What to put on a boil: signs of development of the abscess and its treatment

Ulcers on the body that leads to inflammation of hair follicles and surrounding tissue, referred to as boils. Often boils are formed on that portion of the body where there is hair. They are very painful, accompanied by redness and purulent secretions, and the cause of the inflammation is Staphylococcus aureus. To quickly eliminate skin disease, you should know what to put on the boil and what tools will give quick result.

The content of the article

  • The causes of boil
  • How to recognize a boil
  • Unlike other lesions on the skin
  • Treatment of boil on the skin
  • Ointments that help in cheriah
  • Tools to help draw out the pus
  • Means antibiotic
  • What packs you can make at home
  • What can you buy in pharmacy
  • The technique of applying dressings to the ulcer
  • The advice of doctors
  • The causes of boil

    One of the main reasons for the development of a painful ulcer penetration into the wound or small scratch bacteria. The presence of such factors as diabetes, lack of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, a weakened immune system increase the risk of developing boils. Hard physical labor, inadequate sleep, and diet also can affect their education. Painful bumps are of different size, often become inflamed due to friction with clothing.

    Among the main causes of boils are:

  • improper hygiene of the skin;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • microtrauma of the skin.
  • There are instances when a boil develops on the face due to improper shaving for men when using small cuts and dirty skin pathogenic microorganisms easily attack the skin. High risk of the disease is present in people with increased sweating and disturbed metabolism.

    How to recognize a boil

    At the initial stage there is a small nodule on the skin, which does not exceed 2 cm in size. For this stage of accumulation is characterized by redness and a painful thickening on the skin, swelling. The inflammatory process gradually increases and in the absence of proper care can lead to various complications.

    On the third or fourth day of development there is a tight formation in the center of the boil, and then comes the breakthrough and release of content. The dead tissue out in the form of a rod, and then wound slowly begins to heal. Some boils can be treated well at home, while others are serious complications and require only inspection specialist.

    Unlike other lesions on the skin

    Many confuse the concept of boil and the boil, although this is the same name of purulent diseases of the skin. During the ripening of the boil is clearly visible formed a core that distinguishes it from other inflammatory processes on the skin. Boils are formed on the body part where hair, a distinguishing feature from simple pimples there is a swelling and soreness. On the body felt tight pouch, and after their maturation in the boil forms a white or green head, which then breaks. Often at the exit of pus from the boil at the patient the temperature rises, there nausea, weakness and diminished appetite.

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    Что прикладывать на чирей: признаки развития гнойника и его лечение

    Treatment of boil on the skin

    Effective and proper treatment will be able to provide only professional, but often in the absence of complications and timely approach to treat a boil at home. First and foremost, when you boil accelerate the stages of its ripening. Different healing poultices and ointments help to cope with this process. Better if he ripen, but sometimes the pus comes out long and it threatens the health problems.

    If you have to squeeze the abscess, you should do it very carefully, pre-treating it with antiseptic. It is better to entrust this process specialist. The wound after the procedure, washed with peroxide and put one of the healing bandages. An unpleasant consequence may be a scar, which is especially noticeable if the purulent education in the area of the face. In such cases it is recommended to use a remedy for healing scars.

    Apply to just break the boil cosmetic products to disguise its very dangerous, so easy to penetrate a new infection into the wound.

    If a person on the body from time to time the boils appear in the plural, often without antibiotics not to manage. Medicines will also be needed if the patient has diabetes mellitus or other severe chronic infection with abrasions when produced not one, but several boil. This condition requires serious treatment with blood transfusions, improvement of immunity and anti-inflammatory drugs.

    During therapy in the initial stages, you can do without antibiotics, and apply to affected areas of the skin with special ointments and lotions, as well as traditional recipes among which the reception of birch tar, brewer’s yeast, activated the corner or herbal concoctions for example.

