Why after bathing the pimples

The people who decided to spend their free time near the lake or river and swim in them, can face unpleasant surprises, which need to be prepared. High temperature and other factors contribute to the fact that in the reservoirs of the pathogenic microorganisms multiply, leading to skin diseases. Sometimes after bathing pimples on the body and need to know how to deal with them.

The content of the article

  • Causes of acne after swimming
  • How to recognize the rash
  • Itch of the bather or cercarias
  • Scabies
  • Giardiasis
  • Fungal infections
  • Treatment for ambulance
  • To what doctor to seek help
  • The influence of the reservoirs on health of human skin
  • Prevention and tips
  • Often in summer the beaches are closed for swimming, but many people ignore the established security measures and get a nasty skin rash. A severe allergic reaction, the spots and pimples on the body have not all the consequences of careless bathing.

    Causes of acne after swimming

    One of the most common reasons for rashes on your body after bathing there are birds and cercaria, which they leave in the water. If the pond infected with avian helminths in humans appear on the body red spots or small blisters with itching.

    The presence of an infection in the water leads to human infection, acne and pustules on the skin. In such cases, is often prescribed antibiotics. It is important to seek help right after the pimples were noticed on the body. Also a common cause of rashes are allergic.

    How to recognize the rash

    In order to start treatment, after each visit to the lake to inspect his body.

    Itch of the bather or cercarias

    Infection with larvae of worms leads to skin disease characterized by itching and redness of the skin. At the site of entry of the worms formed a red spot and swelling. After a few hours the body appears dense bubbles of pink color. Noted severe itching, insomnia, sometimes the patient on the background of the disease the temperature rises.

    Почему после купания появляются прыщи


    The cessationism mite infestation often occurs by direct contact with its carrier, but there is a risk to catch the disease in dirty water. Mites on the skin, make the moves, why the patient has severe itching and characteristic arrangement of the pimples. At night the itching increases, and also the main symptom of scabies there are thin strips on the body from one spot to another, which is done by the parasites.

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    Почему после купания появляются прыщи


    One of the most common diseases that can be caught while swimming in still water is giardiasis. Infection water bring cats, dogs, rodents, cows. In water the cysts fall along with the feces and live in it until 5 weeks. Giardia can disrupt the digestive tract, cause a fine rash on the body that resembles hives. The patient complains of nausea, dizziness, and loses appetite.

    Почему после купания появляются прыщи

    Fungal infections

    Many fungi living in the water, can live on human skin, nails and even internal organs. Swimming in prohibited places can easily become the cause of mycosis. If the rash on the body accompanied by peeling, itching, cracks, most likely in the body has penetrated the fungus. Vector control there are people, birds, rodents.

    Почему после купания появляются прыщи

    Treatment for ambulance

    Rash and severe itching when infected larvae of worms can be removed menthol ointment. Red bubbles can be washed soda solution, if not near the medicines. Also copes with everything the Vietnamese balm «Asterisk». Patient cercariosis be sure to show the doctor.

    Zits with strong itching must be washed with soap and water, carefully so as not to cause irritation on the body. Then take a shower, and even better a bath with herbal decoction of chamomile or celandine. Instead of a bath to clean the body make lotions of decoction of medicinal plants. Allergic rashes can take an antihistamine. At high temperature, taking antipyretics, and if both are allergic, or infectious process there was a cold, buried vasoconstrictors.

    To what doctor to seek help

    First and foremost, you need to consult a dermatologist, who will find the cause of skin rashes. Acne can be a result of allergic reactions, in this case, it will need examination by the allergist. If the cause of skin disease become infection, the patient must be examined by a doctor of infectious diseases.

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    The influence of the reservoirs on health of human skin

    In the summer I especially want to hide from the heat in the cool water, but before swimming in fresh water or lake you need to carefully study the safety rules and to weigh the risks. The temperature increase becomes a cause of multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in water that can cause many skin problems and infectious diseases. Bathing in clean water can strengthen the immune system, positively affect the nervous system, because it is not necessary to deprive yourself of this pleasure. If in a lake with clean water there is a lot of vegetation and swimming birds, it is better to stay away from water activities, because people can wait for cercaria.

    The most dangerous area is considered closed water bodies with stagnant water contaminated with industrial waste and garbage.

    To the doctor should immediately contact in the following cases:

  • the temperature rise immediately after visiting the waterfront or within a few days;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • red pimples or spots on the body, accompanied by itching;
  • pain in the ears;
  • redness and inflammation of the eye.
  • Почему после купания появляются прыщи

    Prevention and tips

    Swimming is, of course, you only need to clean ponds, where it is allowed to plunge into the water without risk to health. Generally, in polluted and dangerous waters for man is a special sign with warning sign. To avoid being infected when swimming in unknown waters, you must follow some simple rules:

  • do not swim in the water with ducks and other waterfowl;
  • feed the birds just outside the pond so they are not left in the water and not spread worms;
  • lubricate the skin with oil or a special cream repellent;
  • not to go into the lake or river with dirty and colored water;
  • it is better to choose rubber Slippers to protect yourself from cuts and injuries;
  • cuts and scrapes are a contraindication to swimming in indoor pools.
  • The beaches must be specially equipped for swimming, and fish are better to fish from the boat, not to go into the water, especially if it is the reeds. If immersion in water can not be avoided, it is necessary to protect the skin with special clothing, rubber high boots. It is not recommended to swim in areas where there are ducks and other birds that feed people. For protection against cercariae applied to the body means with the repellent, which lasts for 1 or 2 hours. Instead of a special ointments can be spread the skin cream based on vaseline.

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    In reservoirs with small bottom water warms up much faster, which promotes the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms the larvae of the worms. It is better to choose beaches with fewer people, there is a risk of infection much smaller. The rules of swimming will help to avoid infection:

    1. You need to be in water more than 10 minutes.
    2. Swimming in the lakes with a depth less than one meter.
    3. After bathing, rinse with clean running water.

    Почему после купания появляются прыщи

    Many people want to plunge into the cool water in the hot summer, but such water treatment is often end of various infectious processes, and penetration of the parasites into the body. It is important to remember that not every pond is suitable for swimming, because you need to carefully choose the place to stay, so you do not have to seek medical help. The risk of infection is during the summer, but following the rules of prevention can avoid the unpleasant skin diseases.

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