread to other areas, for example, on the whole face or even whole body.
  • Pregnancy complications – happen, regardless of age and duration can be different, often cause sudden miscarriages and congenital cerebral palsy.
  • Shingles is a very unpleasant form of chickenpox, but rather its recurrence. Usually develops in elderly persons or children with excessively weakened immune systems.
  • Posteriza neuralgia is a lingering symptom of herpes zoster, which is a severe pain at the location of the rash, which may take place years.
  • Each of us is likely to face such complications, regardless of age, but the most dangerous, they are mostly for children and infants under the age of 5 years.

    I have a friend whose child contracted the infection from her during natural childbirth. Want to know what she has faced in the future?

    How dangerous is herpes infection for our children?

    First, let’s look at neonatal type of infection – when infection occurs during pregnancy inside the uterine cavity.

    Most often in children in utero develops a simple type of infection provoked by the first or the second (genital) herpes virus.

    Infection of a child can occur in various circumstances, for example:

    • if a pregnant woman gets infected;
    • if a pregnant relapse will occur.

    Intrauterine infection is diagnosed in 5-10% of patients of infants, others sick babies with neonatal infections occur during delivery. This is what happened in the case of my friend.

    Чем опасен герпес: на губах, генитальный, опоясывающийThe disease her baby has become generalized and could lead to serious pathologies of the CNS, but, fortunately, the child in time received medical treatment. What else could happen?

    Very often children with neonatal herpes disease develop failure in the Central nervous system, which is disturbed physical and mental development. Of all such children, approximately 4% die.

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    Often the cause of death: herpes meningoencephalitis and hydrocephalus – diseases affecting the brain. Even if the child manages to save, he still has a high probability to encounter similar problems in the future.

    Another congenital infection may affect the child’s visual system. Because of her in some infants there is a eye herpes that goes without treatment in atrophy of the optic nerve and can cause complete loss of vision.

    My friend in question was conducted above, infected toddler with genital herpes. It is easy to guess where he is by the sick person.

    It is this diagnosis of «sexual erisipela» is the most infected infants, as during delivery, the baby is in contact with the infected mucous membranes of the intimate female area.

    Complications from genital infection can be very diverse, for example, mental retardation and mental retardation, epilepsy, deafness.

    Almost all kids in the age 5-8 years occurs chickenpox. By the way, is also a kind of erisipela, which provokes a third of the herpes virus.

    Chickenpox usually runs smooth and is quick, but if the baby will have weakened immune system, the disease can develop into a complicated form and cause herpetic stomatitis.

    When the above specific stomatitis, a rash appears on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, and can also penetrate deeper and even internal organs. I hope you realize how dangerous it is. Complicated chickenpox develops severe signs such as:

    • increased to 41°Temperature;
    • the strongest intoxication with vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain;
    • sore throat;
    • cough and runny nose and also conjunctivitis.

    Have children at a later age (teenagers, for example) is herpes disease often is a cause of different types of trauma. The most common example of such violations – complexes.

    We will talk about them a little later, but for now let’s find out the answer to the question: if the above dangerous disease for expectant mothers?

    What is the danger of the disease to pregnant women?

    Recently while walking watched case – spoke two pregnant women, one of whom was an obvious cold sore.

    Чем опасен герпес: на губах, генитальный, опоясывающийAfter they parted with the classical kissing, I went to a healthy girl and asked: and you are sure that you have the immunity to infection?

    My companion rolled his eyes and said, I have never had anything like it, what I said to her, then you should know the potential danger of primary infection in your position.

    And you want to know if is herpes disease in pregnancy? If you want, then read.

    First, if the girl is in position to pick up the sore at this early stage, namely in the first 12 weeks, then it may happen miscarriage.

    Secondly, the disease for any period is fraught with a variety of congenital problems and deformities in the child.

    Thirdly, illness is a serious burden for the organism, so the process of development of the fetus slows down.

    The process of child development more affected by not the virus itself-provocateur, and the condition of the mother, namely fever, intoxication, etc.

    If you are faced with herpes disease before pregnancy, then try to avoid her for the whole period, rather than communicate with people who have visible signs of disease, and do not engage in promiscuous sex.

