What kind of doctor treats herpes?

Какой врач лечит герпес?Good day, my beloved readers! What kind of doctor treats herpes? Here, for example, he jumped up suddenly at some part of the body and what to do? Who to run?

Absolutely everyone for the first time confronted with herpes, may not answer these questions. And you can?

In our conventional hospitals, even simple infectious diseases is difficult to find a virologist do not see it. And who to turn to then? If you don’t know then read!

All depends on the situation

In our country, to this day, no individual specialist in herpes. Why, you ask? But because this disease is considered to be something of a norm.

Herpes infected almost the entire population of the planet, he begins to attack people in early childhood (chickenpox for example), so it had been all accustomed to, and do not think it is something specific.

And this infection is not usually life-threatening and does not lead to disability. Even without treatment it will pass quickly enough and then for a long time will not bother.

Unfortunately, not all people carry the herpes is standard. Some develop complications, the disease is delayed or comes too often.

That’s when we begin to think that it would be wise to go to the doctor and get treatment.

But to what doctor to go?

All depends on the situation, namely the type of herpes infection. As you know, this disease may acquire various forms. It can be:

  • labiales is when a sore appears on the lip, where it’s hard to miss;
  • genital – this is when the rash occurs on the genitals;
  • local like shingles (by the way, if you didn’t know, is a relapse of chicken pox);
  • generalized, like chickenpox in children (varicella – is also erisipela surprised?);
  • care quality provided to – the symptoms appear inside the mouth or on the tongue or on the gums, for example, and they look like a standard herpes;
  • asymptomatic infection due to herpesvirus type 6, for example, or 7 (chronic fatigue syndrome), as well as for 8 type.
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Who to go to with all of these pathologies? Let’s look at each case of the above read more and find out what experts are appropriate treatment.

I erisipela: which doctor to go?

If you have a sore on the lips, then go to the dermatologist. This specialist can visually distinguish herpes from any other illness, but will still refer you for special tests and then prescribe treatment.

Dermatologist is easy to find, it is in every hospital and even in the state.

Erisipela on the genitals (for genital called): what kind of doctor is needed?

With this problem you need to go to the doctors that are treating sexual organs.

In women it is the gynecologist, men – urologist or andrologist.

If you are lucky, you will find in a hospital dermatologist, but it need to look because genital herpes is a disease due to type 2 herpes virus transmitted mainly through sexual contacts, and hence STDs.

Who to go to with ophthalmic herpes?

This is a rare form, but also very real. From the title, we have to seek an ophthalmologist.

This specialist deals with eye diseases, has the necessary diagnostic equipment and knows what treatment is required to your eyes in various occasions.

Shingles herpes zoster: what kind of doctor treats?

With shingles, which is known to appears on the skin, you need to go to the dermatologist. But sometimes this disease is accompanied by quite common complication, neuralgia.

In this case you will also need a neurologist who will do the treatment complications, but the disease itself will be treated by the dermatologist.

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Chicken pox and other forms of herpetic diseases in children: what to do?

Какой врач лечит герпес?Children can be any form of erisipela, but the most common is chicken pox, which almost all of us had been ill in childhood.

It does not require special treatment, as the body needs its own to overcome that in the future the person was immune to viruses-provocateurs.

But if chicken pox develops hard (high temperature, etc.), then the child will have to drag to the pediatrician.

Herpes rash inside the mouth: and then what kind of doctor can help?

In this situation, go to the dentist, as a specialist nutritoin and dental diseases. Herpes sores in the mouth – not the worst thing that can happen, but a rather unpleasant phenomenon.

To endure it and certainly should not be, so do not delay and go immediately to the nearest hospital.

Herpes rash in the nose or in the ear, is a specialist needed?

Symptoms of infection in the nose or in the ears, and throat have to go to an ENT specialist.

It will quickly identify the type of infection and prescribe the right treatment. By the way, such forms of girisindeki usually treated with preservatives and adjuvants.

Universal doctor: is there any?

Some forms of herpes are asymptomatic or virtually asymptomatic – no specific rash on the body.

While suffering feels only General malaise, to get rid of that will help no pills or folk remedies. And what to do in this situation?

Какой врач лечит герпес?Any of these symptoms, I recommend you go to universal specialist – therapist. Go for it, if you can not determine the choice of a specialist or don’t know what is bothering you.

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Simply put, in any unclear situation go to the therapist, and he himself will solve, to whom you sent and what tests you need to pass. By the way, the physician could prescribe treatment, if you will know exactly what the symptoms are triggered by the herpes.

Well that’s all, dear friends. Now you know what doctors to go with herpes on the face and on other parts of the body. Hopefully, the article you have found all the answers to their questions and decided where to go, if you need it.

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I wish you good health and always good mood! Up to new meetings!

Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)