Why due to gastritis pimples on the skin

Has long been known that the skin is a reflection of the health of the human body. Problems in many organs, especially the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, can cause acne or inflammation. Often formed due to gastritis acne, which is considered a very common disease. Complete cleansing is possible only after treatment of the underlying cause of the rash.

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  • Possible skin problems gastritis
  • Urticaria
  • Acne
  • Wrong selection of the drug and skin
  • Effect of condition the internal organs to the skin
  • The influence of gut
  • Acne and gallbladder
  • The heart and other organs
  • Proper diet for gastritis
  • Rash treatment gastritis
  • Popular recipes
  • Traditional means
  • The advice of doctors
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    Possible skin problems gastritis

    Gastritis is called the pathological process in the gastric mucosa. The disease occurs at any age and even becomes the cause of early aging of the skin. From the correct digestive system depends on the assimilation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and any violation of the essential processes affect the condition of the skin. Depending on what type of gastritis, the patient is different type of skin rash. The lack of treatment of inflammation of the walls of the stomach leads to pimples on the face, abdomen, chin and other parts of the body.


    Very bright on the skin is allergic gastritis in the form of urticaria with severe itching. Pimples range in size from two millimeters to one centimeter. Most often they are localized in the abdominal area. Urticaria specific to childhood and is often accompanied by allergic angioedema. After the stomach has received the allergen, the reaction of rash on my stomach.

    Почему из-за гастрита появляются прыщи на коже


    But gastritis cause skin rashes in the form of black dots is a colitis, a dysbacteriosis of an intestine. Usually pimples occur due to disorders of sebaceous glands and clogging of pores, because they are infection. Poor assimilation of food due to gastritis leads to the release of toxins and as a consequence the appearance of the rash. In the case of gastritis topical treatment does not help to achieve the disappearance of acne is possible only after getting rid of the underlying disease.

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    Wrong selection of the drug and skin

    Sometimes the cause of skin diseases is an incorrect selection of medicines. In the treatment of gastritis important point is diagnosis to determine the type of disease. If the survey was not carried out properly, there is room for error in the selection of medication.

    Redness or pimples of different sizes can be allergic reaction to the drug. Such eruptions are treated immediate cancellation of the medicine. The following drugs were most often invoke an allergic reaction in the skin:

  • sulfa means;
  • antibiotics of penicillin group;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Self-treatment especially will not lead to positive results in such a serious matter as gastritis.

    Effect of condition the internal organs to the skin

    The skin is called a reflection of the state of the internal organs of any person. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, infection in the body and other factors that respond to different lesions on the skin.

    The influence of gut

    Intestinal dysbiosis leads to the growth of bacteria and degradation of its flora, which immediately affects the health of the skin. Manifestations of intestinal diseases there is constipation or diarrhoea. If the skin is prone to peeling, covered with yellow spots and pimples, one cosmetic care is not enough.

    The deficit of useful substances in violation of the assimilation of trace elements leads to poor health, hair, nails and skin.

    Acne and gallbladder

    Another reason for skin problems is pathology of the gallbladder. Insufficient production of bile during a meal contributes to the improper absorption of nutrients in the intestines and as a consequence rash.

    The heart and other organs

    Pimples on the nose sometimes indicate heart disease. Red spots on cheeks are due to problems with the heart. The liver and pancreas are also often seen with small lesions on the skin, so any acne should be treated carefully, especially if there is no effect from local treatment.

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    Почему из-за гастрита появляются прыщи на коже

    Proper diet for gastritis

    For people with any type of gastritis in the first place it is recommended a special diet. You will need a waiver fatty, salty and spicy food. The dishes are prepared steamed, roasted, stewed. Need to increase the number of meals per day and reduce the portion. Recovery is facilitated Smoking cessation. Positive impact on the health daily presence of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

    Cooked food seasoned with olive or sunflower oil. Fatty meats are replaced with lean types, instead of mayonnaise eat more natural sauces, such as yogurt. Sweet breads it is advisable to limit, and for dessert, eat more fresh fruits, dried fruits. The list of restrictions goes of instant coffee. Other foods that should be limited:

  • dairy products;
  • all varieties of fish;
  • citrus;
  • chocolate;
  • nuts.
  • To cope with skin problems helps taking vitamin complexes, fatty acids. Vitamin B5 and A beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract with gastritis and promote healing of the mucous membrane. If the patient adheres to a healthy diet, taking vitamins, then the acne will go away much faster than without any special diet.

    Почему из-за гастрита появляются прыщи на коже

    Rash treatment gastritis

    Skin problems gastritis need time to resolve. Timely visit to a dermatologist and other professionals will help to prevent further complications. Usually an antibiotic is prescribed.

    Popular recipes

    «Calm down» gastritis the main cause of skin rashes help folk remedies. The high acidity helps potato juice which you should drink three times a day before meals of 100 ml. to Reduce the high acidity can infusion of peppermint, licorice, calamus root, flax seeds. For gastritis with low acidity is recommended the juice of plantain, as well as herbal dandelion, chamomile, calendula.

    For the prevention and treatment of acute gastritis in autumn and spring, take decoction of blueberries. Cope with constipation a folk remedy from a buckthorn tree. Before Breakfast be sure to drink a few glasses of water, and then take one tablespoon of oil, which has a choleretic effect.

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    Important: the above recipes to contribute only temporary pain relief, reduces acidity in the stomach and normalize the skin.

    Traditional means

    If the use of means for the local treatment does not give the desired result, then you need to eliminate the cause of the disease. In case of gastritis it is necessary to know what type of disease the patient has. If the cause of the rash was an allergic gastritis, you will need the antihistamine drugs and the definition of the allergen. Small pimples in the form of urticaria, is recommended to treat first the cancellation of the allergen that caused the disease.

    The advice of doctors

    Recommendations of gastroenterology gastritis are reduced to change diet, careful hygiene, daily cleaning of the face from makeup and dirt, moisturize the skin. Useful would be to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, coffee and carbonated beverages.

    Food greatly affects the condition of the skin, so you need to always monitor the quality of the products, and also not to forget about additional reception of vitamin preparations.

    Very often it gastritis causes acne. Long-term outcome can ensure the timely inspection and correctly chosen treatment. Diet and healthy lifestyle will help to get rid of oily skin and stomach diseases.


    The symptoms of gastritis. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori.