What ointment for shingles the most effective for treatment?

Какие мази при опоясывающем лишае наиболее эффективны для лечения?Hello, our regular readers! How to get rid of in a short time from herpes zoster, which of the local products should I use?

I will tell you that the new article, and give examples of necessary medicines, ointments for shingles.

A little bit about the disease

Shingles is a common disease, which occurs sporadically, is characterized by General infectious symptoms, disorders of the nervous system, and dermatological manifestations.

The virus which causes the disease belongs to the genus herpes. He can get into the body initially or persist after suffering chicken pox.

The incubation period is the time of transfer from primary infection until the virus is activated again. That is, it may take more than one year.

Какие мази при опоясывающем лишае наиболее эффективны для лечения?

To recognize the disease, you can to such signs:

  • Common symptoms of an infectious disease: fever, headaches, burning sensation at the future site of the rash, chills, loss of appetite, malaise;
  • Skin symptoms: rash (red spots) on the same or next day on their background bubbles appear. They are small, arranged closely in a line. Vesicles filled with serous content, which in a few days becomes cloudy and becomes opaque;
  • All vesicles dry up and turn into crust. They disappear in the 3rd week of the disease, leaving in its place the bright spot.
  • At the same time, the doctor can detect the increase in regional lymph nodes, neurological symptoms: pain along the nerve, headaches, disturbance of sensitivity, lesions of the optic nerve and other symptoms.

    How to cure?

    Какие мази при опоясывающем лишае наиболее эффективны для лечения?For the successful treatment of shingles need timely administration of antivirals.

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    Comprehensive treatment involves the appointment of systemic and local drugs.

    To combat infection to the patient once injected human immunoglobulin containing antibodies to varicella.

    Its use is mandatory in the presence of immune deficiency, administration of cytostatics and corticosteroids in leukemia, other hematologic diseases.

    For the relief of pain prescribed baralgin, Pentalgin.

    The most effective to treat the viral herpetic infection drugs are: Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famvir. In addition to tablet forms, there are local forms in the form of ointments and gels.

    Drugs for local application

    In our pharmacies you can meet four major drug companies that produce the ointment-based antiviral components:

  • GlaxoSmithKline «Zovirax»;
  • The Russian campaign, the Association of AZT, the drug under the trade name «Acyclovir»;
  • The Russian campaign Plant Akrihin, trade name «Acyclovir akri»;
  • Indian drug «Vivorx» firm Cadila pharmaceuticals.
  • Какие мази при опоясывающем лишае наиболее эффективны для лечения?All firms produce the drugs in the box. The volume at 2.5 and 10 grams, except for Waverace (only 5 grams).

    The most famous is the drug Acyclovir. How does it work? The active substance inhibits the replication of viral DNA, in other words, stops the virus from multiplying.

    As a result, prevent the formation of new elements, as well as an obstacle to the spread of the process in the surrounding tissue.

    In addition, Acyclovir stop the spread of infection to internal organs (for systemic use), what to expect in individuals with immunodeficiency, receiving corticosteroids, cytostatics.

    When using the ointment it was observed the rapid formation of crusts, healing of erosions after opening bubbles, as well the patients at the time of the drug was noted a decrease in pain intensity.

    Than it is possible to smear the skin and mucous membranes? Used for topical application of cream and ointment. The cream is designed for infections of the skin and mucous membranes, it is applied up to 5 times a day. The course is usually not more than 5-10 days.

    Ointment is indicated for persons with herpes infection of the eye (keratitis). It lay in the conjunctival SAC up to 5 times per day, observing an interval of 4 hours. After healing of wound surfaces are still using 3 day.

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    The second suggested remedy is Panavir. He has more than 10 years proves its effectiveness.

    It is provided by an antiviral component and Lanthanum salts, which accelerate the healing of wounds without scarring.

    What ointments are analogues of Acyclovir?

    Какие мази при опоясывающем лишае наиболее эффективны для лечения?On the pharmaceutical market you can find a great number of drugs that have the same component in the composition.

    Alternatively, you can choose one of our recommended preparations:

  • Acyclic-ophtal;
  • Root;
  • Xorovir;
  • Cyclovir;
  • Aciherpin;
  • Acyclovir Geksal;
  • Cicloferon;
  • Virolex.
  • What not to do?

    Какие мази при опоясывающем лишае наиболее эффективны для лечения?Many patients even before going to the doctor time to apply some of the usual remedies: ointment from sciatica, alcohol aniline dyes (methylene blue or brilliant green).

    Both brings only harm. The use of alcohol means increasing the recovery time, as they you cauterize erosion, disrupting the natural process of the formation of crusts.

    Also it is impossible to remove the crust, this leads to scarring and exposure of the wound surface, where it quickly segregated secondary bacterial infection.

    Swimming is allowed, but do not open bubbles and use bath salts. Provide the patient the skin area with access of air, wear loose clothes.

    In conclusion, I make a video about the disease: