Why is there a herpes on the foot and how can it be cured?

Hello, dear reader! Jumped the herpes on the leg? Why did this happen? The reasons may be several, but the principle of treatment of herpes infection is always the same. The article will talk about what type of virus affects the lower extremities and that it needs to be done.

What causes rash on the lower extremities?

Почему появился герпес на ноге и как его можно вылечить?Herpes is called viral infection, which many of us picked up in childhood and even during birth, while others only have to deal with it.

This disease is very common, she was struck by virtually the entire population of the globe.

Some are asymptomatic, so the presence of it in the body people can not guess, others develop with striking characteristic signs and punctually gives relapses.

To date, we know eight types of agents provocateurs such infection. The lesions of the lower extremities can trigger all three:

  • the first type – he provokes cold on the lips;
  • the second type causes genital infection;
  • the third type – aka chicken pox and shingles.

Chickenpox, which almost all of us had been ill in childhood deserves special attention, as it has neobychnye in the form of herpes zoster. A relapse can develop on any parts of human body that depends on where the virus settles.

The virus is not eliminated from the body completely. After recovery, we think, the virus settles in the nerves and sleep until then, unless there is a favorable conditions for its activation.

The main favorable condition is the decrease in immunity that occurs often in childhood, as well as after hypothermia, infection, and stress.

Some people have an immunodeficiency, e.g. HIV-infected, so rashes become their constant companions.

The ordinary type of the disease can occur on the feet just in case if the infection happens through wounds on the skin of these extremities.

Почему появился герпес на ноге и как его можно вылечить?But the pox, or rather its recurrence can jump in again whenever they want. Shingles happens mostly in the elderly due to the natural decline of immune protection, as well as in people with immunodeficiency.

Another reason for the spread of infection on the legs is a complication of the usual type of the disease and its transition into a generalized form.

This happens only in people with severe immunodeficiency. In rare cases of generalized infection observed in children who contracted herpes disease in utero from the mother.


Each type of infection has its own characteristics and features. For example, if the disease originated in the toes, it is likely that provoked her the first type of pathogens, and infection occurred through the wound on his leg.

This can happen as an adult and a child. Shingles have a slightly different clinical picture:

  • the rash is on thighs with one hand, with the feet it touches slightly, but the main center is located on the side of the torso;
  • the affected area looks more inflamed than in other infections.
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Pirotipii simple herpes is characterized by the fact that the rash he noobshire and do not have fencing in the elongation as the recurrence of chickenpox.

Почему появился герпес на ноге и как его можно вылечить?If the disease in the lower extremities triggered by genital infection (the second type of virus), the symptoms will necessarily be located on the inner thighs, and genitals.

Simple and genital illness begins abruptly and is bright, especially if this is your first outbreak. But herpes zoster develops slowly and in stages.

First, the affected area is severely ill, it will dopolnitelnaya leg and upper back over the affected area. The pain may be far more than one day, and the rash is the main symptom will appear later.

To distinguish the illness from any other illness visually. How, you ask? It is enough to know the external features of the main symptom of the infection herpes rash:

  • tiny blisters with clear content;
  • groups are located close to each other;
  • grow turbid and gradually become white or yellowish color;
  • 3-5 days after the occurrence of the burst and a crust;
  • the crust disappears a few days later, after her skin no marks remained;
  • rash on mucous membranes not covered with a crust, and turns into an ulcer gradually heals.

Почему появился герпес на ноге и как его можно вылечить?Herpes on the feet of kids and adults look the same. In the photo you see a classic painting parvatibai and genital infections and herpes zoster herpes zoster.

Comparing these images, you will understand than a regular herpes is different from a serious relapse of chicken pox.

If the infection made itself felt for the first time, to the above-described additional symptoms include:

  • weakness and breaking sensation in the body;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • temperature rise;
  • nausea and other digestive disorders.

How dangerous is the disease on the legs?

For the average person with a strong immune system, this disease is not dangerous. But during pregnancy it can give serious complications, for example, cause a miscarriage or congenital abnormalities in different types of child.

In the process of carrying a child especially desirable to deal with the infection first, as in the body of the mother will not have the antibodies to protect from viruses.

What to do?

Почему появился герпес на ноге и как его можно вылечить?Refer this problem to a dermatologist, who will carefully examine your affected area and send it to the lab.

Almost always rent an ELISA that determines the antibody to herpes viruses in the blood ill.

If the result is inaccurate, then you will be directed to the more sophisticated and expensive tests such as PCR and culture method.

