What to do if the boil has broken: consequences and stages of the disease

The boil brings a lot of trouble and pain. Cause of purulent inflammation of the hair follicles becomes Staphylococcus aureus, and the lack of proper treatment can lead to serious consequences, because you need to know how to process it correctly and what to do when the boil broke. In advanced cases, the problem is solved only by surgery, but to avoid this, we need knowledge about the process of maturation and, of course, a timely visit to the doctor.

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  • Stages and symptoms of boils
  • What to do if a boil burst
  • The consequences
  • To what doctor to seek help
  • What not to do when boil
  • It is impossible to press
  • Why not smear green paint
  • Unnecessary packs
  • The dangers of antibiotics
  • The importance of continuing treatment after his breakthrough
  • What antiseptics are used for drawing pus
  • Video about the causes of boils
  • Stages and symptoms of boils

    The whole cycle of development and maturation of the boil is divided into three phases and lasts an average of no more than 10 days:

    1. In the first stage, noticeable swelling, the skin around the ulcer is red, dense, it’s painful to the touch. At the stage of maturation is the accumulation of pus.
    2. Further develops purulent process. In the fevered place there is a rod formed of dead tissue and pus, and then he breaks and goes out.
    3. The third stage is called healing. After the break the boil of the person becomes lighter, and the wound gradually tightened.

    The duration of the stage each patient is different. Sometimes the boil is so great that it leaves a scar.

    If on the body a lot of pain, then the disease is called furunculosis. The most dangerous location of the purulent process is the face.

    What to do if a boil burst

    It is important to treat a boil and follow its development before it broke. At the stage of maturation of the core affected area of the skin lubricated with ointment Vishnevsky, ihtiola or other available and easy to use drugs. This way you can remove bacteria, swelling and redness around the boil. Due to the special ointments and compresses pus will come out faster, and the patient will become easier after the breakthrough of the abscess.

    When will the break of boil and come out the purulent contents should treat the resulting wound with antiseptic. For disinfection first use of hydrogen peroxide, which process the tissue around the sore spot and the wound. Wash affected area of skin until all the pus. Before the procedure, be sure to wash your hands. Pus may continue for a few days, but already after the first procedure to remove it of man becomes much easier.

    After the break should continue to apply ointment Vishnevskogo or levamisole in the form of a bandage or of an application. Depending on the development of skin disease you may need a course of antibiotics. If a person is experiencing severe pain due to ulcer, prescribed for internal use as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Что делать если фурункул прорвался: последствия и стадии болезни

    The consequences

    Presence of boils on the body always means the presence of an infectious process. Very dangerous there is a subcutaneous abscess that may not break out and develop into more complex forms. Harmful and even life threatening uncontrolled squeezing the boil, which may be sepsis and other problems.

    If the boil to injure, its gradual maturation is disturbed. It’s also dangerous to wait long for the breakthrough pain because it can turn into an abscess. To prevent this condition, you should promptly seek medical help. The appearance of ulcers on the neck, on the thighs is fraught with inflammation of the lymph nodes if the wound will get infected. Squeezing often leads to boils and other problems.

    To what doctor to seek help

    If the boil appeared for the first time in a single number, you can ask for help to the therapist. Treatment in this case is simple and straightforward provided timely treatment to the doctor. You should consult a dermatologist, who will assist not only in mild cases. If you need surgery to remove the ulcer, you will need the help of a surgeon.

    Что делать если фурункул прорвался: последствия и стадии болезни

    What not to do when boil

    Often, improper care of the abscess at the time of its ripening and breakthrough, leads to scarring, the wound long healed, and in severe cases, can not do without surgery. To avoid this, you should follow the recommendations of doctors about what not to do in any case.

    It is impossible to press

    All doctors in one voice say that to squeeze an abscess yourself not only harmful, but dangerous for the patient’s life, especially if the inflammatory process is located in the nasolabial triangle. Blood vessels in this area are associated with the brain, because there is a risk of blood poisoning, meningitis and purulent abscesses. Also very easy to get infected through an open wound on any part of the body and exacerbate the situation, because at home treatment of boil is rarely correct. Cannot be used for the opening of a needle or other available means.

    Why not smear green paint

    Iodine, brilliant green and other antiseptic solutions, which may stain the area the inflammation will not allow the doctor to determine the exact size of the abscess and other important characteristics. You can skip the first change and the beginning of developing serious complications of the disease. The use of such drugs is recommended only after breaking the boil.

    Unnecessary packs

    After break of the boil it is important not to put everything to the affected area. Sterile bandage from a bandage or gauze without additional components is the best solution at this stage. All the other ointments and other tools should appoint a doctor.

    The dangers of antibiotics

    Many people decide to play it safe and take antibiotics, and do it yourself. This choice can seriously damage your health, disrupt intestinal flora and are not always 100% stop the development of a purulent process.

    At the time of treatment of purulent formation is better not to work, and you cannot bathe and soak the wound. Do not apply on the boil cosmetic products to hide it, after all, so very easy to bring any infection.

    The importance of continuing treatment after his breakthrough

    If left untreated, the boil after his breakthrough, you can get the relapse of the disease, and the healing process is much longer. The important point is cleanliness. Even after full recovery should be carefully wash the body with soap and water, and at the time of treatment is better to use antibacterial products for hygiene. If the wound is properly treated, after a few days it will appear bright liquid, so it is possible to stop the packs of ointment with an antibiotic, but you need to continue to monitor the process of scab formation.

    The skin around the affected part to normal changes color from bright red to slightly blue with crisp edges. At the final stage appears dry crust. It is impossible to interrupt the treatment, after the pus boil is no less dangerous than during its maturation. A person is considered healthy when sick will go all brown, but it will happen only if proper care of the wound.

    Что делать если фурункул прорвался: последствия и стадии болезни

    What antiseptics are used for drawing pus

    Funds from the antiseptic used on ointment basis, which is very convenient and will help to tighten the wound. Frequently use tetracycline ointment, nasal spray, compresses with Dimexidum, accelerates the ripening process also salicylic acid. Well-known Ichthyol ointment Vishnevsky and for drawing pus, but they can also be found at any drugstore at affordable for each price.

    Timely treatment of the boils will help to avoid severe consequences of suppurative process, which occur often, and avoid surgical intervention. Mandatory disinfection and regular packs of special ointments after break of the boil will accelerate the healing process and prevent subsequent relapses. The best prevention of boils is an observance of rules of personal hygiene, balanced diet and lifestyle.

    Video about the causes of boils

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