What to do to headache with chicken pox?

Что сделать, чтобы прошла головная боль при ветрянке?Greetings, dear readers! Headache is a normal phenomenon varicella. Temperature rise is always accompanied by this symptom.

But if the head continues to ache after recovery and normalization of temperature, it is not normal.

In such a situation you need to worry, as this symptom can indicate the development of serious complications. What? Read the article and find out.

Furthermore, article you are waiting for the folk and professional tips on how to remove the unpleasant sensation of the chickenpox. Happy reading!

Is this normal and how long it will last?

Chickenpox starts brightly and sharply with increasing temperature to 38-39 degrees.. In children, the temperature periodically jump — increases and normalizes. Increase occur simultaneously with the appearance of new lesions, and are accompanied by a headache.

Что сделать, чтобы прошла головная боль при ветрянке?Of the baby’s head may ache for 3-5 days, but not constantly, and periodically. So much of the day there is a new rash. After normalization of temperature of body, this symptom should disappear and no longer appear.

In adults chickenpox is developing harder and harder. The rash appears in more abundant and longer (5-7 days).

The temperature may be steadily increased, which necessarily arise weakness and discomfort in the head area (pressure, dizziness, etc.).

These symptoms will disappear after you cease to be a new Valderice. Sometimes, however, the head continued to ache even after a full recovery. And this is not normal! What to do if the discomfort continues after you have chickenpox? The answer is a resounding immediately consult doctors:

  • infectious diseases;
  • neurologist.

Talking about pain in the head after chickenpox?

On health forums you can find a lot of questions about the continuation of the symptoms of chickenpox after recovery. I wonder whether you, as evidenced by the symptom, which is the topic of this article? It may indicate complications, such as:

  • CNS (nervous system);
  • encephalitis;
  • inflammation of the optic nerve.

In order to fully recover from the disease, an adult will need a minimum of three weeks. The child’s body recovers faster.

The body takes in teenagers chickenpox are almost the same as in adults. To prevent complications during the recovery period, observe the following recommendations:

  • full and eat correctly;
  • stick to a healthy (no bad habits) lifestyle;
  • time to go to bed (time is 9-10 PM);
  • periodically measure and control temperature;
  • take a vitamin-a comprehensive course, such as Centrum.

Having dealt with non-standard headaches, which may occur after chickenpox, let’s go back to the standard course of the disease. How to ease the suffering?

Professional advice

Что сделать, чтобы прошла головная боль при ветрянке?To remove unpleasant sensations in the head area will help to drink plenty of liquids. Rather, it will help normalize the temperature, and then the discomfort will be alone. The daily intake of liquid should be three liters for an adult and half for child.

Mandatory during illness is to comply with bed rest. Weakened virus, the body is in any case not to overextend. This can increase the pressure and thus increase migraines.

To reduce fever during chicken pox, you can take Paracetamol and in any case not Aspirin. Paracetamol, in addition to antipyretic properties, has analgesic effect.

Than to treat an adult, we have already figured out. And here’s how to treat a child under the age of 12 years? Tips in this case will be almost the same as for adults. The only thing to change in treatment, dosage of medicines.

Что сделать, чтобы прошла головная боль при ветрянке?Many drugs, which bring down the temperature and eliminate the headache of adults, children contraindicated.

Before you give your child this or that pill, consult a doctor and read carefully the instructions, especially the section «contraindications and age restrictions.»

Remember, if the temperature of the child and the accompanying the above symptoms do not pass on day 6 of chicken pox, it is not normal. In this case, it may develop complications.

Traditional medicine

To win the pain will help natural decoctions of medicinal herbs. This treatment will be as safe even for those who have individual intolerance of antipyretic drugs on the basis of Paracetamol. So, to eliminate unpleasant symptom during chickenpox you can help:

  • Infusion of Hypericum — a tablespoon, pour a glass of boiling water and wait for it to cool down. This means you need to drink one third of a Cup before each meal.
  • Chamomile decoction. The taste of this remedy is not very pleasant, but very effective and multifunctional. It doesn’t only eliminate poor health and will calm the nervous system and will heal vetryanye Valderice on mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.
  • Can help essential oils:

  • If the pain becomes strong whiskey RUB in lavender oil. It can be mixed with peppermint oil and then the effect will increase. Lavender + mint soothe and relax, then the head will stop whining.
  • Chronic headaches, aggravated when the chicken pox to help relieve baths with oils of Basil, sage and lavender. Add to bath water a couple of drops of each ether.
  • Sea buckthorn oil not only relieve the unpleasant symptoms aroma, but will heal vatrenooooo rash. It can be applied directly on the pimples on the face and body.
  • That’s all the information about the standard symptom of chickenpox. Hopefully, the tips from this article will help and speed up the recovery. By the way, you can use them not only for chicken pox. They are effective with migraines and regular headaches.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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