Why nose grows a boil: how to recognize and treat

Appeared boil in nose how to treat, what medicines or methods to use, whether to open the abscess? What is it? Ordinary pimple, boil or carbuncle? What are the consequences? These and other questions are concerned with any person in the nasal cavity purulent appeared incomprehensible education.

The content of the article

  • What is a boil
  • The stage of development of the disease
  • Why boil loves nose
  • How to recognize the disease
  • How to get rid of boil
  • Homemade recipes for treatment
  • Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of boils
  • Healing ointment
  • Drugs General purpose
  • Antiseptic tincture
  • Preparations for internal use
  • Surgical treatment of boils
  • Complications of the disease
  • Nasolabial triangle – the «triangle of death»
  • The three pillars of prevention

  • What is a boil

    Boil in the nose – an acute purulent inflammation of hair follicles. Located in the nasal cavity, where the hairs grow.

    Inflammation occurs in different parts of the nose: on the bottom, sides, inner walls, the transverse partition.

    The stage of development of the disease

    The development of boils is the basic three stages: infiltration, suppuration, healing.


    The first stage begins with penetration through the cracks of pathogenic microorganisms in the hair follicle. Develops redness, induration, swelling, elevated above the skin. There is a feeling of fullness, aching pain, tingling.


    The boil increases in size up to 2-3 inches. In the center is formed a purulent tube, the center becomes pale, the skin around the ulcer from stretching starts to Shine, education acquires a conical shape. The pain, especially when touched, fever, deteriorating General condition of the body, of growing weakness, even impossible to get out of bed. The development of a furuncle in the nasal area causing psychological discomfort.


    Occurs after spontaneous or surgical opening the abscess. On the site of the wound formed an ulcer, which gradually cleared from the pus, dead cells, the scarring tissue. If there is no complications, complete healing takes up to two weeks.

    Why boil loves nose

    Causes of purulent furuncle in the nasal cavity, the nose, and are often associated:

  • violations of the rules of hygiene, by brushing the nasal cavity with dirty hands and infection;
  • use enough clean towels, handkerchiefs;
  • inaccurate removal of long hair in the nasal passages and causing minor wounds, which penetrate the bacteria.
  • Common causes of boils can also be associated with chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypothermia, a decrease in the protective forces of the body, lack of vitamins, metabolic disorders, physical and mental overwork, prolonged stress situation.

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    Boils often appear in the spring, which is associated with decreased immunity, excessive sweating, which is the ideal environment for pustular skin diseases.

    How to recognize the disease

    To properly assist you need to be able to distinguish a boil from ordinary pimples and carbuncles.

  • Pimple – a small pustular disease of the skin surface, have a head whitish or yellowish, almost painless.
  • Carbuncle – purulent-necrotic disease with deep lesions of the dermis, the Carbuncle has multiple rods, place the opening formed a deep, slow-healing ulcer.
  • Furuncle differs from acne are more deep lesions of the layers of the skin, characterized by swelling, pain, redness. In the later stages there is pus and is formed by a rod.

    Only a dermatologist or an otolaryngologist, examined the condition of the skin of the patient in the region of nasolabial triangle, can make a correct diagnosis, adequate treatment, to warn about possible negative consequences of insufficiently cured or running disease.
    Почему в носу растет фурункул: как лечить и распознать

    How to get rid of boil

    The choice of treatment depends on the location of the ulcer, the stage of the disease the General condition of the body, associated chronic diseases.

    Homemade recipes for treatment

    To treat boils with home remedies can only after doctor’s permission. Treatment is aimed at accelerating the ripening of the abscess:

    1. Lotions with saline contribute to the exhaustion of pus. The saline solution is prepared by mixing a glass of water and a tablespoon of salt, then gauze wetting solution and is applied several times a day to the inflamed areas.
    2. Soap-honey compresses are made with honey, flour, shavings natural soap. Of the components is mixed a small pellet placed in the area of the ulcer on all night.
    3. Inside you can take an infusion of dandelion tablespoon 5-6 times a day. The infusion is prepared from a glass of boiling water and 10g of roots and grass of dandelion.
    4. For faster discharge of pus in a boil is applied to the cleaned piece of leaf of the three-year aloe (agave).

