Why is there a rash with hives and how to fight it?

Hello, dear readers. Very often on our skin appear rash. It can affect eaten food, mechanical or other impacts.

When such symptoms should correct diagnosis often doctors speak about the presence of urticaria. Then the question arises, why, in General, in this disease a rash and how to fight it? The answers to these questions you will learn from today’s article.

Causes of rash

Почему возникает сыпь при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?Urticaria is an allergic dermatological disease that is characterized by the sudden appearance of the skin rash. The skin at the same time begin to itch, swell and redden.

If the swelling moves into the deeper layers of the dermis, for example, in the subcutaneous tissue and even internal organs, this symptom is called angioedema or giant urticaria.

This symptom of disease is the most dangerous, so at the first sign of illness need to get rid of the rash.

It can occur on the hands, feet, face and other parts of the body. Look at the photo below. On it you can see what it looks like rashes on the body when hives.

Very often, the rash moves to the blisters, which have a bright pink color. They can be dense consistency, to merge into one big blur.

In chronic course of the disease the rash may not take place for months or even years but generally it disappears as quickly as it appears.

Reasons that cause recurrent or one-off rash, the doctors are divided into several groups: infectious diseases, medicinal substances, inhaled allergens, food additives and purged food, psychological factors, mechanical or physical effect on the skin, physical illness, heredity.

Rash with urticaria in about 40% of cases appears due to an improperly taken medications, or because of ignorance of contraindications.

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Below is the list of dangerous drugs that may cause rashes on the body: iodine-containing medicines, papaverine, tetracyclines, sulfonamides, penicillin, salicylates, opiates, antitussive and cardiac analgesics, neuroleptics, vitamins, radiopaque medications, quinine, procainamide, and others.

Почему возникает сыпь при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?Note that some medications are photosensitizing and can cause solar urticaria.

When taking certain foods may be allergic urticaria. These foods include nuts, citrus fruits, eggs, sweets, alcohol.

If precipitation appeared in infants, it is usually caused by improper diet of mom or mismatched mixture. In this case, localization of the rash – on the cheeks, on the articular folds, in the inguinal region, on the limbs.

If time does not begin treatment, the disease may become chronic. That is why we recommend at the first signs of urticaria (rash on skin) to go to the doctor.

And what to do about it?

Почему возникает сыпь при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?Usually, any rash accompanied by itching, burning and swelling. To get rid of these symptoms are appointed antihistamine creams and gels for topical application.

The manifestation of urticaria in a child prescribed non-hormonal ointments, such as La foi, Fenistil, Rezulin, zinc ointment.

They have minimum side effects, so they can be applied to children’s skin. Also, they can smudge pregnant and nursing mothers (Fenistil – with caution).

These drugs can help relieve itching, swelling, burning. They will also cool the skin, which will bring relief to the General condition. At this time is to take an antihistamine medication to achieve more rapid positive effect.

If there are more serious manifestations of the disease (rashes all over the body with blisters, fever, chills, difficulty breathing), the doctor will prescribe hormones.

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It is usually glucocorticosteroid pills and ointment, for application to the skin.

Such medications include: nasal Kistan N, Advantan Loridan, Ftorokort, Elokom, Prednisolone ointment.

Note that these funds are assigned exclusively by the doctor. Before use, be sure to read the description of drugs and their side effects, which is a lot.

Children with rashes such medicines are appointed rarely, as they adversely affect the whole immune system.

Traditional methods of treatment

Почему возникает сыпь при крапивнице и как с этим бороться?For this purpose perfect solution of menthol. When the abscesses that are formed due to the scratching, you can apply the extract of eucalyptus leaves (chlorophyllin).

These tools can be used by pregnant and nursing mothers, and children, since they do not have side effects. The only contraindication is individual intolerance.

In addition, the skin on the hands can be lubricated with decoctions of various herbs: chamomile, calendula, series, St. John’s wort. They can also be added to the bath and lie there for 20 minutes. This bath is useful for the kids with a rash. It will soothe the inflamed skin and brings relief.

It is often due to severe itching, rash can cause a fever.

Adults in this case, you can resort to rubbing an ice cube or vodka, but in any case, do not use these methods for the treatment of children. You can simply wipe your baby’s skin with a damp cloth, but no more.

From rashes can also help compress or wipe the skin with potato.


Now you know that the rash on the skin in case of urticaria can occur due to many factors. If you know what causes your trouble, try to avoid contact with the allergen or exposure.

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In addition, you should stick to a hypoallergenic diet, to conduct a correct and healthy lifestyle, less worry, more rest. Only in this case the rash will not hit your skin. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)