What to do if the wart turn black?

Hello, dear readers. We often face this problem as warts. They usually do not cause discomfort, however, there are cases of inflammation, deformation, and discoloration build-up.

What to do if normal with mean nodule suddenly turned black and where to go in this case? This is the message we want to tell you in this article.

Why black wart?

Что делать, если бородавка почернела?There are many types of skin growths that appear on the human body, but the most frightening are the education of black color.

Black warts are benign nodules that arise due to viral infection in the top layers of the skin.

If your body was located ordinary warts, and after some time it turned black, then most likely in the vessels of build-up formed clots.

Also the dark color of the nodules formed in old age. Usually they are not harmful to health, but if you are young and suddenly they found the body of a black wart, it is a chance to consult a specialist, as blood clots can be dangerous for your health.

In addition, the warts may turn black due to inflammation.

Causes of inflammation of tumors:

  • Injury;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Hereditary pathology;
  • Emotional turmoil and stress;
  • Long reception of hormonal preparations.

Что делать, если бородавка почернела?What to do if the wart turn black? Remember, any tumor can degenerate into a cancer. So every change skin growth should alert you and provide treatment in the clinic.

Trauma is considered the most common cause of inflammation of the growths. The wart hurts, itches and can cause a lot of inconvenience.

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Why is this happening? The fact is that damage to pathogenic microorganisms under the skin, causing inflammation.

The most prone to injury nodules under the arm, on the fingers, on the head. They are constantly exposed to, so that you can tear or deform the growth. That is why education in these areas should be treated or removed.

If the wart turns black after her treatment

Что делать, если бородавка почернела?There are drugs, after which, the barnacles can vary in color. This is because die tissues formations.

For example, if you for the treatment of warts used Superchatel, then after a few days you will notice the color change of the growth — it will turn black.

After the juice of celandine or after the application of vinegar you will notice the same effect. Do not worry if the knot turns black, it means that all the manipulation you did the right thing and soon it will fall off.

The juice of celandine, you can use any of warts, including those that formed on the foot (plantar growths), on the neck and other places.

Remember, this means you cannot remove the education of the child, as it is very poisonous and can leave on the skin burn.

But what to do if the warts turned black, but after some time it does not fall off? In this case, the answer is one – go to the doctor.

How to remove such growths?

Что делать, если бородавка почернела?Now, many clinics offer several types of procedures of removal of skin growths. If you have a black tumor, first it is necessary to consult with the oncologist who will be able to determine benign you have warts or not.

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If there are no problems, you will be presented with several methods for removing knots:

  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Laser treatment;
  • Surgical excision;
  • Radio wave cauterization.

Each procedure has its pros and cons, about which you will inform the doctor. Of course, preferably at the first detection of the color change and shape the warts to consult a specialist and do not self-medicate in order not to lead to blackening of the wart.

Что делать, если бородавка почернела?After the removal of tumors prescribed immunostimulatory therapy to restore immunity.

If the wart turned black after treatment in the clinic

If you were in the process of cryodestruction, after cauterization by nitrogen nodule also black. This is due to cell death of growth.

Don’t worry, soon from burl will not be over. Plus freezing is that after the session virtually eliminated relapses, as in the processing of blood loss is minimal, resulting in the surrounding tissue does not become infected.

Prevention of the disease

To avoid the appearance of warts on the body, it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene, to get rid of bad habits, try not to walk barefoot in common areas (pools, baths, saunas). Also avoid direct contact with people who have warts.

In addition to constantly strengthen your immune system. Given these rules, you can avoid not only growths on the body, but also many other diseases.


Что делать, если бородавка почернела?So, if you are the owner of unpleasant skin nodules, then follow them so that they are not changing their shape and color.

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If the wart is inconvenient, it is better to go to the medical center and remove it, as there is a likelihood of injury to the skin.

Remember, any change of color is a serious thing, after which you must immediately run to the doctor.

Observe preventive measures, lead a healthy lifestyle and then skin lesions will pass you. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)