Traditional treatment of the lower limb

After the tests you will know exactly which virus was encountered, and this will depend on your future behavior. A simple infection can not be treated with special preparations, if it is leaking in the standard form.

Treatment is not appointed children up to the age of 12 since antiviral drugs have a high toxicity. Pregnant women are treated on individual schemes, which designs health care specialist.

If you are expecting a baby and have a simple infection, it can fight its symptoms with the help of local wound healing and antiseptic drugs with analgesic effect:

  • Hydrocortisone ointment;
  • Fenistil in the form of a gel;
  • Dynexan;
  • Lidocaine.
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If you want to ask your doctor to prescribe you antiviral ointment such as Acyclovir. But keep in mind that these drugs must be used in a special scheme – at least five times a day for weeks.

Почему появился герпес на ноге и как его можно вылечить?In shingles, as well as patients with immunodeficiency or simply a weakened immune system, are assigned a more serious antiviral therapy, which is carried out with the use of oral agents such as Acyclovir, Valacyclovir or Famciclovir.

A broad list of medications you will find in a separate article on this website. Pills can be taken only after consultation with a doctor, without a prescription you simply will not buy.

Of great importance also is the strengthening of the immune system. Ill immunocompromised for this prescribers on the basis of interferon and immunomodulators.

People with a normal immune system I recommend to strengthen the protective functions of your organism with vitamins and folk remedies, e.g., Echinacea tincture, which should take 20 drops half an hour before meals three times a day.

The treatment is carried out at home. If the disease you develop in standard form and no complications, then you can treat it with folk remedies.

Some traditional recipes rid of this infection quickly and painlessly? If you are interested, then check out the list and be sure to try these tools.

Alternative healing: what is a folk remedy quickly eliminates the infection?

Traditional medicine offers treatment with the help of tools such as:

  • Baths with sea salt. If you have shingles, struck an impressive area of the skin, treat it with sea salt. Add this ingredient into the tub before each bath. Take a tub bath for at least 15 minutes every two days or everyday. Sea salt is a natural powerful antiseptic, dries and accelerates the healing process of herpes rash.
  • Essential oil of tea tree. Apply it on the infectious nidus every day, the more often you do it, the better. This oil will reduce inflammation and itching, disinfect the wound and accelerate its healing. Is tea tree can use any conifer essential oil, such as fir.
  • Tincture of viburnum berries. To prepare it, take 20 grams of viburnum berries and pour them a glass of boiling water. Allow to stand until cool, and then strain it. Drink a teaspoon three times a day for weeks. You can drink before and after meals, whichever you prefer.
  • Lotions from hawthorn. Brew hawthorn to make a strong decoction, cool and make a compress. Repeat the procedure every day, twice a day during the week. After that, the rash will completely disappear and did not appear.
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    Preventive measures

    Withdraw the disease from the body completely impossible. If you once met her, you will definitely encounter its recurrence, and only from you will depend on how soon it will happen.

    Herpes zoster occurs only once in life and only people who recover from chickenpox. But the common infection genital or Pervolia, may allow relapse up to five times a year.

    Than more frequent relapses, the weaker the immune system, and avoid frequent recurrences will regularly consolidate it.

    To prevent frequent recurrences, observe the following recommendations:

  • Try not SuperCool and not to feel ill. Any SARS can lead to re-activation of the virus. If you have a cold, treat it in a timely fashion, preferably immediately from the first day. Hypothermia may also trigger a relapse, so dress warmly.
  • Not peregrinates in the sun. Thermal shocks cause the body great stress. Stress recurrence of girisindeki happen almost always. Even the slightest overheating can cause repeated sores on the feet.
  • Avoid any other stress. In life often occur negative situations, which have to be nervous. If this happens, take sedative drugs, such as Valerian. Try easier to relate to minor stressful situations and not take everything to heart.
  • Ditch unhealthy habits and take care of your diet. Poor diet and bad habits have a detrimental effect on the immune system. So get rid of them as soon as possible. Eat healthy and nutritious food, make your diet in fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink tea instead of coffee and exercise.
  • Be sure to observe the rules of personal hygiene. In addition, be careful in public places, especially in places such as public toilets, baths, basins. In the above mentioned places, you can get anything but a secondary infection can easily trigger your virus. Provocateurs of this disease can be transmitted contact-household way, so get your personal dishes, Cutlery, towels, toothbrush.
  • Now you know why it occurs and how to treat erisipela on his feet. Perhaps it suffered not you, but your friends?

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)