Why back pimples and how to fight them effectively

The formation of pimples on the back of disappointing, especially since they are often a symptom of problems, as in adult, and the child’s body. A large number of sebaceous glands on the back explains the prevalence of lesions in this location. To answer the question of why on the back of pimples, you must know the factors that affect this process.

The content of the article

  • Causes of back acne
  • External causes
  • Not natural clothing
  • The role of nutrition
  • A stressful situation
  • The influence of the sun
  • Peeling back
  • Squeezing pimples
  • Weather conditions
  • Internal causes
  • The endocrine system
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Common causes in women
  • Rash on back for men
  • Adolescence
  • Allergic reactions
  • How to recognize the rash
  • To what doctor to address
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • Treatment medication
  • Folk remedies
  • Birch tar
  • Sea salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Potatoes
  • What rash do not touch
  • Video topic: the Danger of acne
  • Causes of back acne

    The appearance of lesions on the back are guilty of a violation of the sebaceous glands, but also causes heredity and other factors that can be divided into two kinds of external and internal nature.

    External causes

    The first of causes are environmental factors, nutrition and other external influences on the body.

    Not natural clothing

    Synthetic fabric often leads to acne. Such clothing prevents the normal passage of air and the sweat, bacteria multiply rapidly, popping comedones. Composed of synthetic materials is acrylic, polyamide and other substances. Need to minimize the wearing of products from these tissues. This includes tight clothing that creates friction with the skin, making it inflamed.

    The role of nutrition

    Unbalanced diet affects the overall health of any person. The presence in the diet of fatty, fried and spicy food greatly contributes to inflammatory processes in the skin. Unnecessary substances and toxins formed in the body after digestion, are brought out through the skin, thus clogging the pores. Refusing bad foods, you can avoid the period of exacerbation in winter and summer. Lack of vitamins and minerals also leads to problems with the skin.

    A stressful situation

    If a person has in life a lot of nervous stress and challenging psychological situations, there is a probability of formation of rashes not only on the back, but throughout the body. In this case, a survey conducted by the neurologist.

    The influence of the sun

    Ultraviolet rays speed up the sebaceous glands and increases sebum production. You cannot stay in the sun too long.

    Peeling back

    Too active back cleanse beauty products often leads to skin problems. The top layer, which serves as a protection for the skin, collapses under the intense effect of a scrub or lotion and bacteria because of this cause inflammation.

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    Squeezing pimples

    Very often people squeeze comedones on the skin. It promotes more bacterial growth and spread of acne. After extruding can stay unpleasant scars, you can’t do in any case.

    Weather conditions

    Winter and summer skin is more prone to rashes. Heat helps increased secretion of fat, the skin becomes more rough, there are bumps and acne. Infection leads to inflammatory processes. Because the back is sensitive enough, there is a risk of papules, cysts and pustules, deep marks from pimples, so when the first problems you must consult a specialist. In the winter often rashes are formed due to overheating.

    Почему на спине появляются прыщи и как с ними эффективно бороться

    Internal causes

    Causes skin problem can be an internal problem.

    The endocrine system

    Sometimes the cause of the rash there are failures in the endocrine system. For example, the lack of or excess of sex hormones affects skin problems. General intoxication is also expressed in the form of rashes.

    Violation of the gastrointestinal tract

    Goiter and other diseases of the stomach and intestines affect the skin. Sweat glands, through which appears harmful substances in case of problems with the digestive tract, become inflamed easily.

    Common causes in women

    Disease transmitted by chaff, may cause rashes in women. Various inflammatory processes also affect the health of the skin. During pregnancy and after childbirth the female body endures many changes, hormonal surge that directly affects the skin. Women feel very uncomfortable, because they are ashamed to appear on the beach or in the pool. Timely treatment to the doctor will help to remove unpleasant rash.

    Rash on back for men

    Men unlike women are more stable hormonal balance in the body, but they also often suffer from skin problems. Back acne they have because of failures in metabolic processes, impaired fat metabolism, production of certain hormones.


    Often the rash on the back explains the hormonal changes in the body of a teenager. The hormones that are produced in large numbers, cause clogging of pores. Do not think that the critical period will pass quickly and the pimples disappear, because this process depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of every teenager and need medical help.

