Why hurt a wart on the skin and what to do?

Почему болит бородавка на коже и что делать?Hello, dear readers. Agree that beauty and warts – two incompatible concepts, but, unfortunately, many people facing the same problem.

A wart is a benign, usually do not bring their medium much discomfort.

However, there are cases when the place of growth there is pain, irritation and redness. This causes discomfort, and even fear.

What to do in such a situation and why it hurts wart? To these questions we will try to give a clear answer in this article.

Just want to say that if you had any changes with your skin, you should consult a dermatologist.

He will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and inform you about the methods of treatment and prevention. The same advice applies to the warts, especially if they begin to hurt badly.

So, there are several signs by which you can diagnose yourself «threat» the wart. What do you mean threat? This means that it can cause cancer or other serious problems.

  • Warts has uneven color (red, interspersed with dark or even black);
  • The build-up grows, it changes its color;
  • A growing number of warts;
  • Warts, hurts, itches or bleeding;
  • Education is localized where there is a risk of increased injury.

All these troubles can go both in complex and separately. If you notice that the wart is itchy or sore, it can cause the development of pathologies.

Common causes of inflammation of skin growths

  • Emotional turmoil and stress;
  • Injury;
  • Long use of hormonal drugs;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Hereditary pathology.

Consider a few situations when you experience discomfort in the formation of growths.

Why suffer warts on the limbs?

Почему болит бородавка на коже и что делать?Often skin lesions are localized on these parts of the body. Note that these places are more vulnerable to injury. For this reason, the growths can become inflamed, causing severe pain.

For example, warts on the hands are often the result of professional activities, contact with chemical substances or a sick person.

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You may not notice that you have accidentally torn off or injured a wart on your finger or other body part. Only pay attention when you feel pain.

In this case you should treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide, apply a gauze bandage and seek medical attention. Should not self-treat or remove the build-up. This certainly will bring you more troubles.

Why sore wart on my feet?

One of the reasons can be that the mole rubs against clothing, which is often made of substandard materials.

If it is dense, does not allow the skin to breathe, and besides, constantly dirty, it will constantly irritate the place of growth. That’s why you will feel pain.

In this case, try changing to a lighter. Most importantly, it was made from natural breathable materials.

Especially the unpleasant sensation of pain occur when growths on the foot. Such formations are called plantar.

Sick they can because the affected area is constantly under pressure. When walking the wart rubs on shoes, causing discomfort. In this case, will only the doctor who will remove just the wart on the heel, so you can again walk without pain.

If the warts on your head

Почему болит бородавка на коже и что делать?Warts on the head often resemble nodules and have a flat shape. They are invisible in the hair, whereby there is a risk to traumatize them in the process of combing. It is very dangerous. If you constantly rip off, it can develop into a tumor.

After injury to the wart in that area you can also get the risk of infection, as the hair accumulates dust, dirt and various micro-organisms.

That is why, when this education is better immediately go to the doctor. The perfect way to remove such warts laser or cauterization by liquid nitrogen. Fear not, both treatments are safe and virtually painless.

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If you are afraid that you will be hurt, the doctor will give you local anesthesia and you definitely won’t feel a thing.

What if the barnacles changed its color?

Почему болит бородавка на коже и что делать?If you notice, in the build-up of dark blotches or warts blackened or swollen, then a visit to a specialist not exactly worth the wait.

In this case histological examination of education, which will help to identify the development of the carcinoma or melanoma. This is a very serious sign of bad warts, which definitely should not be ignored.

Pain after removal

With the previous situations figured out, but what if the wart hurts after deletion. Usually doctors after completion of this procedure give the patient advice on the care of the affected area.

For example, after cauterization with liquid nitrogen possible discharge of ichor. If you constantly touch this place, it is also possible discomfort.

To avoid this, it is necessary several times a day to treat skin 2% salicylic alcohol or a strong solution of potassium permanganate.

After a week the pain will subside and it will begin peeling of the tissue, then treatment can be discontinued. By the way, if you’re doing the right thing, it will avoid scar formation on the skin.

Is it possible to get rid of warts by yourself?

Почему болит бородавка на коже и что делать?Unfortunately, some people don’t like to go to doctors and trying to get rid of warts at home. As drugs many choose celandine.

This plant, in fact, can be dangerous for the skin. If you put a lot of juice, and to get their healthy skin more likely to burn.

After celandine education can hurt and excrete pus when pressed. If you notice such effects, treatment should be discontinued immediately.

We advise you not to self-medicate, and seek assistance only from professionals.

So, let’s summarize. If you notice that your warts become sore, reddened or inflamed, your initial action should be to not touch the wart: do not tear, do not RUB, not smear anything.

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If you still have hurt growth, it is necessary to treat the wound with peroxide and make an appointment to see a doctor. Remember, only an experienced doctor will examine education, to conduct all necessary examinations and subsequently to remove the wart without harming your health.

If you have already deleted the build-up in the hospital, follow all the recommendations that were given to you after the procedure.

In the event of failure of all the manipulations, the warts may reappear on the body or the scar will remain, that looks very ugly.

By the way, you can choose the nearest medical facility, thanks to a convenient search function on our website at this page.

What to do if you have this problem, but in the clinic only a few days? We can help you! Ask our specialist to obtain a qualified answer. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)