White ringworm: the treatment is based on proper care

Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойWelcome to our website! Looks like white lichen, from which it appears and how to fix it?

The answers to these questions you will find in this article! She is devoted to the problems of skin diseases in humans, methods for their diagnosis and treatment.

What is a disease?

White lichen specialists refer to with non-specific dermatitis. Its causes are not exactly clarified, and the shingles are prone to spontaneous healing.

Often the spots appear lichen in children aged 1-16 years. Doctors important role in the development of the disease give the fungal flora of the skin, namely, the causative agent of Malassezia.

This yeast-like fungus, which is representative of normal microflora of human skin, and its activity is under the control of the immune defense of our body.

But under certain conditions, which include external and internal aggressive factors, pathogen manifests itself as skin disease.

Due to which white spots appear on the skin of the patient.

Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойThe fungus during its life secretes a substance eterization, which inhibits the penetration of ultraviolet rays to the skin, and transport of the pigment melanin in epidermal cells, therefore individual areas of the skin are undyed.

Earlier, the white lichen is considered as one of the clinical forms of stafilodermia, and then it was attributed to clinical manifestations of atopic dermatitis.

In favor of the latter assertion says that the white children with ringworm often have concomitant allergic diseases: bronchial asthma, hay fever, atopic eczema, conjunctivitis.

The prevalence of lichen reaches 5-9%, primarily affects boys.

Characteristics of the rash

Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойOn the submitted photos you can see that stains the lichen differ in a lighter shade than the surrounding healthy skin.

They hardly rise above the surface, are non-inflammatory in the background, no edema. Lesions clear edge, surface with slight desquamation.

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The diameter of the spots ranges from 1 to 4-5 cm, rounded or oval. All the spots, and they have a child can be up to 20, tend to merge, forming larger lesions.

Localization of the lesions: the skin of the hips, the lateral surface of the shoulders and cheeks, the skin around the mouth, on the chin. The disease usually resolves into the older age groups, and is a fairly common phenomenon.

Almost 20% of children have these spots on the skin of arms and neck. They are especially noticeable on tanned skin, sometimes cause a slight itching or burning sensation.

There is a white deprive of the year, an average of a few months, then passes without a trace.

What is to differentiate a disease?

Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойFor accurate diagnosis must be done by microscopy of scales taken from the surface of the spots. White lichen superficially may resemble vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, pityriasis versicolor and mycosis smooth skin, eczematous dermatitis, chemical leukoderma, lichen planus.

If herpes appeared on the upper extremities, it is often mistaken for vitiligo or ringworm color. But with multi-colored shingles, the doctor will notice the accumulation of hyphae and mycelium of the fungus.

While pityriasis versicolor is very rare on the face.

Despite the fact that this kind of lichen is not considered aggressive, a visit to the doctor should not be postponed.


Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойIf ringworm is not common, does not cause concern to a person, its advised not to treat. While you have the body has spots of white lichen, try to stay in the sun.

If you are concerned about more than a cosmetic defect, use creams or ointments with a soothing effect, like baby cream, lanolin ointment.

If expressed the inflammation there’s a slight swelling, erythema, local to appoint ointments with hormones of the adrenal cortex.

Of them should choose a ointment with a light or medium action. From the first group the 1% hydrocortisone ointment or hydrocortisone acetate 1%. Medium activity have Betamethasone, Triamcinolone and Clobetasol.

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Do not be afraid of the use of hormonal ointments, if they are prescribed by a physician, short-term treatment with low concentrations in topical products will not have any impact on the body.

Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойDo not get involved in the methods of traditional medicine, it will not give much effect, especially as the majority of herbs and their tinctures dry skin, which has a high dry dermatitis.

The main component of the treatment of lichen is proper skin care, timely cleansing, softening, receiving water treatments.

Don’t use plain soap when washing your face, replace it with glycerol, and water use to defend warmed.

I recommend to watch a very interesting video women. She also constantly appear white spots, she even filmed these manifestations on my skin. But she managed to get rid of the disease for a short time, the details in the video:

When you need medical intervention?

Consult a doctor and use medicines rationally in such cases:

  • Extensive skin lesions, multiple spots throughout the body;
  • If the majority of lesions localized on the skin of exposed areas: face, hands;
  • If a dermatosis is deteriorating General condition of the patient;
  • If signs of secondary infection which can be bacterial, fungal or viral. This patient complains of itching, swelling around the lesions oozing.
  • Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойIf herpes appeared on the background of atopic dermatitis, specialists can prescribe more serious drugs.

    For example, Tacrolimus ointment (trade name Protopic), Pimecrolimus (Elidel). Cream expensive, have a good effect, relieves the symptoms , but not suitable for everyone.

    Sometimes it may be expressed a burning sensation and intense pain, redness at the site of application, therefore, the drug should not be the first choice for the treatment of lichen.

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    When talking with the patient in the first place is to explain about the safety disease. It is not contagious, so contact with others is allowed.

    Patients concerned about a cosmetic defect, which also goes away without a trace. To color the skin quickly leveled off, is daily use of emollients.

    They are added to cosmetics so that the skin was soft, smooth. Often used in atopic dermatitis, especially if it is accompanied by comorbidities, like white lichen.

    Белый лишай: основой лечения является правильный уход за собойTheir use will help to prevent relapses and accelerate recovery. From the examples of Subterm, Lincol, Lifesteal, T-oil, Docol Deepa and others.

    Special care sensitive skin in winter.

    In individuals with atopy and a predisposition for Jock itch, eczema and other dermatological diseases, through the skin, the body loses large amounts of water, so it always needs to be moisturized creams with glycerin, chamomile, lipocream that create on the surface of the skin protective barrier.

    I hope that this article has helped you to deal with the problem! Read every day our news.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)