    Почему на спине появляются прыщи и как с ними эффективно бороться

    Allergic reactions

    Back acne and other parts of the body are often the result of contact with the allergen. Today dye clothing often use material of poor quality, as well as an Allergy to cosmetic products for daily body care. Small red spots indicate an allergic reaction of the organism, the real cause which can be determined only by the doctor. Allergy symptoms on the back the following:

  • redness;
  • itching and peeling;
  • small red spots.
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  • The symptoms depend on the degree of development of the disease and from the allergen, but in severe cases of back acne accompanied by fever, nervous agitation, aggressive behavior of the patient. Allergens enter through food, through air, through contact with drugs, and also due to use of poor quality cosmetics.

    In addition to the back allergies is localized on the face, head, eyes and hands. Rash on back lead to discomfort and in urgent need of therapy, especially in children. Treatment involves immediate elimination of the allergen, but in order to discover the appropriate medical help.

    Почему на спине появляются прыщи и как с ними эффективно бороться

    How to recognize the rash

    The size and appearance of pimples on the back of the judge about the reason of their occurrence and the presence of a disease in humans. Small inflamed pimples most likely mean acne. Clogged pores due to increased sebum becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, causing pimples to form acne. Most often this problem occurs in women due to hormonal changes, it is often in men.

    Symptoms of an allergic reaction have pimples on the back, accompanied by severe itching. They have a size of several millimeters. Larger than acne could be cystic acne. In this case they are large and dense, but inside is pus.

    To what doctor to address

    Even a small rash on the back should not be overlooked, because without treatment, they leave deep marks on the body. It is better to seek medical help, because pimples are the precursors of many serious diseases. The first step is to visit a dermatologist, specialization which allows you to define the appearance the cause of the disease.

    If the doctor suspects internal disturbances in the patient, he recommends you to visit an endocrinologist or gasroenterology. Also, the reason there are women’s diseases, to determine who will be able gynecologist. Sometimes the rash is the infection, then consult a infectious disease. In each case you will need different medical care.

    Почему на спине появляются прыщи и как с ними эффективно бороться

    The choice of methods of treatment

    Treatment of back acne is quite time consuming, but necessary. Despite the fact that the skin is much thicker than on the face, she is in constant contact with clothing, which complicates the treatment process.

    Treatment medication

    Effective medicines use hydrogen peroxide. 3% solution is used for daily treatment of the affected areas on the back. Good result gives salicylic acid, which has a drying and disinfectant action. Acne also need to be lubricated with tincture of calendula twice a day, especially in the warm season.

    Usually the doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics to eliminate the infection. For local use drugs Zener, baziron, and others. It is also recommended a special diet with no cakes, chocolate, citrus, spicy and smoked dishes.

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    It is important to clean the body and stick to a daily personal hygiene. Only in complex with traditional treatment using methods of traditional medicine.

    Folk remedies

    Along with medications widely used traditional methods of treatment.

    Birch tar

    One of the most popular remedies for treatment is coal-tar soap, and lotion or cream containing birch tar. It dries the affected skin and reduces inflammation.

    Sea salt

    Very effective bath with sea salt. In the water in addition to salt add herbal decoctions of chamomile, calendula, celandine, tea tree oil. For one bath you need 500 grams of salt. We can not accept such procedure for pregnant and nursing moms.

    Lemon juice

    Wiping shallow scars on back lemon juice will help to reduce the number of lesions in the initial stages of skin problems. Such wiping is done daily for one hour, then they wash off.

    Ice cubes

    Herbal decoction of perennial daisies, celandine freeze in ice cubes and wipe over problem areas daily.


    Five medium potatoes chopped, add one egg yolk, 250 ml of milk. Spread the mixture of affected areas, leave on for 20 minutes.

    What rash do not touch

    Back acne are the result not only of external stimuli but also of internal processes, it is forbidden to squeeze them. Infection which can get into the open wound, leads to greater reproduction of the rash. Squeezing just one kamedonov, you can open the gate for infection. Each new squeezing increases the total number of lesions. Red inflamed pimples, too, can not touch it, and it is better to consult a dermatologist or other physician.

    Any method of treatment of skin problems on the back needs to take into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the nature of the lesions and laboratory tests. The problem is quite complex, so it requires a professional approach. Only a comprehensive treatment, natural wear, a change in diet and lifestyle will give the expected result in the form of a clean and healthy skin on the back.

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