What is the danger of warts and how to prevent complications?

Чем опасны бородавки и как предупредить возможные осложнения?Welcome you, dear guests of our website. Many people face various skin formations, in particular with an ugly wart.

However, not all know that such a seemingly harmless growths can be hazardous to health. Usually they deliver them to the owner only psychological discomfort and pass away by themselves.

But if the warts started to grow? If such changes or not? Possible complications of the disease? The answers to these questions you will find in today’s article.

What is a wart?

Чем опасны бородавки и как предупредить возможные осложнения?Warts are benign skin lesions that are caused by HPV. It is usually small nodules on the skin of different colors and shapes.

They can occur throughout the body and even mucous. There are times when there is a risk of degeneration of these tumors into malignant tumors.

These growths must be treated. Remember, prolonged exposure to your body of warts and their permanent injury, can lead to the development of cancer.

When it is necessary to sound the alarm:

  • If the warts changed in color and form;
  • When painful feelings in the place of its localization;
  • When the number of growths is constantly growing;
  • If the boundaries of education begins to blur (this is the most alarming symptom);
  • When the wart begins to bleed or itch.

Can warts be a sign that you have cancer?

Truth this statement is. Some types of skin lesions are actually pre-cancerous symptom of the disease. These include senile warts, keratomas, which appear in people in old age.

Most often, the appearance of the growths depends on the manifestations of viral infection, but nothing more. However, you need to be wary when they occur and start taking immunomodulating drugs for immune reconstitution and suppression of virus activity.

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What happens if you self-medicate?

Чем опасны бородавки и как предупредить возможные осложнения?How to treat warts, probably tell you a more Mature generation. In ancient times to combat this problem used only traditional methods.

Be warned, it is not necessary to self-medicate especially if the knots strike the delicate skin of children. It is in childhood noticed more frequent occurrence of warts, especially on the fingers.

This is due to the fragile immune system, permanent disease and communication with their peers in kindergartens and schools.

There are a lot of cases, when after this «unconventional» treatment on the body has left scars and burns. Also possible re-appearance of the nodules.

Before treatment it is necessary to consult a doctor who can diagnose the cause of the formation of growths. Also the doctor will prescribe you are not local, but a complex solution to your problem. Otherwise, the ugly of education will reappear on your body.

Warts on different parts of the body

Чем опасны бородавки и как предупредить возможные осложнения?How dangerous warts located on the hands of man? Such formations are more vulnerable to injury This is due to constant contact with different objects, water, etc.

Because of the damage they are bleeding, give pain. Moreover, the growths of this kind can through touch to spread throughout the body and be transmitted to others (when shaking hands, direct contact). In this case they need to treat or remove.

Often on the legs of people jump plantar warts. If such education? Growths on the foot are subjected to pressure.

They hurt, cause discomfort when walking and sometimes it would grow into the skin, forming the subcutaneous growths. This is their main danger.

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There are cases of nail warts when they appear under the nail plate. These subcutaneous growths are very difficult to treat.

If you remove them in the clinics, the doctor prescribed bed rest because the pain when walking is sometimes unbearable. To avoid this, wear comfortable shoes, follow the sweating and clean your feet.

There are also genital warts, that is located in intimate places. They are transmitted by sexual contact. The danger of such nodules is that if they are available to women of childbearing age, childbirth papillomavirus can be transmitted to the child.

In addition, you can infect your partner. It is from these tumors should be to get rid of.

If you have any growth on his head, it is also an occasion to carry out his treatment. You always comb, so often the nodules are located in the hair are torn off and injured.

As a result, they begin to grow, to spread blood all over the head and go to the body. If you have damaged the wart, it should be treated with peroxide and see a specialist.


Чем опасны бородавки и как предупредить возможные осложнения?So, you realize that the main danger of condyloma consists in their possible degeneration into a malignant tumor.

Moreover, they can spread throughout the body, if not in time to engage in their treatment.

To avoid this, strengthen your body, eat right, monitor your health and most importantly – do not self-medicate, otherwise, the consequences can be very sad.

Often not so are dangerous skin lesions, namely a wrong influence on them. Be healthy!

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)