    Что прикладывать на чирей: признаки развития гнойника и его лечение

    Ointments that help in cheriah

    To accelerate the ripening of boils and to pull out of it festering mass use various ointments. Their application also helps in faster healing of wounds and prevents the penetration of infection.

    Tools to help draw out the pus

    For the ripening and extrusion of pus apply Ichthyol ointment, which works better in the initial stages of the disease, when there is no head on the boil. Active components have antiseptic and wound healing properties. Cost of ointment low because it’s available. Packs of medicinal products are changed every three hours.

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    Anti-inflammatory effect in the. It promotes vasodilation in the diseased place, whereby all components are well absorbed and kill germs. Also the ointment is used for local anesthesia.

    Helps maturation of Vishnevsky ointment, but it covers the boil with a film because extrusion of pus is better suited to other means. The natural components irritate tissue and increase blood circulation, that increases the influx of nutrients, the wound is much more delayed.

    Means antibiotic

    After the release of pus and the breakthrough of abscess prescribe ointments with antibacterial action. Available is tetracycline ointment, which contains a substance with a wide spectrum of action. There is a very effective ointment baktroban, which includes mupirocin. It cleans the infection, which becomes a cause pus formation. This remedy is applied directly on the boil and secured with a locking band. Baktroban used in the treatment of children.

    Another well-known ointment is the nasal spray that kills bacteria thanks to its antibacterial action. It is often used when it is necessary to treat ulcers in the home and if there are no complications. Components of the ointment act directly on pathogens, because healing occurs quickly.

    Что прикладывать на чирей: признаки развития гнойника и его лечение

    What packs you can make at home

    One of the best treatments for ulcers is moist heat. This will require a small piece of gauze dipped in warm water. If the pus is just out, to moisten the dressing in a hypertonic solution, which upon drying, will help to pull the wound remains content. After the release of pus apply compresses with a small number of different ointments that promote healing. Good effect have soda lotions.

    What can you buy in pharmacy

    Today, many ointments accessible for everyone and is available at any pharmacy. The cost of medicines depends on the manufacturer. Such popular drugs as nasal spray or Vishnevsky is very cheap and can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

    Funds from antibiotic it is better to buy only after consultation with the doctor, but they are also accessible to all.

    The technique of applying dressings to the ulcer

    Badly applied bandage can weaken and not bring the proper result. Material for the procedure is only suitable sterile to avoid infecting the open wound on the skin. When overlaying bandage in the treatment of boils adhere to the following rules:

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    1. Before procedure it is necessary to apply the solution around the abscess, which contains disinfectants and wash hands.
    2. Apply a sterile dressing directly on the inflamed part of the skin to not cause the patient discomfort and completely shut down the boil.
    3. On top of the dressing material glued a few strips of adhesive for a secure fit.
    4. You should avoid the strong pressure on the skin, in which a person feels discomfort.

    Too tight a bandage can disrupt the flow of blood. She’ll need after the break of boil and release the pus to close the wound from germs. For the best action of the ointment, the area with the boil pin at the top with a sterile bandage, which helps to more deeply penetrate all components. It also helps to protect clothes and linen from excess ointment on the body.

    Что прикладывать на чирей: признаки развития гнойника и его лечение

    The advice of doctors

    To protect yourself from unpleasant skin diseases should follow these recommendations:

  • eat a healthy diet;
  • take vitamins and minerals;
  • to prevent hypothermia;
  • not antibiotics without prescription.
  • The smallest scratches should always be treated with antiseptic, also use antibacterial soap. Daily skin care will help to clean away dirt and prevent ulcers.

    To never had to be treated for bothersome boil, you need not only to observe rules of personal hygiene, but also to eat right and monitor the condition of your skin. The big danger is carry pus formation on the face in the nasolabial triangle, because bacteria can easily penetrate into the blood and lead to infection. Timely treatment of chronic diseases and cleansing of the skin will help prevent boils and unpleasant consequences.