What to do if ripped off a wart?

Что делать, если сорвал бородавку?Hello, dear reader! Recently, my friend approached me with this question: what to do if ripped off a wart?

Naturally, this did not happen on purpose, after all, if you want to get rid of warts, seek the help of a doctor.

But, unfortunately, it happens that these formations can be hurt and to hurt or disrupt. About what action to take when this happened, we will discuss in this article.

Warts are benign skin lesions, but many of them are dangerous because it can degenerate into malignant stage.

Many people warts cause cosmetic discomfort, but they do not consider it a serious reason for going to the doctor.

Even if you decide to rip off the wart by yourself, keep in mind that this can lead to very serious consequences, so do not do it.

In areas of failure is the wound, healing of which takes time, leaving an ugly scar. But this is not all the possible consequences.

Что делать, если сорвал бородавку?It is the site of the lesion for a long period of time will be open, which can cause infection and inflammation. Even through a small wound in the body can infiltrate serious infection, which in turn will lead to many organ systems.

If people broke the wart by chance that very often happens, he must go to the doctor.

Some types of tumors can degenerate into malignant tumors. Therefore, they are best removed with the help of modern medical methods.

Touch the wart as it changes in size, color, configuration. This is an important signal, indicating that there is a change in education, so it is very important to seek help.

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Fortunately, it is not always abrade the wart ends in tears. But check this one can only refer to the doctor. Only a professional will be able to protect you from unwanted consequences.

What to do if ripped off a wart?

Что делать, если сорвал бородавку?Many people in case of accidental lose warts begin to be frightened, while others do not pay proper attention.

If this happens, you need to know about first aid measures at home and further treatment.

1) If you accidentally pick off a wart, the first thing you need to do is to calm down. All possible to fix. You need to know what to do when bleeding and how to stop it.

Take cotton wool, hydrogen peroxide and a bandage. Moisten the cotton wool and firmly apply to wound. Hold until, until the bleeding stops.

2) Major steps you have already taken, but that’s not all. Even if you are skeptical about doctors, go to a medical clinic a must: it will help to eliminate serious consequences. Regardless of the extent of injury you should definitely do it.

3) Check your wart on quality. A special analysis, the result of which you will be able to learn in the near future will determine the nature of education.

4) a non-invasive technique you will make a study and, if necessary, will direct the removal of the warts or other entities, if they are available.

If the child broke a wart, what should I do?

Что делать, если сорвал бородавку?It often happens that children themselves rip off the warts. In this situation, definitely not good, but to panic or fix the problem yourself with the help of a simple patch is also not necessary.

  • First you need to provide first aid. Stop the bleeding exactly the same as in the case of adults. It is very important in the home medicine Cabinet have hydrogen peroxide, especially if you have children. With this tool, the wound of the child obeszenitsya, cleansed, and tightened. Keep in mind that peroxide the wound will not heal very quickly, due to the properties of the tool. To buy the solution at any pharmacy.
  • After the bleeding stops, be sure to visit the doctor. You can call a specialist at home or take your child to the clinic, you can also call an ambulance and consult. Talk to the kid on this subject and explain why it stripped the wart can be dangerous and why it is important to visit a doctor.
  • Explain to your child that he needs to be careful in the future to again thwart the wart. If the doctor will tell you that you need to remove the wart or periodic check-up, be sure to stick with its recommendations, because this will depend on the health of your child.
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How to prevent the removal of the growths?

Что делать, если сорвал бородавку?Very often it happens that people break the growths. The reasons can be a lot. For example, long nails in women, inattention, carelessness and so on.

Not to accidentally hurt your benign, you must:

  • comfortable and safe the length of your nails;
  • to wear something casual that won’t RUB the wart;
  • use only soft sponges for showering or try not to touch the sponge warts on the body. Carefully wipe with a towel after bathing.

Condyloma and other growths break through our own fault. If education hurt the baby, then blame the adults that are not controlled or did not tell the child what not to do. Do not self-medicate and take care of yourself. All the best!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)