Why do girls get pimples and how to fight them?

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy skin, but daily application of cosmetics, chronic illness, environment and many other factors changes its state. Often a rash on the face associated with monthly hormonal changes in the body. To understand why girls have acne on my face appear before menstruation or during adolescence, it is necessary to find out the causes of skin diseases.

The content of the article

  • Causes of acne in girls
  • Age criteria
  • Acne that are found only on female
  • Characteristics of the rashes and their types
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • Treatment of pimples caused by female problems
  • Traditional therapy
  • Popular recipes
  • Calendula
  • Lemon juice
  • Aloe
  • Ground coffee
  • What rash do not touch
  • Videos about acne in girls
  • Causes of acne in girls

    Usually the problem of acne on the face is particularly acute for girls in the period of active growth of their body and hormonal changes. Today skin rash concerned women of different ages. Menopause, cosmetics, stress cause skin diseases after 40 years.

    During pregnancy the body undergoes several hormonal changes and as a adverse reactions is the fatigue, malaise and a rash on the face. Pimples appear on any part of the body and usually held together with the end of menstruation. It is important not to push such formations on the skin not to bring germs. The monthly cycle lasts 28 days, and in the middle of this period there is the highest concentration of progesterone in the blood, which affects the sebaceous glands.

    Age criteria

    If young girls pimples on the body do not cause bewilderment, then more adult women skin rashes can indicate different diseases of the internal organs and other serious reasons.

    The modern woman is in no hurry to have children and often this important process occurs after 30 years. Pregnancy and abrupt withdrawal of birth control pills can cause various skin diseases. An important role for human health is stress or depression, which take strength, energy and can be expressed in the form of pimples on the skin. When the emotional state of a woman stabiliziruemost, rashes are.

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    Почему у девушек появляются прыщи и как с ними бороться?

    Teenage acne

    After 12-13 years rashes appear on the skin of almost every teenager. Excessive activity of hormones at this tender age often becomes the cause of such skin problems. Increased release of fat due to the violation of the sebaceous glands leads to clogged pores and bacteria provoke an inflammatory process. If you do not press the formation on the face, eat right and seek help from a doctor, it is possible to survive this turbulent period without serious complications for the skin.

    Почему у девушек появляются прыщи и как с ними бороться?

    Adult ladies

    In women after 35 years, any pimple on the body can be a symptom of the disruption of the internal organs, because of the need to consult a dermatologist, gynecologist and other specialists. In most cases, the cause of the rash is menopause, signs of which are manifested at the age of 40-45 years. Because acne grows every year, often pimples can be seen on Mature skin during menopause. The reason for that will serve all the same hormonal changes in the body. Among the other factors causing skin diseases, there are:

  • stressful situation;
  • hormonal changes in connection with the menopause;
  • PMS;
  • intake of oral contraceptives;
  • cosmetics;
  • acne associated with menstruation.
  • Почему у девушек появляются прыщи и как с ними бороться?

    With age it is necessary to use more cosmetics to prevent aging of the skin and to hide existing wrinkles on the face. The choice of cream or tonic low quality can disrupt the natural protective layer of the skin and thus trigger inflammation and rashes. A thick layer of Foundation will serve as a medium for bacterial growth.

    Do not forget that every age is right your kind of cosmetics.

    Почему у девушек появляются прыщи и как с ними бороться?

    Acne that are found only on female

    Among the skin problems that occur only in women of different ages have acne caused by PMS, pregnancy or menopause. Men have hormonal changes each month, like women, so they have significant differences between skin diseases.

    Characteristics of the rashes and their types

    In the period of menstrual flow and for several days before they exhibit mood changes women, health and skin condition. Typically, the amount of progesterone increases in the last phase of the cycle, shortly before the critical days. The skin in this period is susceptible to environmental factors, cosmetics, stress and responds by pimples on the forehead, chin, back.

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    When hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation pores clogged by sebum, and then in such an environment can easily get the bacterium and start the inflammatory process. Because a frequent phenomenon is the acne on the face and red bumps all over my body. Painful acne appear due to the inflammation of the hair follicle along with clogged pores.

    The choice of methods of treatment

    To clear the skin from lesions will need comprehensive treatment and expert advice. The first is to visit a dermatologist, and a gynecologist or gastroenterologist, if rashes girls associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Treatment of pimples caused by female problems

    As women cause of skin diseases is more likely to be hormonal changes, treatment is chosen according to skin type. Regardless of age and causes of rash, you need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • not to squeeze acne on the body;
  • do not apply too greasy cream that could further clog the pores;
  • do not use for facial cleansing with a rough sponge;
  • to cancel the peeling at the time of treatment.
  • It is important to control your emotions and not be influenced by negative factors that it is very difficult for girls because of the constant hormonal changes in her body.

    Почему у девушек появляются прыщи и как с ними бороться?

    Modern treatment

    Even the most expensive and effective medicines will not work if the girl does not observe the rules of personal hygiene, it presses the acne and washes away makeup from the face. Regular care, quality cosmetic products and nutrition is able to make skin healthy at any age.

    Traditional therapy

    Remedies with salicylic and glycolic acid eliminate the rash at any stage. For aging skin products with retinol, which not only eliminates acne, but also smooth out wrinkles. If the body has an inflammatory areas, not to do drugs based on benzoyl peroxide. Bacteria killing ointments antibiotic ointments are sometimes not enough and prescribed a course of tablets in severe cases of acne.

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    Popular recipes

    To make the skin more healthy, significantly reduce inflammation and the amount of sebum will help folk remedies.


    A tincture of calendula can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own. It is well dries inflamed skin and prevents bacteria.

    Lemon juice

    Mix fresh lemon juice with water in equal proportions and RUB this mixture in the problem areas every day.


    The leaf of a plant to disrupt and leave for a week in the fridge. Then, the resulting mixture to wipe the face.

    Ground coffee

    To cleanse polluted pores perfectly ground coffee. Add lemon juice, blue clay.

    What rash do not touch

    Small pimples without the inflammation process often are themselves. If the cause of the rash was stress, when it passes, the skin will become clean. They should not squeeze or to cover the creams, which will only exacerbate the situation. Pimples before menstruation, too, are, as soon as stabiliziruemost the level of hormones in the blood.

    Girls are often faced with skin diseases in different period of his life. Menstruation, pregnancy, adolescence, and daily application of cosmetics cause skin problems. The skin needs nutrients, regular cleansing and moisturizing. Acne during menopause are also a common problem. At any age it is important to treat inflamed skin and the time to seek help.

    Videos about acne in girls