Why appear on the beard acne and how to fight them

The beard is the ornament for many men, but it is necessary to properly care to avoid skin irritation or rashes. Pimples on the face are formed not only in women but also in males. Especially common are rashes on the beard and cheeks under the beard. Small red or white bumps are localized in most cases on the chin in men, but can spread to entire face, neck. If there was a beard pimples, you should never take action and start treatment in order not to aggravate the situation.

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  • Causes of acne on the beard
  • Pimples on cheeks
  • Rash on the chin
  • What to do if the acne has appeared in the beard in men?
  • Do I need to shave to cure acne?
  • When shaving is necessary?
  • Treatment of acne on the face
  • Drugs
  • Care for problem skin
  • Home remedies
  • Food
  • Rashes, you can leave the beard
  • The treatment of these lesions
  • Prevention of acne on the beard
  • How important is shaving for the health of the skin?
  • Causes of acne on the beard

    Beautiful and well-groomed beard adorns the man, but what if the skin had pimples? Do you need to shave off the beard? To start is to understand what causes the skin rash is formed:

  • insufficient care;
  • incorrect shaving;
  • various diseases of the skin;
  • frequent stressful situation;
  • subcutaneous mite;
  • anabolic steroids.
  • Facial hair is constantly updated, and the hair follicles may from time to time to become inflamed, leading to rashes. Often men, growing a beard, faced with the fact that the hairs with a length of half an inch start to bend and hurt crashing into the skin, causing irritation and redness. Internal factors, because of which there is a rash on the chin, have poor nutrition, chronic processes in the body, alcohol consumption, Smoking, and lack of sleep.

    Pimples on cheeks

    Many men have a small beard causes itching and irritation. Due to constant exposure to small hairs on the skin of men formed small red pimples. This condition takes place when the length of the hair will increase. The cause of the rash on the cheeks is often the malfunction of endocrine system, hormone disruption, in this case, you should visit a dermatologist and endocrinologist. Such pimples can be a sign of diabetes or seborrhea.

    Rash on the chin

    Due to the dense vegetation of the men with a beard his chin skin is cleaned badly, causing the formation of new inflamed pimples. The area of the chin is fragile, since during the day to touch it with dirty hands many times. Habit to rely on the chin with one hand also contributes to pollution of the skin. Common cause of rashes have gastrointestinal disease, e.g., goiter. In this case also suffers the immune system. Rashes in men on the face are divided into the following types:

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  • red bumps with severe itching due to allergic reactions;
  • inflammatory education due to the penetration into the wound bacteria;
  • white education in the blockage of the sebaceous glands of various contaminants;
  • white pus pimples inflammation.
  • Почему появляются на бороде прыщи и как с ними бороться

    What to do if the acne has appeared in the beard in men?

    To get rid of pimples, appearing in men beard, you should use an alcohol-based lotions for disinfection of acne, daily skin cleansing with antiseptic soap, and also prescribed anti-inflammatory or other means depending on the form of rashes.

    If the pimples are accompanied by severe itching, pain and discomfort, it is better to consult a specialist.

    Do I need to shave to cure acne?

    Skin irritation is often the result of shaving, because they hide small lesions over the beard. The correct way is the treatment of skin diseases until the beginning of sprouting beard. If the pimples do not bother, perhaps, shaving is not necessary, but the exact answer will give only a specialist after a thorough examination of the patient.

    In many cases, you will need a local application ointments, creams or masks, which will not give the desired result when the dense vegetation on the face. If acne is quite large, with a threat of a purulent process of shaving the opposite in order not to injure the damaged skin. It is better to first cure the rash, and then having to shave off his mustache or beard.

    When shaving is necessary?

    To a radical way of shaving the beard should be resorted to only in extreme cases when the skin is suffering from fungal rashes, various infectious processes of Demodex mites. Such skin diseases require a local treatment that facial hair is a bit more difficult, so there are cases where shaving the beard is necessary.

    Почему появляются на бороде прыщи и как с ними бороться

    Treatment of acne on the face

    In the treatment of acne on the face use a holistic approach.


    The choice of drugs is affected by the type of skin diseases. The main purpose of these products is the elimination of excess sebum, cleansing the top layer of dead skin cells and remove bacteria and inflammatory process on the skin. Among the most common means is Zener, baziron, zinc ointment, nasal spray and metronidazole.

    Care for problem skin

    Can not do without beauty treatments, correct nutrition, avoiding harmful habits. The first thing you need to observe the following recommendations for the care of problematic skin.

    1. Every morning a man should wash his face with a special product according to your skin type.
    2. You need to remove the dead skin layer by using a peeling or a scrub made from natural ingredients. For such purposes suitable ground coffee.
    3. Toning. As a tonic you can take the finished cosmetic product, but you need to consider the type of skin men.
    4. Disinfection. Suitable salicylic alcohol, various essential oils and tools based on them.
    5. Moisturizing the face during the treatment should be done with the help of anti-inflammatory cream, for example, with zinc, which is applied after cleansing.

    Home remedies

    Of course, it is better to consult a specialist, but if this is not possible, you can use some ways to treat rashes at home. One of the most effective means is coal-tar soap, which wash the face. It is able to kill bacteria, stop the inflammation and excess sebum. The fresh juice of cucumber, the pulp of aloe Vera and a decoction of chamomile or calendula suitable for wiping the skin.


    Should definitely reconsider your diet and eliminate harmful foods. Food should be rich in vitamins and minerals, because the body will be much easier to cope with the problem.

    Rashes, you can leave the beard

    Acne is a rash that can cure even men with a thick beard. If the skin is oily or prone to rashes, no daily shaving process will have on it a positive impact. In small micro-cracks will get infected and the skin will be cleaner. Small black dots should not be a reason for hair removal from the face, with proper skin care and adherence to all phases of cleansing.

    The treatment of these lesions

    To disinfect pimples using salicylic alcohol or tincture of calendula. Also acne treated with anti-inflammatory ointment or cream. Point is applied the lotion to disinfect, which will put education on the face and stop the inflammation.

    Почему появляются на бороде прыщи и как с ними бороться

    Prevention of acne on the beard

    Often men provoke rashes on my skin after shaving. Many of them refuse to shave because of the strong irritation, which can only be dealt with competently performing the procedure. Proper technique and the use of special tools to do this daily process will be the best prevention of rashes on the beard.

    1. First the hair on the beard rinsed several times with warm water. For coarse hair will suit a compress for a few minutes of wet hot towels.
    2. Next, apply the foam and wait a minute or two, until the ingredients will soften the skin.
    3. In the process of shaving is better as often as possible to rinse the razor with water.
    4. At the end of the procedure, the face is rinsed with cool water to close the pores.

    How important is shaving for the health of the skin?

    The process of shaving is an essential daily ritual for most men. Should pay attention to this process, choosing only machines of high quality with sharp blades, and a special lotions and foam should match the skin type. For good hydration perfect gel for shaving. After the procedure is applied to the skin moisturizer, then applies to the majority of the process will not be so painful.

    Pimples or acne can damage the skin, leaving behind scars and blemishes, if you do not treat them properly. Rash on the beard quite often be a symptom of serious diseases. At the initial stages of skin respond well to treatment even on the chin and on the cheeks under the beard, the important thing is to choose the right tools to determine the cause of such rashes.