Whether psychosomatics effective against herpes?

Эффективна ли психосоматика против герпеса?Hello my dear readers! In this article we will talk about this interesting phenomenon of psychosomatics herpes.

Many experts believe that the causes of all diseases we have in mind, and the main reason for girisindeki is a mental perception of the world and himself.

If you have often you receive this infection, then you have to delve into their spiritual condition and understand what is really bothering you.

The article presents information taken from the research of American psychologist Louise hay, a canadian philosopher of Liz Burbo, and other professionals.

So don’t think that I invented it myself and don’t doubt it! Don’t believe the sore can be defeated psychologically? And you check, and then describe your accomplishments in the comments.

Why I support the opinion of the above specialists?

There is a perception that all diseases in our head and what we provoke them when we are in an unstable mental state.

I myself have noticed that as soon as perenervnichala, so soon something will come out, not necessarily herpes. Our health depends on the spiritual!

According to the above specialists, the recurrence of girisindeki on the lips and on other parts of the body arise due to:

  • conflicts;
  • quarrels;
  • complexes;
  • accumulated grievances;
  • hatred and other negative emotions.

If we learn to prevent negative emotions, then we will be able to quickly and without medication to get rid of this disease. Want to know exactly how it’s done? Let’s see.

Jumped up sore on the lips: look for causes and treat!

Cold sores on the lips and on the face in the mouth area and also inside the oral cavity, for example, the language appears due to incompleteness.

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Эффективна ли психосоматика против герпеса?Perhaps you offended someone and are unable to tell him, or you know some kind of secret that eats you from the inside. May you suffer the opinion of others and cannot Express themselves. That is a understatement.

Here’s the example of my friend: she married a moral monster who did not take no one’s opinion but your own. Naturally, she was afraid superfluous word say to him, and she often had recurrences of oral herpes due to nervous breakdowns.

Once her nerves got to her and she expressed to her husband all that he thought about it, then they divorced, but it’s not the most important. It is important that the sore my friend abruptly disappeared and never came back!

What do you think happened? And the following happened: her unsaid opinion escaped and freed, and with it freed the body from infection.

In such a situation herpes says: «come on, tell me enough to be silent!» So if you have frequent recurrences of the infection in the mouth area, think maybe it’s time to give your opinion?

There is another option: disease asks us to shut up, warns about something. For example, a person is not able to keep secrets and the mysteries, telling all others what he has then problems occur. However, his body’s signals: «speak less,

keep your mouth shut, watch your words!» When a man listens and begins to quiet, he dramatically reduced the number of problems, so the morale of the normal and the disease is retreating. Now you understand how it works?

The move to a more complex problem: the infection on the nose and the eyes

Эффективна ли психосоматика против герпеса?The appearance of herpes on the nose or eyes is also possible and happens most often in children. In the first case the disease suggests that the person does not tolerate something or someone in spirit.

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In the second embodiment, almost all the same, only with vision (cannot see someone or something). Do you think that will help to solve this problem? Right, moral reconstruction or isolation factor of the stimulus.

I think it’s better mentally to regroup – look at the object of hatred and hostility in other eyes, to try to find in it the positive side or to ignore it.

But if this is not possible, then the only other option is to isolate ourselves from it.

Sore on the body in the genital area: what are the causes, how to cure?

Erisipela on the body in the genital area is also called sexual. Psychologists believe that the cause is the wrong attitude to sex, to themselves and to a sex partner.

Some, especially girls, this disease occurs because of fear of sexual intimacy.

For example, you consider yourself unattractive or not any such, so your body throws out the rash as protection from sexual contact.

The same causes have herpes virus that, according to experts, arises from the dislike of your body and self-doubt.

Эффективна ли психосоматика против герпеса?The way out is simple: start to love yourself, to perceive adequately and properly, don’t be afraid of love and intimacy.

Listen to your desires, trust your partner, don’t look for the flaws in yourself! You are an individual, these are no more, and that means you’re perfect in your own way!

And herpes on the genitals can often produce a recurrence due to a forced sex. Let’s say you and your other half have sex because you need (how would you perform the conjugal duty) and not because they want to.

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In this situation, you need to reconsider your relationship and fix them or terminate if they are not already fixed.

Genital disease requires a more in-depth work with the psyche, so it is better to consult to the psychologist or the sexologist. Do not hesitate to your problem because only you can help yourself, without your desire nothing will change!

Well, found the cause of your herpes? I hope you have decided to deal with it? If the article was interesting and informative, then be sure to subscribe to our updates and spread the word about our website to your friends in social networks!

Remember, we create our own problems and only we can solve them! Understand yourself, love yourself, learn to accept yourself such what you are, in fact, and then everything will be just fine! All the while!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)