Why itchy warts and what to do in this case?

Почему чешутся бородавки и что же делать в таком случае?Hello, dear reader! Recently my friend asked if itchy warts on your finger? Unfortunately, many people do not perceive the education as a major issue and in no hurry to go to the doctor, believing that it is just a harmless cosmetic defect on the skin.

Whether so it actually and what should I do if warts itch? Let us understand what it means.

Warts or papillomas can present on the human skin, without interfering with him to live a full life.

However when warning symptoms such as itching, people begin to wonder why it itches education.

Causes of itching

Почему чешутся бородавки и что же делать в таком случае?One of the reasons because of which can itch warts may be the degeneration of education into a malignant stage, as well as damage of healthy tissue in the process of spread of the warts.

If you are concerned about itching in the area of papillomas, it is imperative to contact an experienced doctor for diagnosis and prescription of effective therapy.

If the wart changes color, hurts or increases in size, this is another major reason for going to a specialist.

Intense itching can be triggered by the growth of papillomas in connection with the weakening of the immune system. As a result of viral destruction of healthy tissues there is a modification of the healthy tissue, which can contribute to unpleasant sensations.

Many believe that if education is concerned, it grows — they are right. Often accompanied by severe itching warts located on the hand on an intimate place on his feet.

What to do when concerned about severe itching?

Почему чешутся бородавки и что же делать в таком случае?If you suffer from severe itching, you need to contact the doctor to remove the warts. This is due not only to a strong probability of spread formations.

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Constant brushing of outgrowths can contribute to damage and the ingress of infection on healthy skin from further infection.

Given that papillomas are very contagious, if accidental damage should be thoroughly treated with antiseptic and to seal through the patch.

Varieties of warts

  • Почему чешутся бородавки и что же делать в таком случае?Simple. Usually appear on the scalp, extremities, these formations are painless. If the warts are formed on the feet, then the patient feels pain and discomfort when walking;
  • Age. Not caused by infection. The formation of a brownish tint, the localization on the face, torso;
  • Genital warts. Characterized by a pointed configuration and quickly growing, as seen in the photo, often connected, and visually resemble a cauliflower. Formed in intimate areas, underarms, and other parts of the body. This files most often have bright red shades;
  • Flat. Very small. Observed on the hands, face. Have a flat shape and flesh tone.

How to treat HPV and prevent their occurrence?

Preventive actions to prevent the warts are in a healthy lifestyle, observance of the principles of proper nutrition and hygiene, preventing excessive sweating.

Почему чешутся бородавки и что же делать в таком случае?If you have an existing growths, you should immediately contact a doctor to remove them. Modern medicine has a lot way to get rid of warts. These include the following:

  • moxibustion liquid nitrogen;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • the effect of laser;
  • the surgical removal.

The most popular method to date is the removal by laser. This technique is good because after the event there are no scars, which is important.

After cauterization of the formations with liquid nitrogen, as well as in all other cases, may remain scars.

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In order to choose an effective method of therapy in each individual case requires to consult a doctor.

Methods of alternative medicine

Also in the fight against warts and their manifestations very popular means of traditional medicine:

  • each day, prepare a compress from a infusion of wormwood. For this you will need three large tablespoons of plants that should pour a glass of boiling water and leave for a few hours;
  • also effective are the compresses from the leaves of Kalanchoe. The course of treatment is generally 7 days, after which you will notice improvement;
  • banana skin can be used to facilitate removal of the plantar structures. To that end steaming with soda in hot water, after that is done removing the keratinized part of skin with pumice stone.

Почему чешутся бородавки и что же делать в таком случае?The main advantage of the popular techniques is the low risk of side effects. Before use you should ensure you have no allergies to any of the individual tools.

No matter what method you choose for getting rid of papillomas, General therapy needs soprovojdaetsya course for the immune system, including vitamins and immunomodulators.

This can eliminate the occurrence of exacerbations of this disease and will lead to the quickest recovery.

Also, do not forget about the General strengthening of the body. It can be hardening, exercise, regular healthy sleep at least eight hours a day.

Avoid stress and overwork, do not abuse alcohol and do not smoke, because it weakens the immune system. Good day, dear readers, be well!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)