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    If erisipela will have both parents, for a child it is a good thing, but only if the pregnancy will not occur relapses.

    Чем опасен герпес: на губах, генитальный, опоясывающийExplain in simple language. If you have been exposed to the disease before pregnancy, then your body is already become immune to it.

    The herpes virus type is not excreted and remain in it for life, like immunity to them.

    That is why the infection escalates only intermittently and is not observed in person all the time. In the course of carrying a child immunity from the mother passed to him and will protect him from complications before birth.

    Complications in women pregnant and have babies (in utero) develop mainly after primary infection during pregnancy, and the body is not produced by immune cells, antibodies, able to protect the mother and child.

    The above infection is very dangerous not only for the girls in the state and infants.

    Often its complications facing people with immunodeficiency, e.g. HIV positive, cancer patients and even healthy people after heavy operations, for example, organ transplantation.

    Are you curious about what to expect of a person with too weak immunity, if it will become infected with herpes disease?

    The danger of herpes infection in immunodeficiency: what is it?

    I have several friends with HIV-positive status. They herpes on the lips is present almost constantly. Infection in a weakened body is constantly progressing and evolving, as it is with nothing held back.

    The usual herpes (pirotipii) is not the most dangerous variant. The most dangerous for people with immunodeficiency are:

    • cytomegalovirus;
    • the Epstein-Barr;
    • herpesvirus type 6.

    For example, the second provocateur cause diseases such as mononucleosis infectious nature limfoma Burkitt.

    Lymphoma is a malignant tumor, leading to death even a healthy person. A person with immunodeficiency it will develop much faster.

    Mononucleosis in a healthy person is asymptomatic, and individuals with immunodeficiency – hard and bright.

    Psychological problems due to the disease

    Even if you are lucky, you will not face the above complications, you can at any time get psychological trauma due to the sores.

    In high school I was friends with the girl, which often up the common cold on the lip. Because of this she was teased by classmates, and eventually she developed an inferiority complex.

    Чем опасен герпес: на губах, генитальный, опоясывающийShe hated her appearance, became sociophobe, tried not to interact with people at all.

    Now, when I see her, she did not even say Hello, despite the fact that we communicated well. Apparently, this complex continues to haunt her.

    Mental disorders due to appearance defects develop mainly in adolescence. This is because adolescents are very critical of their appearance.

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    Sometimes even stupid jokes are enough for the emergence of complex life. So if you have friends with herpes disease, treat them with understanding.

    How to protect yourself and your loved ones from complications of erisipela?

    First, make sure that you have herpes. To do this, pass the ELISA-analysis, which detects antibodies to infection in the blood. Every person, especially women, who are preparing for pregnancy, should know what hidden problems there are with him.

    Herpes is a disease that can years to be in the body secretly, and then to emerge at the most inconvenient time.

    If you have been exposed to a disease and do not want to face a recurrence, then the protect method of strengthening the immune system. Strengthen the system by all available means.

    Drink vitamin tablets or get them from healthy food, drink herbal infusions or other recipes of traditional medicine and in particularly dangerous periods, for example, in the winter, drink antiviral drugs based on interferon.

    Also try in time to treat seasonal colds and chronic illness, if you have them. Strong immune system is our main defense, can prevent complications, not only herpes, but any other diseases.

    Useful tips

    If you have not yet experienced infection (there are very few people, as the herpes spreading all known methods and is available to 90% of the population of our planet), then observe the following recommendations:

  • Watch your hygiene. Be especially careful in public places, namely in public restrooms, bathhouses, saunas, where you can come in contact with human body fluids (the virus is transmitted through such fluid).
  • Contact with people who have symptoms of the disease on the lips or on other parts of the body.
  • Don’t engage in indiscriminate sex with unfamiliar partners. Even condoms do not always provide reliable protection against STDs, including genital herpes disease.
  • If infected, then treated, be sure to go to the doctor (the therapist, the gynecologist, the urologist or the dermatologist) and try to avoid complications.
  • That’s all, my dear readers. Now you understand that erisipela can indeed be a threat? I hope you do, and from now on will be taken seriously.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)