    Memo: Self-medication is dangerous for human health. To avoid complications, you need to seek the advice of and appointments to the doctor.

    Почему в носу растет фурункул: как лечить и распознать

    Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of boils

    The choice of drugs depends on the stage and severity of disease, species of bacteria (staphylococci, streptococci), causing inflammation of hair follicles. To choose the right drug, the dosage, frequency of taking can only be a specialist. For the treatment of boils use ointment, antiseptic infusions, antibiotics, painkillers, drugs General action, boosting the immune system.

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    Healing ointment

    In the initial stages of the disease, it is recommended the use of antiseptic ointments, which suppress the action of the microflora and pull the pus, has analgesic effects.

    If the opening of the abscess and leaking pus, you need to use ointments with antibiotics (tetracycline, sintomitsina).

    For wound healing are selected other drugs, for example, Vishnevsky ointment, zinc ointment.

    Почему в носу растет фурункул: как лечить и распознать

    Drugs General purpose

    Analgesics are prescribed in complaints of headache, fever, and pain in inflammation. Major products are ibuprofen, paracetamol, nimesil.

    Antiseptic tincture

    To prevent the spread of infection the skin around the boils is rubbed with a solution of ethanol (70%), alcohol solutions of eucalyptus, citral, salicylic acid.

    Preparations for internal use

    For the treatment of boils, strengthening of the immune system recommended intake of vitamins, drugs that increase immunity. When a strong inflammatory process and the risk of complications shows the use of antibiotics for the scheme. Before the use of antibiotics is necessary to check the sensitivity of microflora to the selected drugs and to carry out the intradermal test. Intradermal test is conducted with the aim of preventing allergic reactions.

    Surgical treatment of boils

    Surgical treatment is rarely. Indications for autopsy boils:

  • a large area of purulent lesions;
  • soreness and long maturation of the abscess;
  • the core self is not separated.
  • Method of operation:

  • conducted local injection anesthesia or freezing;
  • with a scalpel cut the boil, removed the rod, cleaned the wound of pus and dead tissues;
  • the wound treated with antiseptics;
  • for the fastest healing are assigned to the ointments, antibiotics, restorative drugs.
  • At the wound site remains a hole and a scar. In order not to suffer from this cosmetic discomfort, you need to take care of the hygiene of his body and General state of the organism.

    Почему в носу растет фурункул: как лечить и распознать

    Complications of the disease

    Strictly forbidden self-squeezing pus from the boils, as this procedure can cause substantial harm to human health, lead to death. Major complications:

  • thrombosis of blood vessels;
  • thrombosis of the meninges;
  • the penetration of infection in the brain causes the development of meningitis, encephalitis;
  • sepsis is a common infection of the blood.
  • Nasolabial triangle – the «triangle of death»

    Почему в носу растет фурункул: как лечить и распознать

    So why do you call it? In this area there are numerous arterial and venous blood vessels, so the infection through the boils freely penetrates the brain cells, which leads to serious complications, up to death.

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    Tip: don’t squeeze pimples and boils in the region of nasolabial triangle, take care of your health and life.

    The three pillars of prevention

    The three pillars of preventive measures that protect hair follicles from the penetration of pyogenic microflora:

    1. Personal hygiene and hygiene of the nasal cavity. You can not comb the skin in the area of the nose, nasal passages, especially with dirty hands. If the nose of a cold or another infection formed by drying the mucus, crust, you need to carefully remove them, before brushing the nasal passages with oil, taking care not to damage the mucosa.
    2. Processing the smallest of cracks, sores, skin antiseptic preparations. It is prohibited to squeezing any pimples in the nose area.
    3. Improves the immune properties of the body. As the weakened body is more susceptible to attack from bacteria, you need to protect the body from hypothermia, to protect from drafts. Rational, fortified food, healthy habits help to increase the body’s defenses against infections.

    Почему в носу растет фурункул: как лечить и распознать

    Remember: the appearance of boils is easier to prevent than to treat.

    Boil in the nose – suppurative infectious disease that requires a serious approach to its treatment. Treatment with home remedies is possible only at the initial stages of the disease. When severe pain in the region of the abscess, the fever, swelling you need to go to the hospital for medical care.